10 Things to Know about Estepona Palace

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Source: Matt Paish

The Estepona Palace in Malaga Spain is one of the most famous hotels in the area. Just a stone throw away from the beach, this Andalusian Style Hotel is a majestic sight to behold. Along with its exceptional service and accommodation, it also has 2 restaurants that specialize in Mediterranean and other international cuisines.

1. Luxurious Hotel

The Estepona Palace is built conveniently at a great location near the beach. The stylish architecture and interior designs permeate a luxurious feel that is a favorite among tourists who are looking for a place to stay at Costa del Sol. There are also over 11 gold courses that are exclusively available to the guests of the hotel.

2. Relaxing Massage

The spa area is perfect for those who are interested in a soothing and relaxing massage. The treatment is a bit pricey but it’s worth it. You can choose the type of massage that you want (Sports, Slimming Massage etc.) that will wash away the fatigue of your body. An hour is more than enough to make you feel satisfied with their services.

3. Enticing Swimming Pools

There are 3 freshwater pools that are available in the hotel (2 for adults and 1 for kids). This is an option that is available to those who prefer to swim in the pool rather than go to the beach. These enticing pools are surrounded with sunbeds and 1 of them is heated during the winter.

4. Comfortable Rooms

When choosing a hotel, having a spacious and comfortable room is the top priority. For those who likes to travel, this is the first thing that they check before they choose a hotel for their stay. The rooms in Estepona Palace have an amazing view of the surrounding beach as well as the various hotel facilities.

5. Playground Area for Kids

If you’re concerned about your kids getting bored during your stay at the Hotel, then there’s no reason to worry. The Estepona Palace has a specialized playground area with a swimming pool for kids. A place where they can spend the day and have fun playing with other children who are staying at the hotel.

6. Fine Dining

When it comes to food and drinks, the Estepona Palace has many bars and restaurants that offer local and international cuisines for everyone to enjoy. Among these establishments are the Alboran Restaurant, the Thalassa Restaurant and the Lobby Bar where guests can order specialty dishes that will satisfy their palate.

7. Beautiful Scenery

Costa de Sol is a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful landscapes and amazing beaches. The name of the place literally means Sunshine Coast and a favorite tourist destination during the summer holidays. Using the geographical location to its advantage, the Estepona Palace was built and has been a favorite lodging for visitors who were attracted by its natural beauty.

8. Exclusive Services

While staying at the hotel, you are entitled to various accommodations, facilities, and services that are exclusively available to its guests. Spending the day in luxury and comfort is one of the advantages of staying at the Estepona Palace. The staff is willing to assist you to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

9. Unique Architecture

Another great feature of this hotel is the architecture. The theme used in the construction of the Estepona Palace is the combination of Andalusian and Avant Garde style architecture. This unique architectural design combined with the spectacular view of the Mediterranean, along with natural scenery creates a harmony that enhances the overall atmosphere of the hotel.

10. A Great Place to Create Memories!

Going on a vacation to escape the hustle and bustle of the city is a way to relieve the pent up stress from your daily life. Estepona Palace is a great place where you can relax, take it easy and revitalize your body and mind. Of course, it would be better if you enjoyed your stay and create lasting memories with your family and loved ones.


Have a good trip and travel!