7 Nightlife to Enjoy in Arrecife

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Arrecife Nightlife
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There’s more to the beauty of Arrecife than meets the eye. If the beautiful sights are not enough, or the sun-bleached streets couldn’t stand up to your sightseeing demands, and if the historic structures couldn’t fascinate you enough, then this is not the end. Arrecife comes alive in a different mix of scenic and amazing nightlife when the lights are out. If your idea of a perfect weekend escape is an all-night drinking and dancing, then this is your place.

1. Ococo Disco

Ococo is just the place that fits all your needs for a perfect night-out. This place transforms into a dazzling disco bar on Fridays and Saturdays where people come to party and dance to the trance music. Ococo serves a wide range of alcohol fruit drinks and cocktails, in a perfect setting filled with pool tables and sports screens.

2. Cerveceria Heineken

This is exactly the place you’d like to be, when you want to drink with the local crowd and get to know the locals’ preferences. Arrecife is just the spot where all serious Spanish party-lovers flock to, for a late night gathering, and Cerveceria Heineken offers a good mix of drinks and tranquility.

3. Kopas Disco

This is the Arrecife’s most stylish and crowded nightlife spot where people from all over Lanzarote come to enjoy local DJs play and live bands performing at special occasions. Adjoining the club is the Kopas Lounge, which offers a great selection of cocktails and local drinks accompanied with an amazing view of the marina.

4. La Tentacion

Walk towards the beautiful Charco de San Ginés, you’ll find this lively tapas bar in the vicinity which offers a varied selection of tapas, along with a fine selection of good wines. Boquerones is one of the people’s favorites on the menu, accompanied by a few Cuban-inspired delicacies like yucca frita. If your idea of a perfect night-out is a quiet dinner in a tranquil atmosphere, this is the place for you.

5. Misquesitos.com

This is a great place to start the wonderful evening stroll with a good wine. This little bar-cum-eatery in the Lanzarote’s capital city specializes in locals produce, including the best wine and cheese. The quality of the wine and cheese is undoubtedly of the high quality, thanks to the cheese-making reputation of the Canary Islands. You can take a bite of any regional products you want and buy anything fancy.

6. Santai Marina Lounge

Familiar faces from Lanzarote gather here at this new concept of leisure, which is more than your usual entertainment spot. This cool bar boasts amazing views over the beautiful sunset and sailboats over the port city of Arrecife and specializes in a unique mix of cocktails and gin. This Ibizan chic style bar offers its customers a perfect nightlife spot to appreciate city’s art and culture in its every form, in a traditional setting adorned with comfy sofas and matching tables, combined with dazzling golden lamps and billowing canopies.

7. Star City

Despite the bar’s wonderful 17th-floor location that provides matchless panoramic views over the port city, this coffee bar-cum-lounge serves a wide selection of great coffee and fine cocktails. The places come alive at night when the lights take over the scene and the live music soothes the atmosphere, especially on Fridays and Saturdays as you make your way tasting some of the best cocktails.

Not just the numerous sights that make your day tours enjoyable, the nightlife at Arrecife is equally captivating and you’ll be taken away by the ambiance and the live music scene that swamp the port city when the lights are out.

Have a good trip and travel!

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