5 Things about Fukuoka Outlet

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Marinoa City Fukuoka
Source: othree

For a town its size, Fukuoka carries an exceptional reputation as one of the most popular shopping venues in Japan. Sitting on the northern shore of Kyushu Island, Fukuoka portrays the true essence of Japan in its own beautiful way. No wonder Fukuoka is described as the gateway to Kyushu, thanks to its friendliness and hospitality, and renowned contemporary attractions – art, architecture, cuisine and shopping. When it comes to shopping, Fukuoka Outlet (Marinoa City Fukuoka) is your shopping haven.

1. Largest Outlet Mall

Fukuoka Outlet Mall
Source: STA3816

The Marinoa City Fukuoka, located next to a yacht harbor is the largest shopping mall in Kyushu with over hundreds of stores including entertainment zones, shops, fashion stores and restaurants. Make sure you spare the whole day if you want to see everything and explore every ground in the vicinity.  The parking itself is spacious enough to accommodate around 2,500 cars.

2. Easy Access

Showa Bus
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The Outlet mall is easily accessible by car, however, public transportation also seems to be a good option, if you’re new to Fukuoka. The most convenient and easy way to reach Marinoa City is by taking the Showa bus from Meinohama Station, which is just a mere 15-minute ride. It’s just a 13-minute ride, if you’re coming from Tenjin – you can take the Airport subway line.

3. The Shopping Experience

Wouldn’t it be amazing to shop along with a vast crowd of shoppers looking for pretty much the same things? This huge outlet mall boasts of every popular brand such as Edwin, Mujirushi, Coach, GAP, Nike, Armani, Brooks Brother, Dolce & Gabbana, Tag Heuer, almost every high-end brand you can think of. Also, you can grab great offers on your favorite styles throughout the year.

4. Sightseeing

The Fukuoka Outlet sits perfectly at the waterfront location, accompanied by the giant Ferris wheel, the symbol of Marinoa City Fukuoka. The Ferris wheel brightens the sky with its lighting at night, which takes the whole place to an entirely different dimension. It’s a perfect place to take a long walk on a beautiful day, along the seaside.

5. Delicious Food

After spending long hours on shopping and enjoying the magnificent views of the Tenjin and surrounding islands, it’s time to take a pit stop and relax, and experience the culinary side of the city. The mall boasts of a wide variety of food stalls and restaurants on the top floor right next to the Ferris wheel, providing a wide range of Japanese foods including sweet and seafood. There are also some specialized food spots that serve French, Italian and Asian cuisines.

Fukuoka is undoubtedly a shopper’s paradise and the Fukuoka Outlet is every shopaholic’s haven where you can shop for hours and still feel like you haven’t even covered half the grounds yet.

Have a good trip and travel!