10 Things To Do in Basque: Spain

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Source: Gadjo_Niglo

Basque, expanding through the border of the Spain and France on the Eastern coast, is a city with an ancient history about its language. Surrounded by the eye-catchy infrastructures, sandy beaches, and foggy forest which were there since the ancient time. You get a chance to connect with nature and its beauty. “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, they understand this quite good because of their culture of food. If you are planning on going to Spain, don’t miss trying these 10 things in Basque.

1.Visit Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum
Source: abductit

Guggenheim Museum is one of the largest museum designed by American-Canadian artist Frank Gehry. The museum is famous for the exhibitions that are only done by the Spanish and the international artists. And is well-known for Contemporary architecture . The Nervion river flowing alongside adds more beauty to your eyes.


  • Name: Guggenheim Museum
  • Address: Abandoibarra Etorb., 2, 48009 Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain
  • Hours: 10AM-8PM except Monday
  • Website: http://www.guggenheim-bilbao.es/

2.Hike in the Monte Urgull

Monte Urgull
Source: Tom Page

Mone Urgull, is a hill with a great view of the bay and city is surrounded by ocean from all sides. With the statue of Castillo de la Mota, it adds up to a crown on its top. It is a great place for hiking and for natural Scenery. And, is one of the great destination to spend time in Basque.


  • Name: Monte Urgull
  • Address: Subida Al Castillo, San Sebastian – Donostia,Spain

3.Visit San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe
Source: Carlos Olmedillas

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is a small island residing on the coast of Biscay. It is connected to the mainland with an eye-catchy man-made bridge. There are many tunnels and caves on the island. A small house beside the hermitage is a great place for picnic and sea views.


  • Name: San Juan de Gaztelugatxe
  • Address: Bakio, 48370 Bermeo, Spain
  • Tel: 30-12376

4. Enjoy the view at Puente Bizkaia

Puente Bizkaia
Source: Alberto Varela

Puente Bizkaia is the world’s oldest bridge designed by Alberto Palacio. It was built to connect to banks of the Nervion River. The native people commonly call it Puente Colgante which means “Hanging Bridge”. being the oldest suspension bridge in the world, it depicts the view of the classical architecture of late 1893.


  • Name: Puente Bizkaia
  • Address: C/ Barria, N 3 – Bajo 48.930 | Bilbao, 48930, Spain
  • Tel: 94 480 10 12

5. Plaza de la Virgen Blanca

Plaza de la Virgen Blanca
Source: Andrew Nash

Plaza de la Virgen Blanca was initially built by Justo Antonio de Olaguibel from Vitoria and later on modified with monuments like La Batalla de Vitoria a battle representing the Napoleonic wars. It was used for bullfighting and food market in the 18th century and is one of the oldest meeting places of the Spain.


  • Name: Historic Center of Hondarribia
  • Address: Plaza de la Virgen Blanca, s/n, 01001 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Araba, Spain
  • Tel: 630462948

6. Participate in wine tasting at Bodega Casa Primicia

Bodega Casa Primicia is one of the 3 winning and vineyards for Laguardia. It was founded by Julian Madrid , a former grape-grower. Some even consider it as the temple of wine. It serves some of the excellent wines and also all the ingredients are locally grown. The tour of the place is an extraordinary experience.


  • Name: Sodega Casa Primicia
  • Address:La Hoya Bidea, 1, 01300 Guardia, Araba, Spain
  • website: http://www.bodegascasaprimicia.com/

7. Visit Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

Bilbao Fine Arts Museum
Source: Clar Gueibol

Bilbao Fine Arts Museums is the second largest museum of Bilbao placed inside the Doña Casilda Iturrizar park . It is the most visited and richest museum in the city. Initially started with the merger of the Museo de Bellas Artes, and Museo de Arte Moderno, It displays the finest collection from basque, Spanish and Europe of mid-century.


  • Name: Bilbao Fine Arts Museum
  • Address: Tuseo Plaza, 2, 48009 Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain
  • Tel: +34 944 39 60 60

8.Enjoy the view of Miramar Palace

Miramar Palace
 Source: Urko Dorronsoro

Miramar PalaceLa, located in Concha Bay of the city was built by architect Selden Wornum. The palace depicts a royal view of late 1900 which was inhabited by the Spanish Royal Family. Displaying a huge palace, a beautiful garden, the ancient ornaments with a royal history. It is definitely a place to be in Basque.


  • Name: Miramar Palace
  • Address: Paseo Miraconcha, 48, 20007 San Sebastian, Vizcaya, SpainTF-1, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
  • Tel: +34 943 31 11 86

9. Chill at Beach of La Concha

Beach of La Concha
Source: Abir Anwar

Beach of La Concha, is one of the most famous urban beaches located at Bay of La Concha. With an ocean view, you can also enjoy the nightlife of the beach by staying in the hotels. A cool place to chill alone or with the company with a peaceful and mellow atmosphere.


  • Name: Beach of La Concha
  • Address: De la Concha Ibilbidea, San Sebastian – Donostia, Spain

10. Visit Aquarium Donostia-San Sebastian

Aquarium Donostia-San Sebastian has a collection of awesome aquariums . The water tunnels make you blow your mind and the large shark tanks also makes it all worthwhile. Besides this you also see the exhibition on local fishing & naval history.


  • Name: Aquarium Donostia-San Sebastian
  • Address: Plaza de Carlos Blasco Imaz, 1, 20003 Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain
  • Hours: 10AM-7PM excpt saturday and sunday
  • Tel: +34 943 44 00 99
  • Website: http://aquariumss.com/

Have a good trip and travel!

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