10 Things to Know about Bilbao Night Marathon

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Bilbao Night Marathon
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Hate getting up before dawn to run a marathon? The Bilboa Night Marathon is perfect for runners who enjoy a sleep in. The eighth annual marathon will be held in Bilbao, Spain on 22 October 2016.

1. There’s 3 distances

Whether you’re an accomplished marathon runner or just like to go for a run, there’s a distance to suit everyone. Choose from the full marathon (42km), half-marathon (21km) or Pirate race (10km) distances. Entry costs depend on which distance you choose.


  • 42km 50 Euro
  • 21km 30 euro
  • Pirate Race 25 Euro

2. Register early to get a discount

Register before 30 September to save on your entry fee. This leaves you more money for enjoying the sights and sounds of Bilbao.


  • 42km before 30 September 42 Euro
  • 21Km before 30 September 25 Euro
  • Pirate Race 19 Euro

3. Free massages

Complete the marathon or half marathon distances and enjoy a free massage at the end of the race. There’s even a private massage room for marathon distance finishers. Perfect to help your muscles recover for sightseeing around this amazing city!

4. It’s the only night marathon in Europe

The Bilbao Night Marathon is the only night marathon in Europe and is part of Spain’s official calendar of athletic events. It’s an opportunity for tourists and locals alike to come together and experience the city of Bilbao in a truly unique and memorable way.

5. There’s a red carpet

Bilbao pulls out all the stops to make this marathon a memorable experience. One of the features that make this marathon special is the red carpet at the finish line. Make sure your mates are waiting at the finish line to snap a photo of you on the red carpet.

6. It’s a party as well as a race

Cheering crowds, DJs, fireworks, and live bands are just some of the entertainment that makes this marathon a great experience. There’s a pre-race entertainment and a post-race party so even if you’re not running you can enjoy this amazing festival.

7. Make a vacation of it

Bilbao Night Marathon7
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Bilbao is part of Basque country, an area of Spain which has its own language, its own food and its own culture. Make the most of your time in this unique city by visiting the famed Guggenheim Bilbao art Museum or taking a roadtrip along the pristine coast from Bilbao to San Sebastian.

8. It starts at an art museum

Bilbao Night Marathon8
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It’s fitting that this unique event starts at Bilbao’s most iconic building, the Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa. Designed by Frank Gehry, the building has been described by famed architect Philip Johnson as “the greatest building of our time”. The museum look spectacular lit up for the marathon but make sure you come back in the day time to experience the Guggenheim’s exhibitions from local and international contemporary artists including Andy Warhol and Francis Bacon.

9. You can stay near the start line

Bilbao Night Marathon9
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Hotel Melia Bilboa is the official hotel of the event and offers special rates for marathon runners. However, there are a number of hotels, ranging from 1 to four stars, close to the start line that offer rooms from 70 euros per night. Many are even within walking distance.


  • Hotel Melia Bilbao 750m from start line
  • Hotel Carlton 700m from start line
  • Hotel Hesperia Zubialde 1.5km from start line
  • Holiday Inn Bilbao 1.2km from start line
  • Hotel Ibis Bilbao 7.5km from start line
  • Novotel Bilbao 1km from start line

10. The track is a loop

The course is flat and consists of a 21km loop. People running the full marathon need to complete the loop twice to achieve the 42km distance. Expect it to be crowded the first time you do the loop as you’ll be running with the 10km and 21km runners.  After the first loop the 42km runners have the track to themselves. This is the time you can work on your endurance and pacing to beat your personal best.

Have a good trip and travel!

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