7 Places to Shop in Arrecife: What to buy

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Arrecife Shop
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Arrecife offers an unsurpassable shopping experience around its Mediterranean-styled promenade shared by urban streets filled with shops and popular neighborhoods. The beautiful port city ensures a pleasant experience, when it comes to shopping. Besides the city’s charming reputation as a prominent fishing town, it has several shopping centers that offer something for everyone.

1. Calle León y Castillo

Calle León y Castillo
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The Calle León y Castillo, commonly known as Calle Real, is the main shopping street of Arrecife, with a compelling ambiance of that of an upscale high street market. The shops here cater to all your shopping needs, and there are a few designer boutiques and retailers just around the corner in case you want to splash some extra cash for something exclusive. You can find exclusive brands such as Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, Mango, Zara, and a wide range of footwear shops.

2. Pérez Galdós Street

This is yet another wide pedestrianized street, filled with numerous palm trees and is worth visiting, thanks to the residing shops that specialize in genuine handcrafted pottery. The HyperDino on the street hosts one of the largest collections of alcoholic beverages in Arrecife.

3. José Antonio Street

Arrecife Promenade
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The sparkling nightlife of Arrecife revolves around the busy street of José Antonio, which has the highest density of quiet cafes, lively pubs, and fine restaurants in the port city of Arrecife. This is one of the main shopping areas around the city with an array of specialized stores and boutiques selling all sorts of stuff including designer clothes, jewelry, perfumes and all kinds of electronics equipment at reasonable prices.

4. Fajardo Street

Arrecife is home to a wide range of shopping opportunities, with some interesting stores and shops found as well along the Fajardo Street of Arrecife. This is an interesting shopping alley that sells a great selection of high-street favorites, including exclusive stores with designer fashion labels. Gift shops and souvenir stores can also be found along the promenade.

5. Canalejas Street

The Canalejas Street beckons many window shoppers. This is probably the place where you’d find Spanish memories as souvenirs to take home with you and the local crafts store are worth a venture. The street can be quite lively in the evenings when the lights are out and the busy street turns into a captivating shopping exhibition.

6. Centro Comercial Arrecife

Centro Comercial Arrecife is the most popular and the largest shopping center in Arrecife, with all kinds of shops and specialized stores such as gift shops, mobile phone outlets, opticians and a great collection of fashion stores selling clothes for men, women and kids. There’s a supermarket inside the center which sells everything from fresh fruits and veggies to frozen goods and local produce.

7. La Recova Market

Tucked away from the busy shopping street, between the Calle León y Castillo Street and Charco de San Ginés, lies this small town market square that sells handicrafts, handmade shoes, jewelry, pottery and fresh produce such as bread and cheese. This is also a great place to enjoy a sip of hot coffee under the trees.

Arrecife offers an unsurpassable shopping experience, accompanied by the ocean breeze and a bite of delicious regional food. Although a fishing port, this city boasts of several shopping streets that cater to every shopper’s needs and preferences.

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