10 Things to Know about Beach in Marbella

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Marbella Beach
Source: Hernán Piñera

The city of Marbella is a perfect combination of golden sand beaches and the magnificent hills of the Sierra Blanca. The spectacular beaches make the city an amazing choice for a holiday destination. The city is known for its energetic night parties, designer shopping, fine dining and many other vacation entertainments. However, the main attractions are the beaches and if you are planning to travel to the city, these are some interesting facts about the beaches that you should know.


1. Location

Source: JeHu68

Marbella is situated in the Malaga province of Spain. It is surrounded by the hills of Sierra Blanca on one side. The city was founded on the shores of Mediterranean Sea. It is located between Malaga and Gibraltar Strait. The city is home to the many beaches of Marbella.

2. Weather


The Marbella beaches have a wonderful holiday weather. It is bright and sunny out there for the better part of the year. Most days of the year are sunny, and most of the day are sunny as well. The Mediterranean beach breeze balances the sun and presents a charming sunny weather with a gentle breeze soothing the heat down. To experience the best weather of Marbella, the months of May-August are recommended.

3. The Coastline

Source: Peter & Michelle S

Marbella has a long coastline, creating a boundary between the ocean and the land. The coastline is 27 kilometers long, or 17 miles long. This stretch of long coastline is divided into many different beautiful beaches, known as the Marbella beaches.

4. 24 Beaches

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The long Marbella coastline is divided into twenty-four different beaches. They all have different features. They are all mostly semi-urban in nature. Some notable beaches are  Bounty Beach, Playa de Rio Real, Playa de Alicate, Playa Hermosa, Playa Real de Zaragoza, Nikki Beach, Cabopino Beach, Playa Fontanilla, Playa Nagüeles and so on.

5. Sand Texture

Source: Niklas Hellerstedt

The beautiful sand is a part of the lovely beaches. To play on the beach, to lie down for a tan or to build a sandcastle – it is important to have proper sand texture. The beaches of Marbella generally have moderate surf, golden or dark colored sand. The textures vary from fine to medium to even coarse in some places.

6. Hotel Facility

Source: Bert Kaufmann

To make the Marbella beach experience more memorable, there is a wide variety of beach resorts and hotels located just near the beach. These hotels are built in excellent locations and provide fine service, making the stay more enjoyable. Some popular hotels around the beaches are Marbella Club Hotel, The Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort, Puente Romano Beach Resort and Spa, Hotel Claude Marbella, Gran Melia Don Pepe and much more.

7. Cabopino – The Nudist Beach

Source: Antonio

Not many nudist beaches are found in Marbella. One of the few nudist beaches of Marbella is Cabopino beach. It is situated near the port of Cabopino. Cabopino is a smaller port compared to the other ports, and is a true Mediterranean style one.

8. Blue Flag Awarded Beaches

Source: Jilles Dissel

The Foundation of Environmental Education awards blue flags to beaches for compliance with its standards of water quality, safety and other parameters. Among the many beaches of Marbella, the beaches of Puerto Banus and San Pedro Alcantara have been awarded the blue flag by this foundation. They have been awarded for maintaining the quality of water, the general safety and environmental management standards set by the foundation.

9. The Lighthouse

Source: Harvey Barrison

The Marbella Lighthouse became operation in 1864. It is known as Maritimo de Marbella or El Faro de Marbella. The lighthouse is 29 meters or 95 ft high. It is an automatic lighthouse and the light is controlled by photoelectric cells. While vacationing at Marbella, it is a must to take a walk along this fascinating building structure.

10. Tours

Source: Hernán Piñera

There are many tours planned around the Marbella Beaches. There are Eco tours – Born to be Wild, Monte Aventura, Andalucia Ecotours. There are also some extreme and adrenaline rush worthy tours such as Kart4Fun, Jetboat Marbella, RedFly Marbella etc.

The sunny weather, the many beaches, the posh hotels, fine dining, shopping destinations, beach activities, night parties – the city of Marbella is a perfect place to plan your next holiday. The beautiful beaches of Marbella will surely sooth your mind and re-energize you thoroughly.

Have a good trip and travel!