10 Things to Know about Marbella Old Town

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Source: Herry Lawford

Marbella is one the coastal towns in the southern Spain with great tourist attractions and modern beauty. The old town of Marbella is the ancient part of the town which bears the historical heritages of great importance. This article is about different features of Marbella old town.


  • Name: Marbella Old Town.
  • Address: Marbella Old Town, Marbella, Málaga, Spain.
  • Access: From Malaga or Gibraltar Airport, direct bus service is available to Marbella bus station. Continue on a rented car for 1.5 km drive to reach old town.
  • Website: http://www.marbellaexclusive.com/en/discover-marbella/art-culture/old-town.html

1. Where To Begin Your Tour?

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Source: martin_vmorris

If you are planning your tour in the old town of Marbella, you might like some travel tips. For example, where to start. My answer would be Plaza de los Naranjos, or the Orange Square which is at the heart of the town. The tourist office is located here. It is also a common relaxing spot. From the tourist office, you will get a city map and necessary information.

2. Public Transportation Inside The Old Town

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Source: Herry Lawford

The best transport in the old town is the public bus. This is the main transportation system to visit the surroundings as well as to go outside to the big cities. Shuttle bus service is available from the airport to inside the town. The railway is the second best option to move inside and get outside the town. Specially for tourists, there is an arrangement of tourist train which is interesting and economic.

3. Architectural Beauty Of The Place

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Source: Herry Lawford

The Marbella Old Town includes two historical suburbs with famous ancient walls, one of them is Barrio Alto, and the other one is Barrio Nuevo. This has been the layout of this place since the 16th century. In many of the important buildings in the old town, you will find Renaissance-inspired design. This part of Marbella carries out the layout of Arabic era.

4. Nature And Outdoors

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Source: Harvey Barrison

The seaside town has many parks and great outdoors to just sit and enjoy the goodness of green. Orange Square, as mentioned before, is a nice place to relax under the orange tree and observe the beautiful nature. You can visit Alameda garden. The place is full of beautiful tropical plant and fountains. This is also a place with the arrangement of horse riding and you can take a tour around the old town.

5. Visit The Museums And Historical Landmarks

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Source: Kamyar Adl

A very interesting museum in Marbella old town is the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving, which is registered as a historic monument of this area and very unique. They present many priceless contemporary engravings and graphic artwork from 20th and 21st century. The Town Hall is a historical landmark built in 1572. It is also known as the Consistorial House. Another historical landmark you would like to visit is Santiago Hermitage, the oldest parish church from 16th century.

6. Churches Of The Old Town

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Source: Harvey Barrison

Another famous area of the old town you must visit is the area of churches. One of the famous churches in this area is the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, built back in 1505. San Juan de Dios church from16th century, the Ermita or Chapel del Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz also from the 16th century, these are some other magnificent churches tourists generally love to visit in the Old town.

7. Places To Eat

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Source: Herry Lawford

Marbella old town is full of interesting restaurants with local foods. Skina Restaurant beside the Orange Square is a great place for dinner. Restaurant Garum offers memorable dinner experience with great wine collection. There is an Italian restaurant called Restaurante Il Tartufo. You must try fresh truffle in here. If you are looking for a different style restaurant then you can visit the tapas bars Taberna del or Bodega la Venencia. Both of them are great.

8. Shops In Every Corner

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Source: Herry Lawford

Shop-lovers will absolutely love the old town of Marbella for its collection of shops and craft stores. Every narrow street of the Old town is full of interesting boutique shops. For clothing, shoes, accessories etc. you will love these shops. You can visit Ceramica San Nicolas and Artesania Espanola where you will find beautiful hand-crafted ceramics. A fantastic collection of American Indian Crafts can be found in the Proud Scout.

9. Nightlife In Old Town Of Marbella

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Source: Aapo Haapanen

The nightlife in the Old town is very different from the big cities. No rocking night or bar crawling, instead the town prefers jolly drink time with friends and families. Sinatra’s bar is a nice place to hang out at night. Old Joy’s Bar is a great place if you are a fan of music. They remain open whole night until 4:00 am. But if you are really looking for glitz and glamor in the night then you can go a little outside the old town, port of Puerto Banus.

10. Accommodation Around The Area

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Source: Kamyar Adl

The Marbella Old Town’s hotels are good and economic. Since the area is a major tourist attraction, you may need to place the reservation one or two days beforehand. Some of the good hotels surrounding the area are La Villa Marbella, Pension Aduar, Hotel San Cristóbal, Hotel Fuerte Marbella, InHouse Marbella Hostel and so on.

Have a good trip and travel!