10 Things To Do in Huelva: Spain

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Source: Tomás Fano

Located in the province of the same name in the western part of Andalusia, Huelva is more than just a coast which is a bit of a mystery. A fairly untouched region in terms of tourism, yet a place of outstanding natural beauty – Huelva is just the right place for those looking to explore the other side of Andalusia. This is a paradise for the travelers looking for unspoilt territories because this large urbanized city has many. Doñana dominates the coastal area to the east, while the west is all about small seaside resorts.

1. Experience the Rich Diversity

Source: Jessica Gardner

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a history buff or a nature lover, or if you’re just a casual backpacker, the wonderful city of Huelva satisfies all the criteria for a perfect holiday destination. No wonder it’s a favorite among the nature lovers, thanks to its natural setting surrounded by beautiful islands and amazing marshlands. The nature in the region is a wonderful spectacle in itself, and it’s highly unlikely visitors will ever be disappointed with their time in the city.

2. Experience the Mix of Old and New

Ayamonte Huelva
Source: MJJR

Huelva is a place where the ancient tradition blends in perfect harmony with the modernity. This is where you can find various historic sites which signify the city’s glory’s past and the various historic homes conveniently designed in mosaic style. You can also find the quaint shopping streets, modern cafes and restaurants beautifully nestled within the shops, where you can enjoy both local Spanish and western drinks. Majestic churches also share the space with amazing graffiti art. The perfect combination of old and the new creates a rather cultural atmosphere in Huelva.

3. The Wilds of Doñana

Source: Jose Luis Filpo Cabana

One of the most biodiverse protected areas in Europe, Doñana is a complex mosaic of salt marshes, dunes, lakes, streams, cliffs and pine forest. The 100,000 hectares of World Heritage listed site beautifully shared between Huelva, Cadiz and Seville is a splendid labyrinth of amazing flora and fauna. The lagoons are dominated by the different plant species that are adapted to their natural habitats, while the perfect union of different ecosystems makes Doñana a true paradise for wonderful birdlife.

4. El Rocío – The Outpost of the Wild West

El Rocío
Source: Geyersberg

Few places are as amazingly pleasant as El Rocío which is known to be a weird outpost of the Wild West, with cobbled streets lined with traditional houses complete with wooden rails for tying the horses. The moment you step foot in the village you’ll almost feel like you’ve stumbled across a western film set. It’s famed for its annual romeria, the Rocio Pilgrimage which attracts millions of people across Spain and beyond all singing and dancing to honor the dazzling statue of Our Lady of El Rocío.

5. Discover the Old Moret Park

Parque Moret
Source: Juan José Rodríguez

One of Andalusia’s largest parks and a green oasis in the middle of the city, the Parque Moret is considered an authentic natural space due to its strategic location. The park mainly stretches to 72 hectares filled with fruit trees and other plant species, an artificial lake and children’s play area. This is also a great place to enjoy picnicking with your family or a family retreat for a humble meal at the park’s grill restaurant.


  • Name: Parque Moret
  • Address: Av. Santa Marta, 33, 21005 Huelva, Spain

6. Costa de la Luz – The Land of Thousand Experiences

Source: Jessica Gardner

Dazzling sun and the blue skies, long beaches and the white sands, dunes and the pine trees, culture and cuisine, fiestas and celebrations – This is just Costa de la Luz, and it continues southwest from Huelva, stretching along the coastline of neighboring Cadiz. It remains untouched by mass tourism and is almost a virgin paradise.

7. The Magnificence of La Merced Cathedral

Huelva Cathedral
Source: Daniel Csörföly

The Cathedral of Huelva is a colonial-style parish church affiliated with the adjacent former convent of La Merced. The 17th-century church was destroyed by many earthquakes in the 18th century and restoration began in 1775, however, another earthquake in the 20th century allowed it to force close again until further reconstruction. The church was reopened as the Cathedral of Huelva in 1954 and was declared a National Monument in 1970.


  • Name: Huelva Cathedral
  • Address: Plaza de la Merced s/n, 21002 Huelva, Spain
  • Phone: +34959252100

8. Walk in Linares de la Sierra

Linares de la Sierra
Source: Basotxerri

Leave the cobbled streets behind and head to the majestic land of Linares de la Sierra through the wide landscapes and nature parks. This hidden valley, located within a short drive from the local town of Aracena, is a humble demonstration of fine walking trails along the backdrop of wonderful trees and waterfalls. This quaint little town has its fair share of superb hiking paths as well.

9. On the Trails of Christopher Columbus

Source: Edward the Confessor

If it weren’t for the humble locals of Huelva, Columbus never would have reached the new world. The city’s claim to fame centers around Christopher Columbus with a number of tourist attractions dedicated to the life and journey of renowned explorer. You can take a look at the exact place Columbus set sail for his personal voyage of discovery. Huelva is a mecca for those fascinated by Christopher Columbus’ journey to the New World.

10. The Fine Gastronomy of Huelva

Huelva Gastronomy
Source: PublicDomainPictures

Visit any restaurant in Huelva and you’ll find an excellent choice of fine Spanish cuisine incorporating fresh food and seafood carefully hand-picked from the local city markets and prepared with seasoned ingredients for the authentic taste of Spain. Nonetheless, a fleet of young energetic chefs in the city have taken the level of sophistication and creativity to new heights. Enjoy a superb dining experience at the many gorgeous restaurants for the true flavors of Huelva.

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