25 Things To Do in Marbella

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Source: Hernán Piñera

As one of Costa del Sol’s most famous resort towns, Marbella has a lot going for it in terms of attractions and activities to keep hundreds of thousands of vacationers entertained everyday. Sun, sea and sand come together for a relaxing vacation while Marbella’s archaeological heritage and history add a charm and intrinsically cultural element to every trip.

1. Eat Tapas

Marbella Tapas
Source: Ben30

Tapas are practically synonymous with Spanish cuisine, and when in Marbella, it would be nearly criminal to not eat at a tapas bar at least once. Tapas are typically appetizer type dishes that are composed of bite sized food liberally seasoned with traditional spices. You can find all kinds of meats, seafood, cheeses and vegetables in tapas, so choosing one that will suit your tastes shouldn’t be difficult at all. Happy eating!

2. Stroll Along Paseo Marítimo

Marbella Paseo Maritimo
Source: Harvey Barrison

Running alongside the beaches of Marbella is the Paseo Marítimo, or, as it’s known in English, the beachside promenade. Walking along the promenade is great for daily exercise and allows vacationers to take in the lovely views of the coastline. The breezy and laid back ambience is utterly enjoyable and you can even walk all the way to Puerto Banus or,  if you’re feeling extremely energetic, even to San Pedro.


  • Name: Paseo Marítimo
  • Address: Paseo Marítimo, Marbella, Spain
  • Opening hour: Open 24 hours

3. Go Karting

Got a need for speed? Get your adrenaline rush with some high-speed karting in Marbella. There are karts for both adults and children, and the course is so much fun to zoom around. If you’re new to karting, don’t worry. There are professional instructors around to get you started, and it’s really not that difficult to pick up anyways.


  • Name: Funny Beach Marbella
  • Address: A7 KM 184.4, 29603
  • Phone: +34 952 823 359
  • Price: €20 – €45 (Adults), €8 – €20 (Kids)
  • Opening hour: 11:00 – 21:00

4. Spend a Day at the Beach

Marbella Beach
Source: Peter & Michelle S

One of the things you must really do in Marbella is to simply bum around the beach all day. Costa del Sol is known for its beautiful beaches, so it would really be a waste to not at least soak up all of the grandeur it has to offer for a full day. Lounge around, work on your tan, or take a dip in the refreshing sea water. You can also play some beach sports and get to know other travelers from all over the world.

5. Munch on Pescadito Frito

Marbella Pescadito Frito
Source: Audrey Watters

Small, crunchy and absolutely delicious, Pescadito Frito is a fried fish that brings nothing but joy to any diner’s taste buds. Restaurante Altamirano is one of the establishments known to specialize in Pescadito Frito, so heading here will be your best bet to get to know what this dish is truly about.


  • Name: Restaurante Altamirano
  • Address: Plaza de Altamirano, Old Town, 29601 Marbella, Spain
  • Phone: +34 952 824 932
  • Opening hour: 13:00 – 16:00, 19:00 – 23:00

6. Explore Marbella’s Old Town

Marbella Old Town
Source: Herry Lawford

Marbella is, without a doubt, a historically rich town. Not only does it have a ton of artifacts from the paleolithic era, it’s modern history is also full of stories waiting to be told. One of the best places in town to experience the history and culture of Marbella is in the Old Town. The streets are lined with ancient architecture and has many cobbled streets to venture through.


  • Name: Old Town
  • Address: Old Town, Marbella, Spain
  • Opening hour: Open 24 hours

7. Surf on a Wave Ramp

Catch the perfect wave every single time on Funny Beach Marbella’s Wave Ramp. It’s a fun activity for those who already know how to surf and lessons are available for individuals who want to try the water sport out. The non-stop rush of the wave will have you feeling like you’re surfing one of the biggest waves of your life.


  • Name: Funny Beach Marbella
  • Address: A7 KM 184.4, 29603
  • Phone: +34 952 823 359
  • Price: €20 (Adults), €10 (Kids), €300 (Groups)
  • Opening hour: 11:00 – 21:00

8. Relax at Port Banús

Marbella Port Banus
Source: Tomas Fano

Enjoy viewing the glamorous yachts in Marbella at Port Banus. Although you won’t be able to hop on one unless you’ve rented it, it’s relaxing to wander through the port and admire all of the boats that are docked their. The port also offers one of the town’s most stunning sunsets. Take lots of photos and explore the other establishments located along the port.


