10 Things to Know about Alcudia Beach

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Alcudia Beach
Source: Morfheos

It’s the largest shoreline on the Balearic Islands extending along the port city of Alcudia. A spot where Romans strolled about in their robes and the vandals secured their galleys.The resort of Alcudia has for quite some time been mainstream with tourists coming to Majorca and the primary reason for this is the lovely Alcudia Beach. It’s the city’s biggest shoreline, which is easily accessible, beach with the greatest varieties of water game and fun activities and in addition being the most secure and safe beach. Beaches are great ways to enjoy your holidays and to indulge in adventure activities. Below are the things you should know about the Alcudia Beach.

1. History

St. Jaume Alcudia
Source: Defisch

Alcudia has a very rich history from the bronze age to the age when Romans rules here. The city is divided into two parts the port and the old town of Alcudia. Which is because in the sixteenth century when the pirates were common and used to make the wrath at any place nearby the shores? They were sacking the towns close to the coast taking away all the foods, cash and people as slaves in Africa. This, in turn, made the inhabitants of the port live inland where it was easier to get secured and to watch themselves against these pirates. The led to the making of the Old Town. The port city flourished with the increase in the tourists and because of the beautiful beach due to which many resorts and restaurants have opened up in the port area.

2. How to Reach Alcudia Beach

Port de Alcudia
Source: Morfheos

To reach Alcudia airways is the fastest way. Son Sant Joan airport is located about 60 km from Alcudia City. From there you can either take taxi or cab to the city or can take ferries which have regular service on daily basis. You can also reach Alcudia via car, you just need to follow the road signs. You can park your car at the free parking range alongside this long beach front stretch or in the avenues of the area surrounding it. Tourists can also reach here via public transport.

3. Watersports in Alcudia Beach

With very long shorelines and great tides, the beach offers a number of water activities like windsurfing, banana boat rides, canoeing, kite-sailing, jet-skis,waterskiing, and scuba diving. Exploring the wonderful bank of Alcudia via boat trip, scuba diving or snorkelling along the perfectly clear waters is additionally another incredible way to enjoy the beach. Playa Deportivo is one of the parts of the shoreline which is for the most part known for watersports.

4. Alcudia Beach is Divided into Two Parts

Alcudia Beach
Source: Aina Vidal

With long shorelines, the Alcudia Beach can be divided into two main parts : the first part of the beach begins at the marina which has about 2 km long promenade and extends till the Ciudad Blanca. This part of the beach is known for water sports and other fun activities. The second area extends from Ciudad Blanca to the end of Playa de Muro. This part is nearly unspoilt by the tourists. This is the perfect place for the tourists who are looking to relax on the beach.

5. Around the Alcudia Beach

Alcudia Old Town
Source: Christoph Strässler

Exactly toward the end of the shoreline is the harbor where you can discover the amazing yachts which can be rented if you are to spend some big cash. You can walk around the marina and eat or drink at various restaurants located here. You can likewise visit the Alcudia Old Town which is an acclaimed walled region in the port city. While walking around these streets you can sense a difference between the old town and the present day resort region of Alcudia outside the walls of this old town. There are a number of eateries and hotels located in this walled area too.

6. Culture at Alcudia Beach

Alcudia Beach Culture
Source: Anders Fagerjord

The beach is known for fun-filled activities and sports which incorporate all that you would do on the shoreline like building sand castles, swimming in the water, water sports & sunbathing. Alcudia Beach is a great place and famous for families and travelers to enjoy and relax at the shoreline of the beach. Tourists can enjoy the various water sports activities available at the beach. Most of the tourist come here to either relax, enjoy swimming or for sports activities. So this beach is perfect for every beach activity you are searching for.

7. Boat Trips From Alcudia Beach

Alcudia Port
Source: Cristian Bortes

You can indulge in a number of boat trips from the Alcudia Bay . Most of the boats sail from the port located at the marina.Whether you need a catamaran boats, a boat with glass base to explore the hidden areas in Alcudia sea or an adventurous trip, the bay will offer you every trip you are looking for. A four hour trip in the boat will take you near the northern coastline from where you can enjoy the stunning views of Alcudia, for example, Aucanada, and an unwinding stop at the shoreline of Formentor. While with sailing catamaran you can relax in extravagance on the Anacaona going any place the wind takes you from Alcudia. You can also take a trip for scuba diving at some of the best coves nearby the Alcudia Bay.

8. Hotels Near the Beach

Hotel Condesa de la Bahia
Source: batlegroup

Alcudia Port is dotted with a number of resorts and hotels and there is unquestionably a lot of options for holidaymakers coming to Alcudia. The coast of the city is full of hotels and other accommodation facilities which suit to every budget traveler from low budget to high-end luxury hotels along the beach. Some of the best hotels near the beach are Aparthotel Alcudia Beach, Hotel IBEROSTAR Alcudia Park, Sunwing Alcudia Beach.

9. Restaurant Near the Beach

There are a number of restaurants near the beach of which the greater part of the eateries located in the resort inns of Alcudia are situated around the harbor and marina of Alcudia. There are a number of options to dine in the marina area while you can also find great restaurants along the beach front. There are numerous eateries, bistros, and bars at the shoreline in Alcudia. At the shoreline itself, there are a number of beach cafes.

10. Where to Park

Parking is not an issue in Alcudia as there is a number of a parking spot in the town and close to the shoreline. There’s a lot of street parking that is close to the shoreline and there’s more than two public parking area in the port area. There is an additional lot of free parking areas around the Old Town and nearby the port. In the event that you visit this beautiful 11 km long shoreline at Alcudia, there are various little boulevards right by the shoreline which you can access going to Ca’n Picafort from Alcudia which runs parallel to the shoreline.


  • Name:Alcudia Beach
  • Addresss : Port d’Alcudia, Majorca, Spain
  • Parking Facility : Yes
  • Ideal For : Swimming, Watersports

Alcudia shoreline is exceptionally prevalent with families due to the lovely turquoise waters which are to a great degree shallow & clear , making it a perfect spot for youngsters to enjoying swimming. There are number of accmmodation facilities, restaurants, bars and cafes along the beachfront.

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