10 Things to Know about Malaga Cathedral

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One of the major attraction in the city of Malaga is the Cathedral of Malaga. This Roman Catholic Church, built in a Renaissance style, speaks of grandeur, art and architectural beauty. Don’t miss the chance to visit this awe-inspiring church while visiting the city of Malaga. 10 things about the Cathedral are listed below

1. Location of the Cathedral

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The Cathedral of Malaga is located in Malaga, a city in Andalusia, Southern Spain. The Cathedral is situated inside the limits defined by Moorish wall with missing portion that used to surround the city. The remains of the wall also surround the Alcazaba, a palatial fortification built by the Hammudid dynasty and ruins of a Moorish castle known as the Castle of Gibralfaro.

2. The Construction History

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The Cathedral of Malaga was built in the time frame between years 1528 and 1782. It was built in the time when the Christian armies have just conquered the Arab territory. The construction process started when catholic kings intended to build a cathedral on top of an old mosque. The work began in 1582 and finished in 1782, after long drawn interruptions in the building process.

3. The Architecture

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The base plan of the cathedral is rectangular and it contains a nave and two aisles. The nave is wider than the aisles, but they all have the same height. The ground floor is done in Gothic style while the elevation is done in Renaissance style. The façade is in Baroque style, divided into two levels. There are medallions carved in stone above the door. The construction followed the plan of Diego de Siloe.

4. The 2nd Highest Cathedral in Andalusia

The Cathedral of Malaga has a high tower in the northern part of its structure. The north tower is 276 ft high, which is 84 meters. The tower is seen from most part of the city because of its tall structure.This tower makes the cathedral the second-highest cathedral in Andalusia while the highest cathedral is the Giralda of Seville.

5. The Magnificent Artworks

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The Cathedral of Malaga is home to an array of grand and beautiful artworks from the early centuries. Some prominent ones among them are, the Gothic altarpiece of the Chapel of Santa Barbara, the 16th-century tombs of the Chapel of San Francisco, the neoclassic altarpiece of the Chapel of the Incarnation which is designed by Juan de Villanueva and carved by Antonio Ramos. There is also the famous painting of Enrique Simonet titled The Beheading of Saint Paul.

6. The One Armed Lady

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The construction work of the cathedral faced a number of interruptions and finished in 1782. However, one of the towers remained unfinished. It is believed that the money allotted for this tower was used to renovate the Antequera Road. Due to the unfinished state of the Cathedral, it is often called as ‘La Manquita’ or ‘The One-Armed Lady’. There is no plan to finish the construction despite many opinions which state the construction of the cathedral should be finished according to the original plan.

7. The Special Stones

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When building this Cathedral, a special kind of stones were used. These special stones used in the construction of Cathedral of Malaga were obtained from an old quarry located at Valley-Niza or Velez-Malaga. In present days, there’s an archaeological-monumental complex in that location which is converted into Museum of the Stone.

8. Choir of the Cathedral

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The choir of the cathedral holds a lot of significance due to the spectacular artworks present there. It has great importance as a sculptural piece. A great number of artists worked hard and tried to convey the political-religious message regarding the control of the church during that time. The choir stalls were done by Pedro de Mena.

9. How to get to the Cathedral

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Finding a parking spot in Malaga City Center is rare, so it is advisable to use a public parking lot near the cathedral to part cars when visiting the cathedral. The parking lot of Plaza Maria Guerrero is a good option, as it’s very close to the cathedral. Leaving the car parked, and taking a walking route to the cathedral is a more suitable way of getting there.

10. Some Basic Information

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Some useful information that you might need while visiting the Cathedral of Malaga, including the address, the phone number, visiting schedule, the website and tours available are listed below.


If you are visiting the province of Malaga, Spain, make an effort to go visit and spend some time marveling the old architecture and artworks of the Cathedral of Malaga.

Have a good trip and travel!

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