Top 7 Places to Shop in Estepona

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Source: Antonio Perlago Minarro

Estepona is a beautiful coastal town in Spain that manages to maintain an Old World charm even in the present day. The wonderful weather and beautiful beaches are sure to keep you busy but don’t forget to put some time aside to explore some of the lovely shopping areas Estepona has to provide.

1. Estepona Marina Market


The official market of the Estepona marina has been occuring every Sunday for over 30 years and remains one of the best places to shop for souvenirs of all kinds.  Jewelry, leather works, cultural arts, and all manners of clothing and other tourist merchandise can be found here as it’s sold right out of the locals’ vans. When you’re worn out from all the shopping then you can take a break at one of the many restaurants and cafes that surround the market. You can drive to this market though most of the parking is taken up by the vendors so it might be best to find other means to get there.


  • Name: Mercadill del Puerto
  • Access: 5 minute walk from Estepona Bullring
  • Opening hour: Sunday 9:00am
  • Closing hour: Sunday 3:00pm

2. Estepona Arena Flea Market

Source: Tomás Fano

Another Sunday attraction is the flea market that takes place just opposite of the marina market. The flea market contains a wide variety of antiques, secondhand merchandise and the like, all at a very reasonable price. If you can’t find anything you like at the marina market then you might have btter luck at the flea market which is too close by to pass up.


  • Name: El Rastro de Estepona Arena
  • Access: 5 minute walk from the Estepona Marina
  • Opening hour: Sunday 10:00am
  • Closing hour: 3:00pm

3. Plaza Begines Handicraft Market

Source: Leo Gonzales

Every Saturday local artists gather at the Plaza Begines to sell their unique wares to locals and tourists alike. If you want to take home a genuine piece of local art then this is the market to find it at. Everything from canvas work to pottery to quilts and more can be found at this exciting weekend market.


  • Name: Mercadillo de Artesanía
  • Address: Plaza Begines
  • Opening hour: Saturday 9:00am
  • Closing hour: 2:00pm

4. Plaza Casa Cañada Market

This market event only happens once a month so it can be easy to miss but it is definitely worth checking out if you’re in town at the right time. A whole plethora of fresh foods, fine clothing, household items and more can be found here. Live performances from local troupes are also part of the market and they help turn this market experience into a real festival.


  • Name: Estepona Market
  • Address: Plaza Casa Cañada
  • Opening hour: 3rd Saturday of the month 11:00am
  • Closing hour: 9:00pm

5. The Town Market

Source: Amy Carter

The Town Market is the oldest market in town as it has been going on for over 50 years. The simplicity of its title comes from the fact that it was the only market in town at the time of its creation. The market offers some of the freshest fruit and vegetables in the whole town along with a wide selection of clothing and household items. If you want your shopping experience to be steeped in history then this is the market for you.


  • Name: El Rastro
  • Address: Avenida Puerto del Mar
  • Opening hour: Wednesday 9:00am
  • Closing hour: 2:00pm

6. The Covered Market

Source: Jocelyn Kinghorn

While the other markets on this list offer a wide variety of different products, the Covered Market deals exclusively with food. The market occurs every morning and sells fresh meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. This is the perfect place to stock up on food for the day before you move on to any big plans or other shopping destinations.


  • Name: Mercado de Abastos
  • Address: Plaza del Reloj
  • Opening hour: 7:00am
  • Closing hour: 11:59am

7. Carrefour

Source: sz.u.

Carrefour is one of the largest supermarkets in Estepona. It is a fully air-conditioned location which makes it a great getaway on a hot day (and hot days are frequent in Estepona).  Carrefour offers the classic supermarket experience by selling food, books, clothes, electronics, etc., and this makes it a great location for anyone who’s a little wary of street markets but still wants to shop.


  • Name: Carrefour
  • Address: Eastern Link Road
  • Opening hour: Monday-Saturday 10:00am
  • Closing hour: 10:00pm

The beauty of Estepona’s shopping experience comes from its wide variety of street markets. That being said, one can always fall back on their impressive covered markets and supermarkets if the coastal heat becomes too much to bear. Between the fresh food and exotic souvenirs there’s a lot on offer in Estepona.

Have a good trip and travel!

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