  • Address: Port Banus, Marbella, Spain

9. Experience the Markets

Marbella Market
Source: Francesca S

One of the best ways to get to know Marbella’s food, learn about its culture, and talk to its people is to go the markets. Not only is it bustling with activity on a regular basis, the locals are even willing to let in you in on some Spanish cooking secrets and give you tips on what produce to purchase for particular seasons. Other than that, there’s also a great of street food to taste.

10. Feast on Seafood

Marbella Grilled Seafood
Source: Nan Palmero

Being a resort town has more perks than just a pristine beach front, it also means having access to the freshest and highest quality seafood that Spain has to offer. There are dozens of restaurants that capitalize on this perk so make sure you take advantage of it and eat your fill of seafood. We suggest going for grilled seafood to enjoy the natural flavors of the ingredients.

11. Go to La Almeda Park

Marbella Alameda Park
Source: Harvey Barrison

A leisurely afternoon is well spent at the La Alameda Park situated just a few minutes walk south of Marbella’s Old Town. The thriving eco sanctuary is home to towering tropical plants and charming benches, providing a break from the busy tourist town’s streets. Make sure to pass by the park’s central fountain, which is decorated with traditional Andalucian tiles.


  • Name: Alameda Park
  • Address: Avenida Ramon y Cajal, S/N, 29602 Marbella, Spain
  • Phone: +34 952 768 760
  • Opening hour: Open 24 hours

12. Try Flyboarding

Marbella Flyboard
Source: Port Maguide Biscarrosse

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to be propelled several meters into the air with just the sheer force of water, get your hands on a Flyboard. Instructors will have newbies flying high over the sea of Marbella in a matter of minutes, and the incredible sensation is bound to leave you breathless.


  • Price: €75 (15 minutes)

13. See the Plaza de los Naranjos

Marbella Plaza de los Naranjos
Source: Nan Palmero

First built in 1485, the Plaza de los Naranjos has a rich history and is located in the Orange Square. The plaza was constructed with a Christian design and was ordered to be built by King Ferdinand. It is one of Marbella’s best examples of a typical Andalusian plaza and features many orange trees which give the square its name.


  • Name: Plaza de los Naranjos
  • Address: Orange Square, Old Town, Marbella, Spain

14. Go Shopping

Marbella Shopping
Source: Herry Lawford

An unavoidable and much loved past time in Marbella is certainly to go shopping. All of the streets in this resort town are lined with shop upon shop featuring various goods and luxury items. The best part about shopping in Marbella is that they have shopping locations for every budget. Purchase a luxurious, high fashion purse or simply grab a keychain to remember your vacation.

15. Drink Spanish Wine

Marbella Wine
Source: Keith Williamson

When most people think of wine, their minds tend to connect it with Italy or the huge vineyards of California. However, Spain is also one of the world’s leading wine producers and we can guarantee that they are absolutely delicious. Many establishments boast an extensive selection spirits and wine, so ask your server for their recommendation when it comes to locally produced bottles.

16. Discover the Avenida del Mar


Marbella Avenida del Mar
Source: Harvey Barrison

Walk amongst a beautiful collection of Salvador Dali’s sculptures in Avenida del Mar, an open air exhibit of sorts in the center of Marbella. Art lovers will enjoy spending an hour or two strolling through the pedestrian friendly avenue to admire the awe inspiring artwork on display. For those who need a little break from being on their feet, there are benches all around the venue.


  • Address: Avenida del Mar, Marbella, Spain

17. Head to Funny Beach Marbella

Being at beach isn’t just about swimming, snorkeling and diving. Funny Beach Marbella takes the water sport experience to the next level with a handful of adrenaline pumping activities to choose from. Zip around the sea in a jetski, hop in a giant inflatable raft, or try hoverboarding. The activities are open to participants of all levels of experience.


