10 Things to Know about Metro Bilbao

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Bilbao MetroSource: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Known by the name of Bilbao Metro, it is a metro system which serves the Bilbao city and Greater Bilbao. The system has two lines which get joined into one toward the end of Southern Bilbao. It is associated further with various systems like Euskotren Trena, Euskotren Tranbia, FEVE, Cercanías, the Renfe, and Bilbao Bus Terminal. As of the year 2013, the metro framework works for around 43.28 km with 26 underground stations and 16 surface stations. Bilbao metro is third biggest metro services in the nation in terms of passenger served. famous Norman Foster’s was the designer and architect of the stations serving metro. Here are some things you should know about Metro Bilbao.

1. Stations in Metro Bilbao

Bilbao StationsSource:  Ardo Beltz

There are a number of stations located in the 43.28 km stretch of this metro network. Many of these stations are located nearby some of the most famous attractions of the city. There is two main line which is L1 and L2 which form the shape of letter Y and combines to become one at southern Bilbao.


  • Line 1 Stations:Lutxana -Erandio -Astrabudua-Leioa-Lamiako-Areeta-Gobela-Neguri-Aiboa-Algorta-Bidezabal-Berango-Larrabasterra-Sopelana-Urduliz-Plentzia.
  • Line 2 Stations – Basauri-Ariz – Gurutzeta/Cruces-Ansio- Barakaldo-Bagatza-Urbinaga-Sestao-Abatxolo- Portugalete- Peñota-Santurtzi-Kabiezes

2. Accessibility

Bibao metroSource: Tom Page

From the very start of the construction of this metro ,mezzanines, the stations, train units, and so forth were outlined and worked with the aim of disposing of physical barriers.When planning and developing all the stations, the point was not to construct architectural boundaries but also to give short, safe, and easy access to all the users.


  • At Metro Bilbao the general population who experience suffers of aggregate perpetual inability, disability incapacity are given great discounts on the fares.
  • Metro Bilbao lifts work during the time when trains run. Simply press the button with call option to initiate the lift.
  • All the Bilbao Metro System stations are totally accessible for any individual because of the blend of two levels of lifts.

3. How to travel with a Barik card

Bilbao Metro StationSource: Vidal Alonso Lozano

The Metro of Bilbao is quick, reliable, really cutting edge and very spaciously designed. To utilize the metro you can purchase a Barik card which will be of about 3 euros and then you charge the card with the amount you want to recharge it. Going with this card will cost half in correlation with paper tickets and it takes will save you time to a great extent. You can purchase and charge the card in the passageway lobby of any Metro station. You can utilize coins, bank card or Mastercard to recharge it. At the point when your card is accused of cash, you can begin your way around the underground of Greater Bilbao.

4. Architecture of Metro Bilbao

Mouya StationSource: Ingolf

Metro Bilbao brags an underground scene that is well worth going by. The configuration and engineering of the stations are the work of the famous architect Norman Foster’s group. The major idea for designing was an underground framework near road level, with immediate and simple access for users, and spacious stations with high vaulted roofs, where nobody would feel shut in. The result is an impeccable example of design and engineering together. Stations at Bilbao Metro system offer an exceptional space where travelers don’t feel shut in and can have all the services they need at the stones through.

5. Occasional Tickets

Bilbao-MetrosSource: Tom Page

These type of tickets are valid for 1 journey. These tickets are perfect for sightseers or individuals who just once in a while utilize the underground. They are not individual tickets and are transferable to others. It can be changed for free of cost at the stations and Customer Service Offices if the harm is inferable from Metro Bilbao and for about €0.60 on the off chance that it is owing to the client.


  • Occasional (Validity for 1 Journey):1,50 € ( Zone 1) , 1,70 € (Zone 2), 1,75 € (3 Zones)
  • Return (Validity for 2 Journey): 3,00 € ( Zone 1) , 3,40 € (Zone 2), 3,50 € (3 Zones)
  • Day : 4,60 € ( Zone 1) , 4,60 € (Zone 2), 4,60 € (3 Zones)
  • More Info : https://www.metrobilbao.eus/en/using-the-underground/tickets/11

6. Travel Cards and Season Tickets

MetroSource: Andreas Praefcke

Any individual who wishes to get or recharge a ticket or card ought to go to one of the 4 Customer Service Offices and request an individual barik card. These travel cards are the best way to travel if you are a frequent user of the metro or if you are staying for a longer duration in Bilbao. Otherwise, for tourist occasional tickets are best. Below is some list of travel cards you can purchase at metro.


  • Super 50 (Validity for 50 journeys):30,40 € ( Zone 1) , 35,70 € (Zone 2), 40,15 € (3 Zones)
  • Monthly Ticket : 35,30 € ( Zone 1) , 42,00 € (Zone 2),47,80 € (3 Zones)
  • Youth : 219,30 € ( Zone 1) , 255,50 € (Zone 2), 292,00 €(3 Zones)
  • Gazte : 29,00 € ( Zone 1) , 34,00 € (Zone 2), 39,00 € (3 Zones)
  • More Info : https://www.metrobilbao.eus/en/using-the-underground/tickets/21

7. Barik Cards

Abando station, Bilbao MetroSource: mariordo59

There are three types of Barik cards offered by Bilbao Metro i.e. Creditrans, Gizatrans or Hirukotrans pass, which can be recharged at any station in Bilbao Metro Network. It is not individual and you can transfer it to other individuals. Whenever entering the metro stations your balance on the card must be equivalent or higher than the base parity for the zones set by the client. The amount on the card will expire when the card terminates. The following are some barik cards you can buy from metro stations –


8. Places to Near Plentzia Station

Metro BilbaoSource: soltenviva

When you reach the Plentzia station go through the pedestrian walkway which is located on the opposite. Follow the walkway and turn left along the Plentzia estuary until you reach the beach.The green waters of the waterway estuary, spotted with a number of moored vessels, stream out to the ocean, where you will locate a 400-meter long shoreline .You can enjoy the water activities here . You must visit this place during the low tide. On the off chance that you proceed with the promenade, you will reach the Gorliz Beach which is a perfect spot for water games, for example, windsurfing, surfing, or paddling.

9. You Can Advertise At Bilbao Metro Stations

Metro-BilbaoSource: Ingolf

Promoting in Metro Bilbao is an exceptionally viable alternative. With millions of passengers traveling annually and 3 lakhs journeys by trains in a day. The stations of the metro network offer diverse correspondence channels giving a one of a kind brand experience to your objective. You can use the lighted sign box which is located on the platform to maximize the reach of your brand. You can likewise promote on 13 boards situated outside the station by the doorways to Metro Bilbao.

10. Parking

Metro-BilbaoSource: Unai Guerra

There are as of now three car parking areas for clients with the Bizkaia Transport Consortium which are situated along the metro line. These parking areas are situated deliberately with the goal that you can stop your vehicle at the station and after that utilize the local transport methods to reach to the different areas of the city.The parking facilities are situated only at some of the station which are Ansio, Etxebarri, and Leioa stations.The parking rates are figured by calculating using the per-minute charging framework and are lessened to an extraordinary cost on account of the special rate. Bilbao Metro is one of the most amazing works of architecture and design which is simple to access and connects some of the best areas of the Bilbao city. Above are the things you should know before traveling with the Bilbao Metro.

Have a good trip and travel!