10 Things to Know about Barcelona Chair

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Source : moDecor Furniture Pvt Ltd

The Barcelona seat is a standout amongst the most in vogue and exquisite furniture of the twentieth Century and is ostensibly a standout amongst the most famous present day furniture worldwide. Designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1929, Barcelona Chair is a genuine masterpiece with regards to craftsmanship and design and a standout amongst the most famous piece of design of the 19th century. All the authentic chairs have the logo of Knoll Studio and the signature of Mies stamped onto the edge so that you can tell easily differentiate between the original and fake. The Barcelona Chair is not promptly accessible in shops because of the expense of its creation, and on the grounds that the vast majority wants the chair to be made according to them so that they can pick the color and leather. Here are some things you need to know about Barcelona Chairs.

1. History of Barcelona Chair

Barcelona Chairs
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Barcelona Chair is a standout amongst the most amazingly crafted furniture since the nineteenth century which is an image of class, an artful culmination, and extravagance. It was outlined by then an acclaimed architect and painter Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s who was among the most well-known personality known for the modern development of Germany. He was chosen to design the German pavilion for the international expo in the city of Barcelona. It’s amazing design become famous overnight. He migrated to the USA in 1938 and was head of architecture at Armour Institute where he gave the production rights to Florence Knoll who was a close friend. Since then Knoll holds the rights to the production of these chairs.

2. Knoll – The only Authentic Manufacturer

In 1953 Ludwig Mies give the rights of production of Barcelona chairs to Knoll. From that point forward it is the only organization that holds the rights to create these chairs precisely as expressed by the Mies. Though over the years there have been various changes in the chair but the quality , design and dimensions are still the same as stated by the owner. The first Barcelona was built from the bolted frame yet was later on upgraded utilizing stainless steel. The first Barcelona seat was made of leather of pig skin, however, was supplanted by cowhide later on.


  • Name: Knoll
  • Headquarters: East Greenville, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Website: http://www.knoll.com/

3. Why it is So Costly

The Barcelona Chair is a classy item which needs to build as stated by the real designer of the chair and yet today it is made by hands only. Simply the sewing of the cushions only takes up 28 hours to stitch. The cushions are hand-welted & hand-tufted with leather buttons. The cushions are supported by 17 leather straps made by leather. The frame needs to be finished like a mirror, despite the fact that Knoll now offers the alternative of brushed frames made of stainless steel. That is one reason why a unique Barcelona chair costs thousands of euros. The van der Rohe signature and logo of Knoll are engraved in every chair Knoll manufacture.

4. How Barcelona Chairs are Manufactured

Being an extravagance furniture this inquiry may strike a chord as how these fine case of the outline is fabricated. Singular boards are cut, hand-tufted & hand-welted, with calfskin buttons created from one cowhide. Cushions of the chairs are of higher quality, very versatile urethane foam. The straps made up of leather are used to support cushions. Sides are colored to according to the indicated color by the buyer. About 17 leather straps are used to support the cushions. The frame needs to be finished like a mirror, despite the fact that Knoll now offers the alternative of brushed frames made of stainless steel. The van der Rohe signature and logo of Knoll are engraved in every chair Knoll manufacture.

5. Duplicate Versions are Everywhere in the Market

Being a costly piece of furniture and with huge demands of buyer for same chairs, there are a number of other brands who manufacture these chairs, although the rights to manufacture the original chairs are only with Knoll. You can spare a great deal of cash in the short run, yet the comfort and elegance of the unlicensed chairs may not coordinate your desires. Though many of the other manufacturers produce high-quality chairs at fewer rates than the Knoll but they also seem to work fine.

6. How to Find Authentic Stores

Knoll are the only authentic manufacturers of the original Barcelona Chairs. When you buy chairs at Knoll be sure you have gained a credible Knoll piece, made by the unique and details of the creator and mirroring the quality standards of Knoll. You can check the official website of knoll who have the rights to manufacture Barcelona chairs. There are a number of places all over the world where their own or their partner stores are located from where you can order the authentic chair. Visit : https://www.knoll.com/location

7. When Buying a Replica of Barcelona Chair

Barcelona Chairs
Source: andreas_fischler

Purchasing the right furniture is essential to give your home or office a good and classy makeover. If you are going for the replicas of the Barcelona chair then you need a specialist eye as all the manufacturers guarantee huge and regard their products better than the others. In this manner, when purchasing replicas, ensure that the chair is built from high standard materials. Before purchasing does check all the materials so that you don’t have to regret later of purchasing low-quality chairs. Likewise, when purchasing these replicas ensure you purchase from the reputed merchant.

8. Dimensions of Barcelona Chair

Being one of the finest examples of designer furniture, dimensions plays an important factor while manufacturing and buying Barcelona Chairs. The original chairs had the perfect dimensions which Knoll have been using since the rights were passed to them. These figures play an important role in the overall comfort and look of the chair.


  • Width:29 ½”
  • Depth: 30″
  • Height: 30 ¼”
  • Seat Height: 17″

9. Great Choice for any Professional Office

Barcelona Chair is not just an extraordinary decision for an office yet would likewise look impeccable in a meeting and conference rooms. Simply picture these seats laid around your meeting table. Not only your employees will feel comfortable but the clients will also feel great about it. Your decision of furniture will be highly praised by your clients which will create a positive effect on your company. It is a perfect piece of furniture to show style and class of your office and workplace.

10. Available in Wide Number of Colors

You can buy it in dull tan, white,gray, red, chestnut, ivory, yellow, orange, royal blue, and apple green colors. With such a large number of hues to browse, you are certain to discover a shade that matches your stylistic theme for your space or home. The copy of this chair is the ideal answer for those people who can’t spend such on a hair and yet who decline to give up on style.

The Barcelona chair is famous the all over the world not just due to it’s agreeable and fine design additionally in light of the fact that it has a rich historical past. Each of one who owns this luxury Barcelona Chair ought to know about its history so that you can describe it to companions and associates who really are jealous of this prestigious seat.

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