10 Things to Do in Alcala de Henares

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Alcala de Henares Things
Source: Juan Carlos Guijarro

Alcala de Henares, just a little away from the bustling capital Madrid, is the hometown of the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes. Even though the city is famous for its rich cultural importance and University, it is also very quaint and relaxing. You can enjoy the pristine silence and relax from the bustling noise of Madrid. Additionally, you can discover the remains of the great roman civilisation in the city. Alcala de Henares is the beautiful city and perfect getaway from the modern world. So, if you are planning your vacation to Alcala, here are 10 things to in Alcala De Henares.

1.Guided tour of the University de Alcala

The city of Alcala was the first European city constructed with the University in mind, so all the impressive buildings in Alcala belong to the University. Universidad de Alcala makes Alcala beautiful and serene. Since the place was built to provide the first class education, it will make you feel wiser and relaxed. You can visit Universidad de Alcala on any day and still be amazed by the sophistication and beauty of the place.


  • Name: Universidad de Alcala
  • Address: plaza de San Diego, s/n, 28801 Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain
  • Tel: +34 91 885 40 00
  • Website:https://www.uah.es/es/

2.Walk around Calle Mayor

Calle Mayor is one the most important street of the Alcala de Henares. It carries both social and commercial importance to the whole Europe. Walking on the Calle Mayor you can see the remains of the Roman Empire. The road also houses many important buildings in the Alcala de Henares.


  • Name: Calle Mayor
  • Address: Plaza de Cervantes – Plaza de los Santos Ninos, Alcalá de Henares,Spain

3.Visit Plaza Cervantes

Alcala de Henares is the city with great social and cultural importance, and Plaza Cervantes is the centre of it. This is the large plaza filled with beautiful gardens and oldest buildings in Spain. This square has many historically important places and interesting place to see. Monument to Cervantes and Old comedy theatres are main buildings of interest in the square. The place is sunny, bright, cheery and one of the must see places in Alcala de Henares.


  • Name: Plaza Cervantes
  • Address: Plaza cervantes, Alcala De Henares, Spain

4.Visit La Capilla Odior

la capilla del odior
Source: Enrique Lopez-Tamayo

La Capilla de Oidor is located at the end of Plaza de Cervantes,  and is one of the oldest chapel in the Spain dating back to the 15th century. It is also the only building that remained after the destruction of all old buildings in the Spanish civil war. You can feel the religious and historical serenity in the La Capilla Del Oidor.


  • Name: La Capilla del Oidor
  • Address: Plaza cervantes, Alcala De Henares, Spain

5.Enjoy relics of Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes

Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes is the museum that houses the fifteenth century inside it. There is no fee for the Entry to the museum and you can experience fifteenth century furniture there. Additionally, if you are with your guide you can find more about the history of the Cervantes and Alcala de Henares.


  • Name: Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes
  • Address: Nos. 12-17, Plaza de Cervantes, Alcala de Henares, Spain
  • Tel: +91 889 96 54

6.Visit the oldest theatre in Europe

Teatro Corral De Comedias is one the oldest theatres in whole Europe. Founded in 1601, the theatre has gone through various changes and improvements. However, now the theatre is restored to its original vocation and you can see the stones on which people used to sit before 400 years ago. Guided tour of the theatre to know its history and plains of existence is well worth.


  • Name: Teatro Corral de Comedias
  • Address:Nos. 12-17, Plaza de Cervantes, Alcala de Henares, Spain
  • Tel:91 882 13 54
  • Website:ttp://www.corraldealcala.com

7.Hospital de Antezana

Hospital Anzetenna
Source: losmininos

Hospital de Antenzana is situated near Casa natal de Cervantes; and is believed to be Oldest Hospital in the Europe being founded in 1483. The entry to the hospital is free and is really interesting. The hospital represents the lifestyle of fifteenth-century Spain.


  • Name:Hospital de Antezana
  • Address: 46, Calle Mayor, Alcala De Henares, Spain
  • Tel: 91 881 94 47

8.Experience the ancient Archaeology of Spain

Regional Museum Alcala

Regional Archaeological Musem of the Alcala is housed in a beautiful building and can take you chronically throughout the history of the Madrid, from the 15th century to the Modern times. The whole place is kid friendly and you can see lots of kids already enjoying there. There is  a garden on the ground floor of the building with Roman Mosaics, making the place gorgeous and eccentric.


  • Name: Regional Archaeological Museum
  • Address: Pl. Bernardas, S/N, 28801 Alcala De Henares, Spain
  • Tel: Pl. Bernardas, S/N, 28801 Alcala De Henares, Spain
  • Website:http://www.madrid.org/cs/Satellite pagename=Museos%2FPage%2FMUSE_home&language=es#_=_

9.Visit Palacio Laredo

Even though the Palacio Laredo is tiny for the place, it is absolutely gorgeous both from the inside and exterior view. Once the private house of the sixteenth-century person, Palacio Laredo is the bibliographical house for the University of Alcala. The palace can be visited with very small fee.


  • Name: Palacio Laredo
  • Address: Paseo de la Estacion, 10, 28807 Alcala De Henares, Spain
  • Tel: 918856487

10.Enjoy the view of Plaza de Las Bernardas

Plaza de Las Bernardas mostly famous for being  the most beautiful place in Alcala. If you see, you will feel the same. The plaza is full of garden and remains of old Spain. You can see the private place of Archbishop, the oval church of Las Bernardas, and Madrid Regional Archaeological Museum. If you love history and nature, you will love the Plaza.


  • Name: Plaza de las Bernardas
  • Address:Plaza de las Bernardas, Alcala De Henares, Spain

Have a good trip and travel!