15 Facts to Know about Madrid

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Source: Dimitry B.

Madrid is a capital city of Spain which is also known for its historic art and architecture. This beautiful city is 300 km from the sea and is located on a plateau 650 m above the sea level. Here are some facts you would like to know about Madrid.

1. The most visited city in Spain

Madrid is the most visited city in Spain and also the third most populated city in Europe. Because it is the capital city of Spain, every year more than a million tourists come to visit this beautiful place. Madrid is rich in culture, art, architecture, and history as well.

2. The 4th Richest city in Europe

According to the recent statistics, Madrid is the 4th Richest city in Europe after London, Paris and Moscow. It has a reasonably high price on a property. The value of a property is rising constantly day by day in Madrid.

3. The origin of Flamenco dance

Flamenco Dance
Source: Hernán Piñera

The famous Flamenco dance is well known in entire Spain and other nations such as Latin America, Cuba, and other European countries. Its origin was in Madrid.  Flamenco is more than just a dance, in refutation of people’s misunderstanding, it is a mix combination of Playing Guitar, Singing, and dancing.

4. Less cloud than any other city in Europe

Madrid is a city which enjoys a cloudless day in compared to any other city in Europe. The weather in Madrid is almost clear and sunny every day- about 250 days per year. So if you are traveling Madrid, make sure you have sunglass in your bag pack list.

5. Club century award

Real Madrid Trophy
Source: Ben Sutherland

Real Madrid is a professional football club based in Madrid, Spain. On December 13, 2000, FIFA awarded Real Madrid FC the most successful club of the century. Real Madrid is one of the most successful clubs not only in Spain but in all Europe having won many trophies till date.

6. Two tallest buildings in Spain

Torre de Cristal, the tallest building in Spain and fourth in the European Union, lies in Madrid, Spain. It has a total height of 249 meters. It is followed by another skyscraper, Torre Cepsa , which is just a meter short than Cristal and is the second tallest building in Spain.

7. The origin of the name

The word “Madrid” was originated from the Arabic word “Magerit” meaning “Place of water”. This large city once occupied the abundant water. Still, it has one of the largest source of water in Spain.

8. The oldest Restaurant in the world

Sobrino De Botin
Source: Candy Tale

Restaurante Sobrino de Botin  which lies Madrid, Spain is the oldest restaurant in the world. This antique restaurant was established in 1725 and is also recognized by The Guinness Book of Records. Hundreds of  new tourists come to have a good meal in this place and the staffs provide the valuable service to the customers.

9. Home for Bullfighting

Bullfighting in Madrid
Source: George M. Groutas

Madrid is a home to the largest bullfighting in the entire country of Spain, and this is Las Ventas. The bullfighting competition always starts in Madrid,  no matter where it is hosted in. This is because Las Ventas is the center location where every new combatant has to kill their first bull and show off their skills in the ring.

10. The 2nd Largest Metro Network in Europe

Madrid has the second largest metro system in Europe following Paris Metro. Madrid Metro is also the third largest in the entire World, consisting of about 12 metro lines and more than 200 metro stations. It has approximately 500 million riders every year.

11. The busiest airport in Spain

madrid airport
Source: Jorge Láscar

Madrid-Barajas Airport is the main international airport not only in Madrid but in all Spain also. This is considered as the largest and the busiest airport in Spain making the tenth busiest airport in the world. This airport also serves as one end of Madrid-Barcelona route which makes the busiest air route in the world.

12. The oldest Construction

Templo de Debod
Source: Jiuguang Wang

Templo de Debod is probably the oldest construction in the history. It is an ancient African structure and this old monument was given to Madrid by Egypt in 1968. It was completely dismantled and rebuilt in Madrid, Spain and officially opened to the public in 1972. Since then, it has attracted many tourists around the world.

13. Citizens are called Gatos or “cats”

The Citizens of Madrid are also called “Gatos” meaning “Cats” not because of late sleeping habits but because of the historical legend during the Arabic invasion, the brave soldier could climb high walls like a cat. After that, his family was called by the name of Gato which later on all the citizens of Madrid are recognized by that name.

14. Rapid growth in population

According to the Census, Madrid had a population of only 950,000 in 1900. It is estimated that it has now over 3.5 million citizens residing in Madrid making the fourth most populated City in Europe after Moscow, London, and Istanbul. It even outranks the few smaller countries like Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Scotland and New Zealand, etc. in Europe.

15. One of the greenest city in Europe

madrid forest
Source: Gregorio Puga Bailón

According to the recent survey, Madrid is one of the “greenest” cities in Europe in 2010 making the 12th rank of top 30. The survey measures eight variables for the assessment of the environmental performance of cities which include sanitation, CO2 emissions, land use and types of buildings, transport, water and air quality, waste management and environmental governance.


  • Place: Madrid
  • Founded: 9th Century
  • Area: 604.3 square km
  • Province: Madrid
  • Government Body: Ayuntamiento de Madrid
  • Postal code: 28001–28080
  • Area code(s): +34 (ES) + 91 (M)
  • Website: http://www.madrid.es/

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