10 Things To Do in Palamos :Spain

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Palamos Port
Source:Jorge Franganillo

Located in the comarca of Baix Empordà, Palamós is a town and municipality in the Mediterranean Costa Brava of Spain. It is popular among visitors for swimming, sailing, and windsurfing. Being the major port, it is the main source of the fish, prawn and other seafood in the region. The nightlife of the port rises in the old port which is surrounded by bars and restaurants. If you are planning a trip to Palamos, here is a list of 10 things to do in Palamos, Spain.

1. Chill at  La Fosca Beach

La Fosca Beach

Perfect place to chill in summer, la Fosca Beach is a lovely beach in Palamos. It is the wonderful place to take a sunbath and enjoy the sun. If you feel hot, you can have a swim and there are rocks on both sides especially great for snorkeling. The place is filled with awesome restaurants with good food and wonderful drinks to quench your thirst. It is also great for site seeing and if you walk through the last side of the beach, you can see the ruins of the castle.The beach is very clean and you rarely see any seaweed there making it perfect spot to spend your sumer.


2. Take a walk at La Cala S’Alguer

Cala de salguer
Source:Jordi Marsol

One of the beautiful landmarks of the Palamos, La Cala S’Alguer is a small Cove in near the beach. La Cala S’Alguer which roughly translates to “seaweed bushes” has an old fashioned and charming houses of the fishermen. If you take a walk through the beach, you can see the colorful houses of the little fishermen who are very welcoming. Additionally, you can have a treat of fishes too. Altogether it is a lovely place to hang out with friends or family in your holidays.


  • Name:La Cala S’Alguer
  • Address: Costa Brava, Palamos, Palamos, Spain
  • Average Price: Free for entry and 30$ for accomodation

3. Visit Museu de la Pesca

Showcasing some of the fantastic exhibits, Museu de la Pesca is an interesting museum of Palamos. It mainly exhibits the fascinating history of the fishing  in the Costa Bravia. It shows you all the ways to catch fish and how to sell them on the middle level. And, this is the great way to be familiar with the place and connect with the roots of the place. Besides this, if you want to get a better feel of their community, the fish market opposite to the museum is a delight.


  • Name: Museu de la Pesca
  • Address: Moll Pesquer, s/n, Palamos, Spain
  • Tel: +34 972 60 04 24
  • Hours: 10 AM- 1:30 PM and 3PM-7PM

4. Enjoy food at Espai del Peix

Right at the fishing harbor, Espai del Peix is an above normal restaurant inside the fish museum. The speciality is the open kitchen where the people cook the food in front of you and explains to you what they are and how it is made. The food is really good and since it is cooked in the open site, it is always fresh and clean which you can see yourself. It is a place you want to go to get the true feel of the local food and learn their lifestyle.


  • Name: Espai del Peix
  • Address: Muelle Pesquero, s/n, 17230 Palamós, Girona, Spain
  • Tel: +34 972 60 04 24
  • Website: http://museudelapesca.org/

5. Go for Scuba diving

What would be more entertaining and thrilling than diving deep into blue waters? If you want to feel the same thrill then you should definitely go for Fosca divers. Fosca Divers is one of the good places for scuba diving and snorkeling. You can take a boat and enjoy the underwater life of the sea. The instructors are friendly and greet you well. And they are professional in their field. So, you can feel safe in their guidance. If you have not done diving before, it is a perfect place to start learning. And if you have then you will surely enjoy diving in Fosca Divers.


6. Walk around Chemins de Ronde

Chemins de Ronde is a beautiful pier and boardwalk near the sea. It is a place to have a walk around and enjoy the unique views of the area. The view change as you walk along the path. As you pass the area between the beach of Sant Pol in S’Agaró and Sa Conca silver, the area is comfortable with good view of the beach and the sea. And on further walking, villas along the cliffs and coves have the most beautiful landscape view of the coast.


7. Serene Message at Natural Xarles

When you go somewhere new, good way relieve from your tiredness and freshen yourself is with a massage.  Natural Xarles is a massage place in Palamos where you can get a relaxing massage. They offer you a variety of massage, facial and body treatments and the price is convenient too. Additionally, the view of the place of and quality of message they offer really gives you the serene experience, and helps you move your stress away.


8. Paintball at Palamos Start Point

Paintball is very interactive and fun game, and at the same time, it is also safe. So, if you are thinking to participate in something fun and interactive with your young ones, Palamos Start Point is the place to go. They offer the safety equipment and let under 18 play the game. Additionally, the place also has the racing track for the bike so that you can enjoy the fun ride. This is one of the best place to check out if you are in the Palamos.


  • Name: Paintball Palamos
  • Address: Carretera C31 Salida 327, 17230 Palamos, Spain
  • Tel: +34 688 91 34 93
  • Website: www.palamos-startpoint.co

9. Boat tour of Ellauts i Velers

Marina de Palmos
Source: Jorge Franganillo

Love sailing and sea? Well, if you do you should visit the Port Marina Palamos . Since the area is covered with water, Ellauts i Velers is a boat rental service in Port Marina Palamó. You can rent a boat and get a tour around it. They have well trained and experienced staff who love working with people. They put safety at the top and also give you a good time. You can enjoy the sunrise and sunset if you go in at the right time which is amazing.


  • Name: Llauts i Velers
  • Address: Albert i Pey s/n | Port Marina Palamós, 17230 Palamos, Spain
  • Tel: +34 972420052
  • Website: http://www.llautsivelers.com/

10. Enjoy waterskiing

Orihuela Waterskiing

Right along the beach, Escuela Wakeboard y Esqui Nautico Palamos is a place for water sport. Especially, the sports are adventures and let you bring your adventurous self to the front. You can enjoy the waterskiing or jet skiing depending upon your interest. It is a little extreme sport and we recommend to go if you are really into it. There is a parking if you bring your vehicle and after you are finished, there are many places nearby to go for a good  meal. Aditioally, if you are not experienced with the sport they teach you to do so.


Have a good trip and travel!