10 Things to Know about Bilbao BBK Music Festival

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BBK Musical Festival
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Bilbao BBK  Spain’s annual 3 day open-air music festival will be held 7 – 9 July 2016. Bilbao BBK has a reputation for bringing the best rock and pop acts together for 3 days of great atmosphere, energetic music performances and amazing views.

1. It’s held on a mountain

Bilbao BBk is held on the slopes of the Arriaz Mountain in Kobetamendi Park, above the city of Bilbao. Expect breathtaking views of the Spanish countryside and a unique festival experience.

2. Bring a jacket as well as your hat and sun cream

Music Festival2
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Summer weather in Spain means warm, sunny days. However, because the festival is held on a mountain, the nights can get quite chilly. Make sure the weather doesn’t spoil your evening by bringing warm comfortable clothes and shoes.

3. You can camp at the festival

Bilbao BBk’s official camping site is just 3km from the festival site. For less than 10 Euros on top of your ticket price you can secure your spot among 12,000 other festival goers. If camping’s not your thing but you still want the full experience you can always take advantage of the ‘glamping’ zone. Enjoy all the facilities of a hotel in with the advantage of being close to the festival venue.  There’s also the option of staying in the town of Bilbao itself and surrounding villages.


  • 1 day ticket + camping 68 Euros
  • 3 day ticket + camping 68 Euros
  • Glamping 3 days 450 Euros

4. You can get lost

For the first time lovers of electronic music can lose themselves in  Basoa (The Forest), space where they can dance and experience ambient music among the trees of Kobetamendi Park. You might even get to dance with woodland critters!

5. It’s easy to get to

You can get a direct flight to Bilbao Loiu airport from many European cities and 16 Spanish airports. The airport is located 9km form the city centre and is serviced by a bus that goes to the city centre called 3247 Bilbao – Airport. You can get a free bus BEC bus from near Bilbao’s main bus station Termibus right to the festival entrance.

6. Get up early to watch the sunrise

May be tired after rocking out all night but the sunrises near the camping ground are worth it! Imagine watching the sunrise through the trees looking over the city and the ocean. You’ll never experience a sunrise like it ever again. The sunsets are equally spectacular!

7. It’s wheelchair accessible

Music Festival7
Source: Begoña

Disabled music fans won’t miss out on seeing their favourite bands with a special viewing platform at each stage designed so those in wheelchairs can have flawless views of the performances. You need to purchase a special ticket to access the viewing platform which grants access for a disabled person and a friend.

8. It goes for 3 days

Music Festival8
Source: Begoña

When buying your ticket make sure you’ve checked the line up to make sure you know which days your favourite bands are playing. You can buy a 1day ticket for any of the days or 3 buy a day pass for the price of 2 days.


  • 1 day 58 Euros
  • 3 days 120 Euros

9. This year is the festival’s 10th anniversary

Music Festival9
Source: Begoña

Bilbao BBK started in 2006 with only 5,000 attendees. This year over 12,000 revellers are expected to converge on the mountaintop festival site. The anniversary is sure to make this year’s festival one to remember.

10. Tour companies do ticket and accommodation packages

Don’t want the hassle of finding accommodation yourself? Take advantage of one of the many packages available. Many of these packages include your ticket, accommodation and bus transfers to and from the city and festival location. Some of them even include flights!

Have a good trip and travel!

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