10 Things To Do in Ayamonte: Spain

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Source: Cayetano

A charming, off-the-beaten town in the Huelva Province of Andalusia, the splendid Ayamonte is a true Andalusian gem with a cheerful border-town buzz. This fascinating fishing town is small but well balanced and the mix of whitewashed houses, Baroque churches, and bustling squares plays in perfect harmony. There’s more to the beauty of Ayamonte than meets the eye with an abundance of things to see and do. Listed below are just a few of them.

1. Wander the Isla Canela

Isla Canela is a natural island connected to the beautiful town of Ayamonte by a bridge and separated by a stretch of sea bounded by the Spanish bank of the Guadiana River. The Guadiana is the fourth longest river in the Iberian Peninsula. Few kilometers away from the town, are the two popular summer beaches – Playa Isla Canela and Punta del Moral.

2. Walk along the Playa Isla Canela

One of the two main beach resorts of Ayamonte, Playa Isla Canela is an alluring hotspot swamped with golden sands, beach bars, seaside resorts, extensive sand dunes and marshes, budget apartments and what not. The sea water is relatively warm and safe for swimming, thanks to the influence of the Guadiana River. Even when you’re not swimming, a quiet walk at the beach would refresh your mind.


  • Name: Playa Isla Canela
  • Address: 21409 Playa de Isla Canela, Huelva, Spain

3. Relax at the Punta del Moral

The long stretch of golden sands and calm estuary waters of Punta del Moral make for an ideal beach location that lures Spanish locals and tourists alike. There is a paved, illuminated walkway near the beach. A concrete breakwater with a lighthouse marks the end of the Punta del Moral beach and an entry point to the fishing port of Punta del Moral.


  • Name: Punta del Moral
  • Access: 0.5km from Isla Cristina

4. Visit the Municipal Park of Prudencio Navarro

This is a nice little hotspot where kids enjoy some quality time watching the many animals such as zebras, lions, tigers, ostriches, monkeys etc. in their natural habitat. A perfect place for families to enjoy  a quiet stroll along the wide green space completed with artificial lakes, trees, and vegetation.


  • Name: Municipal Park of Prudencio Navarro
  • Address: Av. Alcalde Narciso Martín Navarro, 4, 21400 Ayamonte
  • Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 10:00 to 20:00

5. Tour the El Molino Pintado

This is among the main and best-preserved tide mills in the province of Huelva. There are displays of the tidal marshes, and the mill process explaining how man has exploited different possibilities offered by the marshes for a sustainable use. You can also take a look at a short video about the millers life, which is in Spanish but with English subtitles.


  • Name: El Molino Pintado
  • Address: Ctra. N-431, s/n, 21002, Ayamonte, Spain

6. Roam the Paseo de la Ribera

A beautiful promenade along the harbor line filled with numerous palm trees adding to the beauty of this urban landscape. The town preserves its old medieval quarter in the central district, with several narrow cobbled streets and historical buildings, along with some aristocratic mansions and palaces.


  • Name: Paseo de la Ribera
  • Address: 21400 Ayamonte, Huelva, Spain

7. Wander the Plaza de la Laguna

Take a walk around the bustling city center and make sure to take a quick detour at the wonderful Plaza de la Laguna which has an excellent choice of nice eating places with outdoor seating. Once a center for political and social events, the square is now a pedestrian walkway surrounded by beautiful palm trees and a splendid seascape.


  • Name: Plaza de la Laguna
  • Address: 21400 Ayamonte, Huelva, Spain

8. The Summer Flea Markets

During the summer, the cobbled street on the margins of Paseo de la Ribera is filled with hundreds of stalls and stores selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to pottery and local handicrafts, wooden crafts and plush toys to jewelry and fabric bags.

9. Parade the Carnival of Ayamonte

One of the liveliest celebrations in Huelva, the Carnival of Ayamonte follows a massive parade with monumental floats and all kinds of funny costumes as everyone takes to the streets. This is probably the last celebration of this size which marks the beginning of the Easter and the end of the Pagan holidays. The majority of the celebrations are based around the Cardenio Theater which is well worth your time.

10. Eat like a local in Ayamonte

What better way to understand the city’s culinary culture than to go for the places where the locals like to hang out. Ayamonte is one of the few places where you can take a bite out of traditional Huelva cuisine presented in fresh and unique ways. From upscale restaurants to street-side cafes to tapas bars, Ayamonte offers something to satisfy every appetite.

Have a good trip and travel!