15 Things to Know about Girona Airport

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Ryanair aircraft at Girona airport (GRO)
Source: Allplane

Transport network in Spain covers broad areas of the country and also exists as part of the routes that connect other continents to Europe. Air travel has become an ideal means due to its fast nature and safety. Girona boasts as one of the top airports in Spain and here are a few amusing facts about this hilarious Spanish airport.

1. Its Location

Girona Airport is located in the southern regions of the city of Girona. The city of Girona itself is in the Catalonia region of Spain thus Girona Airport is situated in proximity to the famous village in Catalonia called Vilobi d’Onyar. The airport location is to the people’s advantage of being accessible and hence has made transport more efficient and fast.

2. Enormous Size of the Airport and Its Runway

The south regions of Girona are flat regarding its landscape. The area was ideal for the airport in that there were large flat areas of land available during the construction of Girona Airport. Just to set the record straight, the runways are approximately two and a half kilometers long. The length of the runways depicts that the airport is indeed vast with the other areas covered by airport facilities such as the departure and arrivals buildings.

3. Thrilling History

Girona Airport was built in 1965 by the Department of the Spain government in charge of the airport and navigation. The airport was only built initially to serve a few number of people as air transport was not that familiar to everyone. The number of passengers in the Girona Airport grew modestly from the year 2000 to presently which happens to be an immense increment from half a million to a whopping ten times the initial size.

4. A Local Means of Transport

The Girona Airport is both an internal and favorite local mode of transport. The airport is almost sixty miles north of Barcelona which gives the local people in Spain to prefer it as a means of transport as it is fast. The better state of the means of transport in Spain from roads and train ensures that other areas in Spain are well connected to the Girona Airport. The transport sector in Spain is well fluid by the availability of Girona Airport.

5. Destinations Covered by Girona Flights

Girona Airport
Source: Karoly Lorentey

The number of destinations that the Girona Airport accesses is quite significant. Statistics has it at about twenty or so covered towns and cities from the north of France to other parts of Europe such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Birmingham, Moscow, Manchester and much other more. In reality, the Girona Airport comes really in handy as its flights cover extensive areas in Europe. The variety of destinations covered by Girona Airport ensures that there is a continuous activity at the airport as well as maintaining the number of customers.

6. Terminal Building of Girona Airport

Girona Airport
Source: User:Dantadd

The Girona Airport has got one terminal building that has two floors. The ground floor has got the check-ins where passengers have to go through before boarding the airplanes. The ground floor has got thirty-three check-ins and to serve the whole group of passengers. On the first floor of the terminal, eleven boarding gates have access to the doors of the planes.

7. Social Amenities in the Airport

Some available restaurants offer foods for passengers in the Girona Airport. On the departure area of the terminal, there are also beverages and other foods that are provided to the passengers awaiting their flights. The restaurants do offer a wide variety of foods as most passengers need quick snacks while in the departure areas. The food served at the airport cafes and restaurants is exquisite as it is cooked by the best chefs in Spain.

8. Wi-Fi Service in the Airport

The airport waiting areas are well equipped with internet facilities. For the passengers who have access to phones that can connect to Wi-Fi services, the airport offers free Wi-Fi for the first fifteen minutes. The rest of the time, if you would like to access the internet, you would have to pay for the Wi-Fi service or visit some of the few cyber cafes in the airport. The airport is a world-class airport by giving access to the internet via Wi-Fi to the passengers.

9. Foreign Exchange Services

There arises a problem of having different currencies while in the Girona Airport. Several small-scale banks offer exchange services for various currencies at the standard market prices in the airport facility. The availability of this service ensures that customers do not get stuck in the airport due to lack of the correct currencies. There are several ATMs available for the passengers using the airport.

10. Information Point

There are several areas designated in the airport for passengers with difficulties. The Girona Airport is quite big, and it is hardly rare to miss passengers who get lost in the airport. The area information areas in the airport mostly at the boarding gates of different flights. Alternatively, any personnel in the airport is tasked with the responsibility of directing any ‘a-little-lost’ passenger to the help desks. Information may also be obtained by electronic signs.

11. Parking Space

The Girona Airport has ample parking space for all motor vehicle to be parked at the airport. The parking area has a capacity of about four thousand vehicles and is divided into three buildings. Entrance into the parking space is by using a ticket offered at the parking gate. For the first fifteen minutes in the parking space, no charges are made to the owner of the vehicle but for extra time after the fifteen minutes in the parking area, charges are imposed. The parking fees are reasonable with half an hour going for thirty halves a pound and the parking period is a maximum of twenty to forty days.

12. Hotels around Girona Airport

Source: OK Apartment

There are several circumstances under which a passenger may be forced to miss a flight. Delayed flights may occur when a passenger is late for a flight or when the pilot decides it would be unfavorable to take off due to inclement weather. There are several hotels near the Airport of Gerona that offer accommodation in occasions needed by the passengers. The Salles Hotel Airport of Girona, located eight hundred meters from the Girona Airport, is one of the hotels close to the airport.

13. Customer Service from Girona Airport

The Girona Airport is indeed a world-class airport from the quality service delivered by the staff. There are rare negative comments about the staff service and few delayed flights. The pilots that fly most airplanes are well trained to tackle any situation and the flight attendants ensure all passengers are comfortable. Despite few setbacks, The Girona Airport has all it takes to deliver world class aviation services.

14. Accessing the Airport by Car

There are many ways by which the airport would be found by car. It’s convenient to use your personal vehicle as you would have no trouble or charge with carrying your luggage and there are is ample parking space available at the airport. The only disadvantage is that the parking fees are high if you would leave your personal vehicle for longer periods while traveling by using the airport. Several companies offer taxi services by which you just get dropped at the airport to avoid the parking fees. The Taxi Costa Brava is one of the taxi companies.

15. Accessing the Airport by Train

The train is not a splendid means to use to the airport since the train does not reach the airport. The train has little costs, but you would have to use either car hires or a bus service to get to the airport. The bus service is preferable as it is relatively cheap compared to using the taxi. The coaches pick people from the Gerona town to the Gerona Airport. Several bus companies offer transportation by coaches to the airport for an approximate period of thirty minutes.


  • Name: Girona-Costa Brava Airport
  • Address: 17185 Vilobi d’Onyar, Girona, Spain.
  • Phone: +34913211000
  • Website: www.girona-airport.net/

The Girona Airport is indeed a world-class facility and worth using when you want to have a comfortable flight.

Have a good trip and travel!