10 Things To Do in Almunecar: Spain

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Almunecar Things
Source: Jose A.

Almunecar is a popular summer destination for the Spanish holidaymakers, thanks to its year-round subtropical climate. This charming coastal resort town sits perfectly in the Spanish Autonomous Region of Andalusia in the province of Granada making up for the vibrant colors of Costa Tropical. Almunecar has a rich cultural heritage, the traces of which can be seen in every building and street. The picturesque beaches are a feast for the eyes while the palm-lined boulevards boast a distinct architecture which is hard to come by in other touristy parts of Spain.

1. Stunning Views from the San Miguel Castle

This century-old fortification surrounded by the whitewashed houses in the barrio of San Miguel provides wonderful 360-degree views of the town and the stunning surroundings capturing its captivating glory from up there. The original fortification was created by the Phoenicians somewhere around 100BC and then expanded by the Romans during their ruling period.

2. Short trip to La Herradura

No visit to the alluring Costa Tropical would be complete without taking a short ride to the wonderful horseshoe bay of La Herradura. This sea-facing promenade is an ideal location to get immersed in a myriad of adventurous water sports, including scuba diving and wind surfing. There’s no better place to experience the authentic Mediterranean vibe than La Herradura.

3. Go hiking in the alluring countryside

Go crazy while hiking the stunning countryside along the banks of Rio Verde and take a refreshing dip in the green waters. The walk is followed by transcending a dramatic gorge where quiet pools alternate with fast-traversing rapids and waterfalls. A landscape of pine trees awaits you at the gorge past wonderful rock formations.

4. The Easter Week Celebrations

Don’t miss the biggest annual Almunecar celebration of the year during the Easter Week of the Semanta Santa. This festival literally transforms the whole town into captivating processions as brass bands and hooded Nazarenos slowly walk the streets. This is an amazing experience and a great time to visit Andalusia.

5. Explore the nearby towns

The old town is fairly connected to several other known Spanish towns if you want to see more of Andalusia. Almunecar is your base that connects fantastic day trips to other beautiful towns nearby. A short trip to Granada is worth a shot and it’s good to see the wonderful little towns on the way that are so well maintained as attractive as they are.

6. The Stunning Coastline

A boat ride is the best way to explore the stunning coastline as you sail down through the undiscovered caves enjoying the stunning views throughout. There are over 25 beaches along the Almunecar gorgeous coastline starting from the peaceful beach of Playa de Cotobro to a more crowded beach of Playa San Cristobal.

7. Bask in the Beaches

The sandy beaches are undoubtedly one of the main points of interests in the coastal town of Almunecar stretching all the way from Cabria to La Herradura. The lovely Playa de Cotobro to the west of Almunecar is one of the main beaches in the region along with Playa de San Cristobal which is packed with a cluster of sun-beds attached to the sea-facing restaurants.

8. Feel the Authentic Spanish Charm

The super quaint and charming Old Town of Almunecar is a labyrinth of winding alleyways and busy streets filled with shops, cafes, bakeries and restaurants. The magnificent ocean-facing promenade is scattered with many seafood restaurants and tapas bars that feel authentically Spanish and you can sense that Spanish vibe in every local shop and eatery around the Old Town of Almunecar.

9. Eat Churros and Chocolate on tap

Almunecar is great for the delicious Churros alone. The restaurants here are the best that serve delicious Churros and incredible hot potatoes completed with a traditional family ambiance. The Churros were used to be a traditional breakfast staple best served with coffee. These deep fried doughnuts dunked in the thick chocolate sauce will simply make your taste buds dancing and you cannot move past the many Churros cafes without picking up one.

10. The Friday Open Market

Over 200 stands and stalls take over the show at the busy open market on Friday held in the Paseo Bas Inflante and they sell everything from household goods, clothes local produce to CDs, children toys, and other food products at cheap prices. The Friday open-air market is originally called ‘Mercadillo Los Viernes’, which literally means Friday Market in English, but commonly goes by the name ‘Baratillo’.

Have a good trip and travel!