15 Nightlife to Enjoy in Seville

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Source: Matteo X

Seville is a vibrant city day or night. Tourists would definitely be in love with the place because of the architecture, shopping, Spanish cuisine, environment, and the warmth of the people. Wine bars, restaurants, and nightclubs are found in the city. There is plenty nightlife places that tourists would enjoy.

1. La Carboneria

Performing musicians are lively and entertaining to the guests. Flamenco dancers gracefully dance and assure of a great performance. The cozy atmosphere adds comfort. Drinks are incredibly affordable so, you get a lot of fun. First show usually starts at 9:30PM. Get there prior to the mentioned time to take a good seat.

2. Los Gallos

Come early before the start of the show and get seated at least 2 rows from the front. The Flamenco dancers are evidently passionate of what they are doing. It shows in their performance how intense they bring up the show to keep the guests entertained. The place itself is comfortable to watch such show.

3. Tablao Flamenco El Arenal

You may book tickets via the internet and may choose to have dinner or drinks only options. It is a great experience to have dinner while watching authentic Flamenco show. The guitarists and singers are well-prepared in every performance. Guests applaud loudly after the show indicating how wonderful the performance is.

4. Pub Crawl Seville

This is the nightlife in Seville that all travelers should try. The crawl usually starts at the hostel then, towards to two bars, and the last stop would be at a club. Your guide should be cool enough to guide you to the most amazing bars and clubs in town. No regrets for this fun night activity.

5. Casa Anselma

No admission fee but, buy drinks. That’s already a good discount, isn’t it? There are no signs of the place and it has no fixed opening hours. To be sure, go there at midnight and avoid going on Sunday or Monday as it may be closed. Anselma, the hostess, serves guests warmly.

6. Terraza Hotel Dona Maria

The romantic rooftop terrace of the hotel allows you to have a stunning night view of the Seville Cathedral. This is a great place for cocktails all night. Spend an intimate night with your loved one here. It is best to come here before sunset and wait for its magnificent view.

7. Naima Cafe Jazz

If you love jazz music, this place is certainly for you. This mellow bar offers nothing but pure bliss through its soft live music. The small cafe has a soothing atmosphere. Every night they have different live jazz singers. They have unique styles so, you can definitely come back everyday with a new experience.

8. Bar Carmela

After watching a Flamenco show, Bar Carmela is a place to go. All food items are delicious. Check out the daily specials for the recommended dishes of the day. Tapa and gazpacho are on top of the list. If you were out partying all night, this is a great place for your breakfast.

9. El Garlochi

This is especially a favorite place for Semana Santa vibe. Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) cocktail is a must-try for all visitors in the bar. Both locals and tourists flock to this place although some find the interior quite creepy. The decors are incredible. This is a one-of-a-kind bar you would never forget.

10. La Gintoneria

This has got to be the best place for the best selection of tonic and gin thus, the name. The lovely staff is ready to help you choose the right kind of drink suitable for you. Drink with your friends and spend the rest of the night with more drinks and good laughs.

11.La Terraza de EME

A rooftop bar in the center of Seville, La Terraza de EME provides you an awesome panoramic view of the Cathedral. Although a bit expensive, it is totally worth every penny. Chill out and relax with the cool wind in this lovely atmosphere. Drinks are served with a cool background music to complete the night.

12. Artefacto Bar

The peaceful location is a big plus to travelers looking for serenity in town. The wide selection of beer is also a great value of the bar. There are lots to choose from yet, the staff is ready to make recommendations for best sellers among all beers. The tapas are totally worth the price and size.

13. 1987 Bar

Music from the 80s is played here so, if you want to reminisce the past, do drop by here. Videos from twenty years ago are also shown in the screens. What a wonderful way to get back to the past. Drink, dance, and party all night at the bar. If you are unfamiliar with a song, it is most certainly Spanish music.

14. Quilombo Bar

This bar has an outdoor seating perfect for all your friends. Tourists love sitting outside to also enjoy the surroundings. Plus, this is a great place to meet the locals and gain new friends. Chorizo and tapas are tasty and delicious. Or, you can try the sandwiches- tastes so good.

15. Gallo Rojo Factoria de Creacion

Specializing in craft beer, Gallo Rojo exceeds your expectation as one of the most artistic chill out places in Seville. The decors are fashionable and modern. This is a comfortable area perfect for relaxation while having tapas, wine, and cheese. The soft background music adds to the tranquil atmosphere of the place.

Have a good trip and travel!

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