10 Best Restaurants to Go in Nagano

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Nagano Restaurants
Source: Tetsuji Sakakibara

Food is always a top priority when it comes to travelling. Some of us want to try some authentic food of the country we have traveled to or eat the cuisines we are used to eating at home. Depending on your criteria, this is a list of the finest restaurants in Nagano.

1.Gohonjin Fujiya

Gohonjin Fujiya is a three story building with amazing décor. Dimly lit with wood textures and a few candles, it brings an instant sense of relaxation right as you step in. The red lanterns above give it a nice touch too. It is a fusion restaurant open for both lunch and dinner and serves well presented and appetizing food which will make you yearn for more all the time you visit there.


  • Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/thefujiyagohonjin/?fref=ts
  • Website: www. thefujiyagohonjin.com/
  • Address:  Daimoncho-80, Nagano
  • Price: av 5000 yen
  • Access: About 10 minutes by bus from Nagano Shinkansen Nagano
  • Tel: 81 026 232 1241
  • Opening hours: Lunch 11.30 to 3:00, Dinner…19:00 to 22.30

2. Sobatei Aburaya

As soon as you walk in, the most astounding feature of the restaurant is this friendly feel you get. They have theme curries, the most amazing kinds on offer. They usually have set menus which the client adheres to and to top it all up their waiters are patient and fast. You won’t have to sit down for more than 10 minutes for your soba or tempura to be served; they are super fast and won’t let you down on their flavors either.


  • Address: West Plaza Nagano Building 1F
  • Tel: +81 26-224-2288
  • Website: http://n-aburaya.com/sobatei_top.html#_=_
  • Opening hours: 1000Am to 11.00Pm
  •  Access: 5 minutes walk from Nagano Station from Zenkoji Exit

3. Nihonkai

Despite its locality and proximity to the busy bus station, it will give you that relaxed feeling as you wait for a better connection. The picture menu has many dishes on offer with a variety that mesmerizes you and at times leaves you quite indecisive on what you wanted in the first place. They also allow smoking.


  • Address: Chitose Building 1 – 2F, 1-19-3, Minamichitose, Nagano-shi, Nagano, 380-0823
  • Tel: 026-223-6381
  • Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday 11:30 – 23:00
  • Access: 3 Min Walk from JR Nagano Station
  • Average Price Dish: 3500 Yen

4. Matsumoto Mt. Baru

There is no other place in Nagano like this restaurant. Not only is it stylish with a wide seat and other available at the terrace, their staff are so friendly and makes you feel at home. They are considerate about their menu and if you are on a diet you can find delicious vegetable and a full course for roughly 4000 Yen.


  • Address: 1-19-15 Chuo, Matsumoto 390-0811, Nagano
  • Price: ¥3,000 to¥4000
  • Tel: +81 263-31-0636
  • Operating hours: 1800-0000 from Sunday to Thursday and 1800-0100 on Friday and Saturday
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/MatsumotoMtBARU/
  • Access: 5 minute ride from the Matsumoto station

5. Yayoi Shokudu

Source: Wikimedia

This restaurant provides a very healthy version of the Japanese culture, from the Yayoi era. They have a special dish called Seiro Mushi where they steam vegetables and then serve them in a wooden box. The flavors are very intense. For dessert relish their special chestnut paste mousse while not forgetting their amazing fresh cabbage pickle. Their menu comes in English and no reservations are required, just walk in and enjoy your meal.

6. Cho Bali Bali

If you love crowds and prefer the hustle around, this restaurant is the place to be. Though quite crowded at times, they are unique and serve delicious meals native to Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. One thing you must try is their Vercemeli salad which is fresh and crispy. Also on the menu are unique drinks up for sale which you should try them out.


  • Tel : +81 262229 5226
  • Prices: Around 750 Yen
  • Website: http://chobalibali.web.fc2.com/
  • Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/CHOBALIBALI/
  • Opening days: open from Tue to Sundays 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm – 12:00 am

7. Marusei

As soon as you step in, Marusei will give you this cozy feel. It has a capacity of 54 seats, therefore it’s big enough. Their service is also top notch, friendly and efficient. A delicacy you have to try there is the Soba and Tonkatsu and if you need a marriage of both these dishes, then Marusei Bento for 1350 yen is the choice you should make.


  • Address: 486 Motoyoshicho | Zenkoji Nakamisedori, Nagano
  • Access: it is located near the Zekonji temple, 10 min on foot from Nagano Dentetsu Shinshu-Nakano Station
  • Tel: 8126262325776
  • Website: http://homepage2.nifty.com/marusei-soba/#_=_

8. Pai Thai Kung

Source: Wikimedia

This restaurant has a hippy kind of feel with a shop at the front and a restaurant and bar taking rest of the space. Their dishes are very reasonable, mostly under a 1000 yen. They offer Thai and Chinese food, something to try is the Chinese broccoli (that is if you love the mini green bushes). You can also check their menu and perhaps review whatever you like before trying them out.


  • Address: 2212-11 Tsuruga, Nagano, Nagano
  • Tel:  +81 26-234-3933
  • Opening hours: from noon to 11.00pm everyday
  • Source: Sharonang- https://pixabay.com/en/pad-thai-food-lunch-dinner-246830/#_=_

9. Uzuraya

Are you soba lover? Then Uzuraya is the place for you. It sells up to the mark kind of soba which will definitely satisfy your soba cravings. It is family owned therefore the hospitality you receive is incomparable. Their menu comes in multiple languages, which is a big plus if you are a visitor but still want awesome local delicacies. Uzuraya offers an ideal environment for kids and you won’t have issues with parking as they have a spacious parking lot a good parking space.


  • Address: 3229 Togakushi, Nagano 381-4101, Nagano
  • Tel: +81 26-254-2219
  • Access: take a city bus to Tagakukushi, it lies right under a cedar tree
  • Opening hours: Everyday from 10:30 am – 4:00 pm

10. Misoya

Ideally located, this restaurant is quite busy most of the time and you will have to wait for seats, your patience will be worth considering the friendly waiters and just the homely feel of this restaurant. The accessible location also makes it a perfect spot to reach with ease. They are a little bit heavy on their pricing but their Ramen and charsiu on offer make it worth the price plus they serve them on big bowls to satisfy your cravings.


  • Address: 1362 Minaminagano Suehiro Cho, Nagano
  • Access: Right across the JR station, just a 5 min walk from the station
  • Tel: 026 224 1183

Once in Nagano, be sure to visit these restaurants and sample what is on the menu. I’m sure you will have a nice time especially if you are a foodie.

Have a good trip and travel!

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