10 Places to Enjoy Nightlife in Nagano

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Nagano Night
Source: Yiannis Theologos Michellis

Even though you have rummaged through every nook and cranny of the city of Nagano in the day light, the experience at night is a lot more different. It is quite bubbly, fun and lively within the bars located in the city. They offer unique drinks, snacks to keep your hunger pangs at bay, entertainment in the form of pool and darts, great music and dance floors to let it all loose. Peruse through and see what Nagano has to offer you to escalate your nights there.

1. Jigger Club

The Jiggerclub nests itself overlooking the street beyond giving a cool view of the street below as you sip your drink. They have a wide range of unique drinks which are fairly priced and therefore you should give it a try. There is a great game of darts providing an extra twist and fun around. The tattoo festival is something to look forward to as well.


  • Address: 1418 Minami Ishidocyo, Daito Building 3f, Nagano, Nagano, Japan
  • Tel : 02-6226-3945
  • Access : 10 min walk from Nagano station

2. Red Dragon

The Red Dragon is a dining bar with a stylish appeal. The sofas, the lighting, the stools and the bar tops – they all speak out for the great style the place has. With a wide selection of wines and cocktails on sale, there is a policy of ‘all – you – can  – drink’ valid for more than three hours which I think no one can survive anyway.


  • Address: 2 72 Minamichitose
  • Access: a short walk from Shiyakushomae Station
  • Tel: +81 50 5890 9508
  • Price Range: Between 2000-3000 Yen

3. Nagano Club Junk Box

If you need the volume turned high with a desire to vent off the heat at night, then look nowhere else than the Nagano Club Junk Box. They have an amazing music sense with booming speakers which shakes you with every incoming beat which by the way makes the crowd to go wild with all kinds of dancing styles on a show no wonder most people who love dance and music are found here.


  • Address:Building, 7F
  • Dress Code: anything goes
  • Price Range: Between 2000-3000 Yen
  • Tel: 026-267-9120

4. Izakaya Hanbey

If you find a place which displays hundreds of posters on the walls of the building, then know you have reached your destination for the night. The offer of ‘all-you-can-drink’ at a reasonable place is highly appealing to the crowd there. They also have an English menu which offers dishes in with the most gruesome names like raw guts. The dishes are offered at around 70 yen, quite fairly priced. As you get your drinks, do try the pancakes and grilled skewers, the absolute treat for the night.


  • Address: Kahashi dai 2 bldg, first floor
  • Tel: +81262698000
  • Access: 10 min from Nagano Station, north exit as you heads towards Zenkoji

5. Bistro Liberty

Bistro liberty is a place where you can mingle and get along with the friendliest crowd ever. The younger generation enjoys this place as they get to meet new people and get solicited with the locals as well making it a perfect place to increase your friend circles and chilling. If you want beer, there is a Guinness on tap and you can enjoy your drinks freely with the locals.


  • Address: Nagano Odori Street
  • Access: after coming down the train from the JR Nagano Station, it is just a few minutes’ walk away
  • Opening days: it is only open from Wed to Sun

6. Old Rock

The place is jazzed up and is really lively right from the moment you step in through the doors of Old Rock. You can decide to have a small meal because a fine menu is on offer for all guests. Another highlight of the place is the selection of Sake they have, simply great! With the music to top the notch a little higher, you can spend your night having fun till late.


  • Address: Central 2-3-20 Suites, Building 1F East, Nagano
  • Tel: +81 263-38-0069
  • Website: www.pub-oldrock.com

7. Groovy

Just as the name suggests it makes you get into the groove of the night and enjoy it to the fullest. It is the hub of entertainment and an absolutely great spot for those who love music and a little shaking to the tunes. They have great music sense and the live shows make the vibes stronger, for those who love jazz, it is definitely somewhere you want to be. The schedules of the shows are also available online so be sure to check before you pop in to make the most of it.


  • Address: 898 kitaishido cho
  • Tel: +81262270480

8. Hakuba Bike Bar

This is a spot for the family to enjoy their early evenings with a small karaoke place. The disco is fun and alive with music which makes you shake your hips and limbs a little. There is also a bar in the basement where they serve unique drinks-the ninja juice is something you have to try! It has a sensational feel as you sip. It is a combo package of entertainment, food and drinks with a great ambiance.


  • Address: Kitaazumi-gun, Hakuba-mura 399-9211, Nagano Prefecture
  • Tel : +81 90-4527-2173
  • Website : www.bikebarhakuba.com/
  • Access: drop off at Sky4 Gondola and walk to the place

9. Tracks Bar

The Tracks Bar is a great place where most young foreigners want to chill and hang out. With a few drinks, some food on the side and a great crowd to spend the night with, Tracks bar is the place to be! They also have live music shows which you can enjoy through the night. Dance or just simply enjoy the music, it is up to you. Moreover, there is a pool table which is almost always occupied by people. They also have stoves and a massive screen where there is a display of sports news which the guys tend to enjoy.


  • Address: 22200-7 Kamishiro, Hakuba, Kitaazumi District, Nagano
  • Tel : +81 261-75-4366
  • Website : www.tracksbar.info/
  • Operating Hours : From 4pm till late, daily
  • Access: 500m Kamishiro station

9. Tanukis Hakuba

As the night seeps in, the crowd keeps getting bigger in Tanukis. It is an absolutely great place to relax and hang out while experiencing the city life of Nagano at night. It has a great atmosphere, and it is undoubted that you will be bored or hungry.  That reminds me, they have super juicy burgers which drip with delicious sauce


  • Address: 350 3 hokujo
  • Tel: 819072029809
  • Access: exit from JR Hakuba station and a short walk will bring you here
  • Opening hours: noon till late

10. The Pub Hakuba

This may be the only English pub in town styled with Swiss features located at the ground of Momonoki Hotel and it is one of the liveliest places at to be at. They have a happy hour every day which is a magnet of an incentive which draws a maximum crowd there. If you want to be online and connect with friends, there is free WiFi which makes it more appealing.


  • Website: www.thepubhakuba.com
  • Address: 4683-2 Wadano, Hakuba
  • Tel: 81261724453
  • Opening hours: 4.30pm till late

With the kind of vibes and fun each bar/ club describes, I am sure you are feeling quite energetic already. Take a stroll to one of the places mentioned and experience the night life of the city. Mingle with the locals, make a few friends and simply get jazzed with all the high energy they seem to offer.

Have a good trip and travel!

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