5 Things To Know About the Airport in Nagano

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Nagano Airport
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Nagano is located right in the north-west of Tokyo, which is appreciated for its location where the mountain is everywhere , it made this the perfect place for winter holidays. Nagano is highly remarkable for its Zenko-ji, it’s a 7th-century Buddhist temple that overlooks the whole city. Millions of tourists come up here yearly.


The airport in Nagano or popular as Matsumoto Airport has been expanded in 1994 to accommodate the jet aircraft. Its load factor passed 70% for the first time since its expansion in 2013. The town is perfect, it is a great spot area to hike during the summer months and the best location for skiers in the winter.

2.Matsumoto Airport

The nearest airport in Nagano is Matsumoto Airport, which is a little over an hour drive from Nagano city centre. It can access by private car or the public bus. Matsumoto Airport operates only within Japan.


  • Address: 8909 Kukohigashi, Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture 390-1132, Japan
  • Phone Number: +81 263-57-8818
  • Website: www.matsumoto-airport.co.jp

3.Domestic Flight

Matsumoto Airport has a regular flight to Sapporo, Osaka and Fukuoka, operated by Fuji Dream and Japan Airlines.



  • Japan Airlines Hotline: 0570-025-071
  • Fuji Dream Hotline:  054-354-5579

4.How to get here

Matsumoto Airport could be easily accessed by private car or the public bus. The public bus costs ¥ 600 (Adult) and ¥ 300 (children). Keep in mind to estimate a good time before your flight to make sure that you won’t miss it.



Even though the airport is quite small, there are few facilities for everyone to enjoy while waiting. The open deck at the third floor is great for children to run around or simply for people want to get fresh air. There are also coin operated massage chairs around. If you are keen into exhibitions and galleries, Matsumoto airport has a multi-purpose hall where they show off photography, painting, calligraphy and other upcoming events at the airport.

Have a good trip and travel!

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