10 Things to Know about Street Market in Fuengirola

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Fuengirola Market
Source: Rob Prouse

The Fuengirola market business and sector is held at the Fair Ground in the downtown area. Stopping for parking is an issue however but it’s justified regardless of the bother as this is one of the greatest of the Coast’s business market sectors with heaps of awesome slows down. You can get a transport straight to Fuengirola from simply outside Sunset Beach Club.

1. Food Trucks in Street Market

This street market showcase that will give around 15 gastronomic recommendations in food trucks. This is a one of a kind involvement with treats for the entire family. This is a street market road sustenance or street food will provide around 15 gastronomic recommendations through food trucks, by far most of the the nearby lodging. Its fundamental element is that it’s about the trucks old painted rebuilt of old foundations.

2. Buy some vegetables

Go to Fuengirola in Málaga, Andalusia, Spain for some fresh produce. There are street fruit and veggies market vendors. This is one of the things that you should not miss the most from your home country. An amazing quality of fruits and veggies at affordable prices. Do you want a gorgeous display of apples, lemons, watermelons and other fruits? You’ll get them here.

3. Most market starts in the Morning

Looking for something to do while on holiday in Fuengirola? Why not check out the street market held at the Fair Ground or Recinto Ferial from 9am until 2pm? There are fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, good ceramics, cute clothes, accessories, nice gears, dresses, and much more types of items. You should try the Flea Market held at the same place every Saturday mornings!

4. Indoor Food stalls

Fuengirola’s foodies have a new go-to destination for those who are always go hungry. Go to the town’s first indoor gastro-market which actually opened its doors last February. The place is La Galería is located a couple of minutes from the main town’s seafront, between Calle Miguel de Cervantes and Calle de España. There are 12 food stalls,, café and bars that actually sell both takeaway items or dine in dishes.

5. Secret Spots for Bargains

Andalusia has many secret spots while you are on the tour of Fuengirola if you’re taking sometime for a week. One of the major attractions of this great city is without any doubt one of the largest and biggest street markets on the Costa del Sol. An ideal place to do cheap, fruit and fresh vegetable at the best price. There are also shoes, clothes, good gifts, souvenirs, nice items, merchandise, etc

6. Many choices to choose from

The place is a little bit milder now and probably more relaxed in the street markets if shopping is part of your relaxation plan. Markets are open from 9am – 2pm. There are many spots to visit for some cheap buys. Try Tivoli gardens, Marbella in Puerto Banus, near  the mosque, the near football stadium and in nearby streets. There are sometimes announcements posted as posters or streamers so be on the lookout.

7. Medieval themed market

Step back in time on weekends at the Medieval Market in the Sohail Castle in Fuengirola! There’s something for everyone such as workshops, craft stalls, activities, archery, even witches, fortune-tellers, story-tellers and jugglers, They are all helping to recreate the mystical medieval times in the ancient past. It usually runs from 6pm to around 2 am so you’ll have something to do in the evening.

8. Historical old items

Every evening, from around 7pm to 11pm, you can also enjoy the old irons exhibition in Museo de la Ciudad, just beside the Town Hall. Entrance is usually free and only closes on Mondays. Get a look and try to share it with all your friends. Have a nice great weekend to know the great old models of irons.

9. Buy fresh fruits

Maintained fruits in efficient temperature is optimal for the post harvest storage, with the prime aim of extending and ensuring shelf life. This is what is usually done in planting of good fruits in Fuengirola. It is something that you should never miss as fruits is a great food to eat in the summer or when you are sick.

10. Try roast beef and other meat

Come back again for roast meat even after eating breakfast. You can also come for Sunday lunch every time. You will love a great Sunday roast here a and this is without doubt the best of both worlds, here and around the world. Eat really tender roast beef, lovely good roast potatoes, and plenty of green fresh cabbage, cauliflower, and carrots. Mounds of gravy, like lashings of gravy, and that’s what you will get.

Most of the street markets in Fuengirola have a nice and great selection of items and goods like colorful ceramics, great Spanish linen, fresh kids of fruits as well as vegetables, cheap types of shoes and clothing, jewelry and men’s watches, women’s watches, and lots more goodies. Find what you like.

Have a good trip and travel!