10 Things to Know about San Sebastian Church

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Source: Jan W

San Sebastian Church also known as Basilica Menor De San Sebastian is the most famous monument of the city Manila in San Sebastian and it is situated in a quiet area of the city. The church Roman Catholic minor basilica in Manila and is the seat of Parish of Sebastian. Some important things to know about the church which make it a must watch place are mentioned below:

1. Introduction to the San Sebastian Church

Source: Abir Anwar

The Church was completed in the year 1891 and is very popular destination known for its architectural characters. It is the example of Gothic architecture and only steel made a religious place in the Philippines. It was also declared as World Heritage site and historical landmark by the government of Philippines. The church is managed by The Order of the Augustinian Recollects.

2. History of the San Sebastian Church

Source: Jan W

The land of the church was donated by Bernardino Castillo in 1621. Initially, the church was made of wood which got burnt in 1651. Later it was made of bricks which were again destroyed in an earthquake in 1859. Later the church was made of steel and the building was made totally fire resistant and earthquake prone.

3. Construction and Building of the San Sebastian Church

The steel parts of the church were made in Belgium and were shipped from Belgium in eight shipments. The glass windows of the church were made up of stained glass and by Heinrich Oidtmann Company. The church was also supposed to have a prefabricated altar, which was lost at sea in a storm.

4. Important features of the San Sebastian Church

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The interior of the church was Gothic architecture style and there is ample illumination from windows inside the church. The paints on the walls are done in this way that they look like marble and jasper. Also sculptors of holy men and women are made there. There is an image of our Lady Mount Carmel and it shows all the disasters that took place in the church.

5. Cultural and historical declarations regarding San Sebastian Church

Source: Edmund Gall

The Church was declared National Historic Landmark and was funded by National Historical Institute for the restoration purpose in 1982. The church was also funded by The Recollect Community for the maintenance and restoration works. It was listed as World Heritage Site in the tentative list and also declared as National Museum of Philippines.

6. Preservation of the San Sebastian Church

Source: Jan W

The steel structure of the church has been inundated by corrosion and due to sea breezes from Manila Bay .That’s why it has been kept under watch list of most endangered sites by the World Monuments Fund. Also, the funds have been provided for the preservation of church by various organizations.

7. Famous people related to San Sebastian Church

The famous people associated with the church include the Gustave Eiffel who made Eiffel Tower and made steel churches in America. He also made and designed bridges and he also designed the metal structure of Statue of Liberty. Another famous personality related with the construction of the church is Spanish architect Palacios who designed the building of the church.

8. Places to see near the San Sebastian Church

Source: Abir Anwar

There are many other worth seeing places near the church for the visitors coming to see the church and which includes mainly Manila beach, La Concha Beach, Ondarreta Beach, Museo de San Telmo, Parte Vieja, Miramar Royal palace and many other attractions.

9. Hotels to stay near San Sebastian Church

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There are a large number of hotels near San Sebastian Church which are equipped with high-class facilities for the tourists visiting Manila and Church. These hotels include mainly Orchid Garden Suites, Century Park Hotels, New Hotel Miramar, Casa Nicarosa, Victorian Court Malate and Hotel Jen Manila.

10. Other information regarding San Sebastian Church

Seven countries come together for the construction of the church. The interior of the church was made up of stone and was made by students of Academia de Pintura which is a premier art school in the country. And it is the only church in the country which has maintained its original interiors like metal doors, wall ceilings, glass windows etc.

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