  • Name: Funny Beach Marbella
  • Address: A7 KM 184.4, 29603
  • Phone: +34 952 823 359
  • Opening hour: 11:00 – 21:00

18. See the Ermita de Santiago

Built in the 15th century, the Ermita de Santiago is the oldest religious building in the city. Learn about its history and admire the architecture of the church when you visit. Masses are still held in the church, which was founded after the Crown of Castile captured Marbella. Whether you’re exploring the Ermita de Santiago on your own or as part of a tour, it’s a great sight to see.


  • Name: Ermita de Santiago
  • Address: Plaza de los Naranjos, S/N, 29601, Marbella, Spain
  • Phone: +34 952 761 100

19. Visit the Selwo Marina

Marbella Selwo Marina
Source: Pedro Lozano

Watch a marine animal show or simply walk along the many aquariums and underwater exhibits at the Selwo Marina. This small marine park has 4 different areas to explore namely the Las Hondonada, Amazonia, Antillas and Isla de Hielo sections. Each area houses animals from different areas in Spain and allow you to learn more about the diverse marine life in the country.


  • Name: Selwo Marina
  • Address: Parque de la Palona, S/N, 29630 Benalmadena
  • Phone: +34 902 190 482
  • Opening hour: 10:00 – 18:00

20. Sample Queso Manchego

Marbella Queso Manchego
Source: christopher_brown

You can’t go to Spain and not have a taste of Queso Manchego. Incredibly popular, Manchego has been nicknamed the Don Quixote’s Cheese because of its mention in the iconic Don Quixote of la Mancha. It is a pungent and intensely flavored cheese made from sheep’s milk that is so popular in the country that you can find it practically everywhere.

21. Go to Parque de la Constitución

Source: Tyk

A short walk away from the beach, in the town’s center, is the La Parque de la Constitución. Calm and tranquil, the park is a nice break from the busy city and makes a relaxing side trip for families on vacation or avid explorers. Apart from the park, visitors can stop by a children’s park, an observatory and even visit a 600-seat open-air auditorium.

22. Visit Aventura Amazonia

Embark on an epic treetop adventure at Aventura Amazonia, the largest adventure park in Andalucia and the only one that is situated right on the coast line. There are 83 tree top challenges in the park and 20 zip lines to give you the thrill of a lifetime. Don’t forget to explore the 6 adventure circuits to challenge yourself physically and mentally.


  • Name: Aventura Amazonia Marbella
  • Address: C/ Valeriano Rodgriguez 2, 29604 Marbella
  • Phone: +34 952 835 505
  • Price: €24

23. Take a Trip to Casa del Corregidor

Another historic monument in Marbella that is worth a visit is the Casa del Corregidor. It is located in the famous Orange Square or Plaza de los Naranjos, and was built in 1552. It features a stone facade and a lovely balcony with three arches behind it. There are both Gothic and Renaissance elements to the construction, making it a unique sight to see in Marbella.


  • Name: Cada del Corregidor
  • Address: Plaza de los Naranjos 6, 29601, Marbella, Spain
  • Phone: +34 951 216 992

24. Play Golf

Marbella Golf
Source: afpitch

Did you know that Marbella has a Golf Valley that houses over 15 quality golf clubs? Most of them even have golf courses that have been designed by the top designers and artists in the industry. If you’re a fan of the sport and have some spare time, then a visit to any one of Marbella’s golf clubs will be a welcome break from the beach.

25. Explore the Crocodile Park

Marbella Crocodile
Source: joxeankoret

Located in the heart of Costa del Sol, just a short drive from the main center of Marbella, is the Crocodile Park. Get to know some of the world’s most feared yet majestic animals and learn about these prehistoric creatures and their journey of survival through 200 million years. Observe the animals and watch shows exhibit their power at the park.


  • Name: Crocodile Park
  • Address: C/ Cuba 14, 29620 Torremolinos
  • Phone: +34 952 051 782

No matter what your reason for being in Marbella, there is no doubt that you will have a fantastic time discovering all the activities, attractions and features that this beautiful and historical resort town has to offer. Just remember to keep an open and adventurous mind while getting to know this idyllic and breathtaking destination.

Have a good trip and travel!