15 Places to Shop in Seville: What to Buy

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Source: Son of Groucho

Seville is not only famous for the flamenco dance and the Cathedral but, also a shopping haven. Travelers often get a vision of Seville as a city of rich cultural, historical, and architectural background. Seville is an exciting city to go shopping. Lots of stores offer just about anything from accessories, clothes, electronics, and much more.

1. Mercado El Jueves

If you are up for bargain shopping, head onto Calle Feria and spend the whole day shopping. This flea market is happening every Thursday at 07:00-15:00. You can actually find just about everything. Nonetheless, the market is considered local and historical tradition every tourist must experience when visiting Seville.

2. La Casa del Libro

This book shop is heaven for book enthusiasts. In some cases, art workshops are being held at the Casa. This not only promotes craftsmanship but, also enhances creativity skills. Over the years, bookworms come and join workshops every now and then. A huge number of books are found here so, do drop by.

3. Purificacion Garcia

This boutique sells men and women’s clothing, jackets, bags, accessories, shoes, wallets, and others. The shop also features clothes, perfect for the season. Do check out the trendy and fashionable clothing items for your daily wear. There are numerous branches all over Spain so, you can never get lost with shopping.

4. Ceramica Aracena

This shop specializes in selling ceramics, perfect for home decorations. There are many designs to choose from that you will actually want to get them all. Choose unique works of art that you really love. For arts and crafts supplies, you may also check out this shop for more options of your materials.

5. Imaginarium

For your children’s toys, Imaginarium has it all for you. Shop here for your kid’s playthings from dolls, mini cars, toy guns, balls, and lots more. Take your child here and allow him or her to choose his favorite new toy. Of course, you will never regret how happy your child is upon handing him or her the new toys.

6. El Corte Ingles

This department store certainly has all the things that you need in your home, office, business, recreation, and others. The vast area is properly structured into four buildings, all furnished with individual shops for tenants. Enjoy strolling around and shop until you are satisfied. You will never get bored with all the things around.

7. La Campana Confiteria

This is one of the most famous pastry shops in Seville. You will be served with mouthwatering pastries you haven’t tasted before. Buy your coffee and pair it with a sweet torrija. This combination can never go wrong. Order the famous yema and custard cake. Sugar addicts are definitely welcome here.

8. Media Markt

For your computer purchases, check out Media Markt. This shop offers lots of computer sets, laptops, tablets, printers, PlayStation, flat-screen TVs, and other electronic devices. Roam around the shop and get the best deals. Ask assistance from the lovely staff. Who knows, you might get a chance for huge discounts.

9.  Mantones Juan Foronda

The ladies would absolutely love it here. Colorful shawls are displayed all over the shop for you to choose. There are special hand-embroidered shawls that are truly lavishing. Yet. machine-embroidered shawls are likewise attractive. Some wedding accessories are also available. Beautifully-designed table linens, rugs, and religious items are sold in the shop.

10. Leroy Merlin

Materials needed for your home improvement and gardening is sold here. Over the years, Leroy Merlin is coming up with the innovation of technology at present times. Of course, you need to upgrade some parts of your house for a more comfortable living space. This is really helpful for all homeowners.

11. Bazar Victoria

If you are a mother and loves the kitchen, this place is exactly for you. Various kitchenware is spread all over the place for you to get a closer look. You will really have a hard time in choosing among the numerous kinds of kitchenware in the place. Undoubtedly, you will leave the place happy for your kitchen needs.

12. Charanga

If you are traveling without your kids, just bring home dress or shirt gifts for them. Charanga sells clothes your kids would love to wear any time of the day. Choose from different colors and styles that suit your kids. Charanga provides quality and comfortable clothing for your kid’s sensitive skin. 

13. Calle Sierpes

This shopping district is a combination of different stores located in a certain area. So, if you are going shopping the whole day, consider coming to Calle Sierpes first. You might not need to go to other places in Seville just to shop because everything you need is already here.

14. Plaza de Armas

This may be a small shopping mall but, it still excels in providing great customer service especially to tourists. Shops, restaurants, and cafes are located in the mall. Although not that many, you can still find decent restaurants to dine in. For shopping, your choices may be limited but, it offers good ones.

15. Misako

This shop specializes in selling quality bags. Shoulder bags and handbags are among the top sellers. Grab one or more for your daily use. The bags are always up-to-date so, check out from time to time to get the latest collection.  All ladies love bags therefore, this is a perfect gift for your loved one.

Have a good trip and travel!

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