7 Places to Shop in Tarifa: What to buy

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Tarifa Shop
Source: rey perezoso

Tarifa is a small beautiful town Spain. It is a great destination for Resorts, Hotels as well as shopping. The shops in Tarifa are famous for culture and antique items.  You can buy fashionable, contemporary as well as old-fashioned crafts and designings in Tarifa shops.  High style, standard fabrics, stirring tailoring, Bijoux jewelry, etc are some of the prominent findings in Tarifa shops. Some of the places where u will be  more satisfied to shop in Tarifa are as follows:


Zero Gravity Tarifa is a store established in 2009. It offers quality wearings for both men. women and even children. It will be a great experience for you if you visit Zero Gravity Tarifa where you can find the items such as  swim shorts, shirts, watches, shoes, etc as per your desire.


2. ZAS Tarifa

Zas Tarifa is basically a women’s clothing store. Different styles of women’s belongings such as clothes, sunglasses, shoes and much more things can be found here at reasonable price.

  • Name: ZAS Tarifa
  • Address: Calle San Julián, 5, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz, Spain
  • Phone: +34 956 68 16 70
  • Opening hour: 9AM–3PM
  • Website: www.zastarifa.com

3.  Ferreteria La Calzada

Ferreteria La Calzada is a Hardware Store. Hardware and Tool Service are available here. Customers are satisfied with the service granted by this store. The store offers both electronic as well as solar equipment such as injecting molding machines, rubber machines, hammers, screwdrivers, etc.


  • Name: Ferreteria La Calzada
  • Address:  Calle Sancho IV el Bravo, 25, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz, Spain
  • Phone: +34 956 68 46 96
  • Opening hour: Saturday : 9AM-2PM, Sunday: Closed, Monday-Friday: 9AM-2PM, 5PM-8.30PM

4. A.G New Use

A.G New Use is a Carpenter and Furniture Stores. Many Furniture related equipment is made here as per the requirement of customers. Customers are fully satisfied with the product from A.G New Use.


  • Name: A.G New Use
  • Address: Polígono Industrial La Vega Tarifa, Cádiz Spain
  • Phone: +34 619 032 026

 5. Babachic Beads

Babachic Beads is fabric and jewelry stores is located in Tarifa. High-quality ornaments such as necklaces, rings, bracelets can be purchased from here. The store even designs the jewels as per needs of the customers.


  • Name: Babachic Beads
  • Address: Calle General Copòns, 111380 Tarifa Spain
  • Phone: +34 689 411 338
  • Website: http://www.babachicbeads.com/

6. Dr. Green Store

Dr. Green Store is a typical garden seed shop. You can find marijuana seeds and varieties of cannabis seeds for the sale of breeders such as  Sweet Seeds, Soma Seeds, Mandala Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Resin Seeds, Sagamartha Seeds,  Sensi Seeds, Eva Seeds. etc. in this store. The store is specially targeted for farmers.


  • Name: Dr. Green Store
  • Address: Tarifa, Cádiz, Spain
  • Phone: +34 606 10 92 42
  • Opening Hours: 24 hours every day
  • Websites: http://www.drgreenstore.com/

7. Carpinteria Facinas

Carpinteria Facinas is an economic as well as budget-friendly furniture stores located in Tarifa. You can find furniture equipment as per your requirement here. It will be a great experience for you to visit in Carpinteria Facinas. The furniture store design as per your need if you give the carpenter your design sample.


  • Name: Carpinteria Facinas
  • Address: Calle Tarifa, 5 11380 Tarifa Spain
  • Phone: +34 956 687 434

Have a good trip and travel!

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