7 Restaurants to Go in Jerez

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Jerez Restaurants
Source: michimaya

While visiting Andalucia, Jerez is definitely a must-see stop. Some locals would even defend the fact that Jerez IS Andalucia. Strolling on the sunny streets, discover what made this culture so famous all around the world : Flamenco, horses, sun and picturesque surroundings… all ingredients are combined in this unique setting for every visitor to relish a wonderful time. Surrounded by the rhythm of Flamenco, savour the ideal equation of sherry and tapas in one of the delightful restaurants selected just for you, whether you’re a one-time visitor or a local inhabitant.

1. Chiguagua

If you wish to discover one of the most delightful restaurants of Jerez, don’t hesitate and head up to Chiguagua. The amazing Mexican cuisine is amongst the best and you will relish there fantastic dishes. Start with delicious margaritas, exquisite and not too alcoholic and proceed with unmissable specialities : Carnita con queso, pollo Macha Cao, nachos con guacamole… The staff is friendly and helpful and the restaurant appropriate for any kind of visitor : friends, family.


  • Name: Cantina Chiguagua
  • Address: Calle Sederia, 1, 11403 Jerez De La Frontera, Spain
  • Phone : +34956347678
  • Cuisine : Mexican, Latin, Central America
  • Opening hours : Sun-Sat 13:30-16:00 20:00-0:30

2. Meson Del Asador

Hidden down an alley, located in an atmospheric space on Remedios 4, Meso Del Asador is definitely worth being discovered. A long bar dominates the room, with appetising jamon just hanging up behind. You may prefer to sit at a wooden table covered with white and red tablecloths to savour tapas and raciones or enormous plates of steaks and other grilled meats. Try the fantastic Tabla de patatas – a mountain of fabulous potatoes piled onto a board with four exquisite dipping sauces. The price there is as reasonable as the meals are tasty!


  • Name: Meson Del Asador
  • Address: Calle Sederia, 1, 11403 Jerez De La Frontera, Spain
  • Phone : +34956322658
  • Cuisine : Spanish, Mediterranean
  • Opening hours : Sun-Sat 12:00-17:00 / 20:00-0:30

3. Bodegon El Patio

Whether you’re a meat lover or want to please one, Meson El Patio is the right choice. The room is almost split in two, locals enjoying nibbling on one side, more serious dinners on the others. This place proposes a short menu with exquisite meals such as consóme de Jerez(sherry consóme) or paletilla de cordero asado con fino de la tierra and the tastiest chicken and ham that you will find in the area. The choice of wine and spirits to accompany your dinner is excellent. The restaurant is on the pricey side for Jerez but one dish can easily be shared. The locals will advise you to order only one main each : listen to them!


  • Name: Bodegon El Patio
  • Address: Calle San Francisco de Paula, 7, 11401 Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
  • Phone : +34956322658
  • Cuisine : Spanish, Mediterranean
  • Opening hours : Sun-Sat 12:00-17:00 / 20:00-0:30

4. Bar Juanito

Dining outside in Bar Juanito, a past winner of the National Tapa Competition, is probably one of the most exquisite experiences in Jerez. Located on the cobblestones of the Pescadera Vieja, sit on the pretty wooden chairs and tables to savour the delicious albondigas oloroso or a tasty carne de toro con patatas. You may as well prefer to get inside and share your dinner on a tiled bar and relish the speciality of the place : amazing artichokes served up with the best local wines. Wherever you sit, you will appreciate a great friendly and efficient service.


  • Name: Bar Juanito
  • Address: Calle Pescaderia Vieja, 8-10, 11403 Jerez De La Frontera, Spain
  • Phone :+34956334838
  • Cuisine :Mediterranean, Spanish
  • Opening hours : Tue-Sat 13:00-16:30 / 20:00-0:00   Sun 13:00-16:30

5. Atuvera

To make a change from local Tapas restaurant, head up to Atuvera, quite a different address, located in a very charming place in a XVII century building. Inventive Tapas combining local tastes and fusion food are served with a pretty smart appearance. Discover amazing tastes like flakey chicken and chocolate ribs and the unmissable black cod.  Your eyes are pleased just before your taste ! Whether you speak spanish or not, you will appreciate the very helpful waiters, explaining every  meal with plenty of details and a very friendly behavior.


  • Name: Atuvera
  • Address: Ramon de Cala 13, 11403 Jerez De La Frontera, Spain
  • Phone :+34655907130
  • Cuisine : Spanish, Mediterranean, European, Vegetarian
  • Opening hours :Tue-Sat 12:00-16:00 / 20:00-23:59  Sun 12:00-16:00

6. La Carbona

There are so many savoury temptations on the menu of La Carbona, that you could spend hours choosing : the quirky mini wild boar burger with mango and yoghurt sauce, grilled meats, fresh fish… what a dilemma ! Fortunately, the sherry pairing menu is can help you solve this problem, served with local delightful wines. This pleasant old bodega with a hanging fireplace may be a great setting for a winter dinner and a stunning contrast for a summer one …Interesting : the restaurant Gluten Free dishes.


  • Name: La Carbonara
  • Address: Calle San Francisco De Paula, 2, 11401 Jerez De La Frontera, Spain
  • Phone: +34956347475
  • Cuisine: Mediterranean, European, Spanish, Gluten Free
  • Opening hours: Sun-Sat  11:00-17:00/20:00-0:00

7. La Cruz Blanca

Going to Jerez without tasting Sherry would really be a shame ! Lucky you : in La Cruz Blanca you have the chance to relish an amazing range of the best sherries. You may sit under the trees to enjoy fresh tapas and watch people go by. With a friendly service bringing you wonderful tapas : traditional Spanish food,Silton with honey and walnuts, black rice and shrimp. To enjoy something different, do not hesitate to try an excellent breakfast and orange juices.


  • Name: La Cruz Blanca
  • Address: Consistorio 16, 11403 Jerez De La Frontera, Spain
  • Phone: +34 956 32 45 35
  • Cuisine: Mediterranean, Spanish, Gluten Free, European
  • Opening hours: Sun-Sat  11:00-17:00/20:00-0:00

Have a good trip and travel!