10 Things to Know about Malaga Bus Station

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Malaga Bus Station
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Malaga is a town located in the Andalusia community of Spain found in Europe. The approximate population of Malaga is about six hundred thousand people. In the recent years, Malaga is growing into a very busy metropolitan town with its needs increasing rapidly due to the rapid population growth. The existence of a lot of businesses flourishing along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Malaga and continuous flow of tourists in the country creates a need to provide a means of transport. Malaga bus station has unique features to distinguish it from other transportation companies.

1. Location

Estación de Autobuses
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There are several bus stations located centrally at specific places in the southwest of the city of Malaga. The bus stations are located centrally to enable the majority of people to access the services of the bus stations. The central bus station that is known to almost everyone is situated at the southern part it the main town of Malaga. Despite the large size of the bus station, it is well organized with the best services offered to customers.


  • Name: Malaga Bus Station
  • Address: Paseo de los Tilos, s/n, 29006 Málaga, Spain
  • Information Timetables and Prices: (from 7:00 to 22:30 H): 952-350 061
  • Email: estabus@emtsam.es
  • Website: http://www.estabus.emtsam.es/

2. Proximity to Other Transport Means

Malaga Station
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The town of Malaga is located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and endowed with very many attractions for tourists. For this reason, the malagan bus station is located close to the other means of transport such as Maria Zambrano train station, Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport, and the Malaga port by ensuring that there is continuity in the sector of carriage by using the bus services. The bus station serves locals as well as the tourists to Malaga.

3. Boarding the Buses

A common problem in the world is the process of boarding the buses are much more complicated whereby there is no regular mode of payments. In Malaga bus transport system, it is much more simplified. If you want to plan to use the Malaga’s bus form of transportation, you have to buy yourself a ticket beforehand and on arriving at the bus station, oneself has to locate the bus you had booked before its departure time. Departure and arrival times are displayed electronically on large screens. Boarding the bus is like a self-service though inquiries are sort out by the dedicated professionals at the respective bus stations.

4. Organization of the bus stations

Malaga Bus Station
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The bus stations in Malaga occupy quite a large size of land due to the very many buses available. For the Malaga’s central bus stations in Paseo de Los Tilos, the area is well lit with the top class organization of the coaches. The area architectural design is an L-shape with an electronic sign mounted on the around 40 platforms in the station. The electronic signs act as information centers for the passengers in the station. The unique organization of the bus station and its resources ensure transport is right to the point.

5. Destinations

Malaga Bus Map
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Bus stations in Malaga have the responsibility of ensuring that each customer arrives at the exact place that they desire. The buses cover a vast majority of locations in the Malagan town. Hence, it’s the most preferred means of transport. For the information on the routes of the buses, there exist timetables for the various destinations to be covered by the buses. The bus stations of Malaga serve various destinations including most areas of Spain such as Madrid as well as other countries like France and Morocco.

6. Comfort of Bus Services

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Everyone tries to live according to their needs and desires. Integration of these lifestyles with the Malaga bus stations is by ensuring that the bus expenses are standard to everyone. The buses are comfortable, but there are buses for people who just want to travel and those who want to enjoy their means of transport.  Ordinary buses are for passengers with the real aim of traffic while the premium buses are for riders who want to enjoy their travels. The premium buses have extras regarding sizes of seats as well as catering services and internet access on the bus and more. The different coaches have their specific locations in the bus stations. All in all, the buses are of value.

7. Technology integration

The onset of the digital age, the bus stations in Malaga are well on toes by applying different aspects of computers. Firstly, the booking of tickets is made online on the various websites of the bus stations. Gate passes that monitor the people entering the buses are used in cooperation with CCTvs to ensure no malice occurs at the bus stations. The use of touch screens is a common thing with destination selected at the screens on the desk of booking office. This integration with technology ensures that the process of traveling is made easier.

8. Amenities

Malaga Bus Station
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The vast size of space covered by the bus station gives an opportunity for improving the customer satisfaction. There are various social amenities on the bus stations of Malaga starting from cafés that offer beverages to clients and restaurants offering full meals. For the comfort, the bus stations provide internet services both at the station premises and in the buses. Banks area also in the bus station with the exchange of different currencies available. Children also have spaces dedicated for them to play as they await their travels.

9. Customer Service

Malaga Bus Station
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The passenger service section is the most important aspect of the bus station that makes it existence meaningful. Not everyone has it easy making all the journeys preparations. The bus stations offer specific offices for anyone with inquiries as well as problems. Maintaining the loyalty of the passengers is important hence personnel with the qualifications of high-class customer care is a fundamental element in the bus service. Customer service also ensures that the bus station meets its aim of providing delivery of quality service to customers.

10. Advertising

Unlike most companies involved with the transport industry, Malaga bus station takes its stakes high by allowing for different entities to advertise using their buses. Starting from food industries like snacks, to football clubs such as Fc Barcelona and Fc Real Madrid. This is not all as for the bus stations management; it gives back to the community by setting up funds to be allocated for the development of its staff and other entities. This set a new dimension for the malagan bus station and the public.

Have a good trip and travel!

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