10 Things To Know About Madrid Airport

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Madrid airport
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Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas is the most important entry point into Spain, for tourists from all over the world. It is at a very short distance from the city center and thus, is easily accessible . The airport is a key factor in the tourism development of Spain and contributes largely to the economy of Madrid and Spain.

1. How To Get There

Madrid Airport lies 12 kilometers to the northeast of the city of Madrid. Underground metro (line 8) runs from all terminals of the airport to Nuevos Ministerios station located in central Madrid. It is a 12-15 minute run from the airport to Nuevos Ministerios station through underground metro. many buses also run from the airport to major parts of the city, nearby towns and rest of Spain. There are trains from terminal 4 which connects important places of Madrid to the airport and is around 10-20 minute run.

2. Check-In

Check in
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The check-in desks are located on the first and second floors for the terminals T1, T2, and T4 departures. You can check which check-in desk has been assigned to you on the information screens. For checking in the usual rule is to arrive well before the flight time to avoid unexpected problems. For the Non-Schengen flights, the rule is to arrive 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Domestic and Schengen flight passengers are advised to reach the airport 2 hours before the departure time.

3. Security

The passengers have to pass through metal detector arches before accessing the boarding areas. The hand luggage or other objects are scanned through an X-ray. For small objects, passengers are given trays to pass through metal detectors. The Madrid airport has special access for people with reduced mobility. There is also VIP access for first class or business class passengers traveling with special airlines or companies.

4. Airlines

Many airlines operate at the Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport to and from every part of the world. The most important and pop[ular airlines include American airlines, British airways, Iberia, air France, air Europe, Blue Air, Brussels airlines, Egypt air, emirates, Etihad, KLM, Luxair, Qatar airways, Lufthansa, and much more. The Madrid Airport connects Spain to the most important countries in the world.

5. Parking

Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport official car park offers some of the best car parking services at low prices. You can also book your car park online and save time and money. There are two types of car parks, Low Cost, and long stay car park. There are also first class car parks, priority car parks and VIP class car parks for all the terminals. There is a motorbike and bicycle parking lot too.

6. Food And Drink

There are many cafeterias at the Madrid airport. from Starbucks to Rodilla all the coffee bars are present in all departure zones. The airport makes sure to keep all the passengers well caffeinated according to individual requirements. There are also many restaurants at the airport that fulfill everyone’s taste and hunger. There are outlets like Burger king, Macdonalds, and Food Point at every departure zone as well as public zone. There is Japanese cuisine too, along with the traditional Spanish delicacies.

7. Shopping

Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport showcases the best of Spanish culture. there are food shops and multi shops too. the shops have original and guaranteed stuff on sale. Also, there are opticians, fashion stores, and beauty shops. the Madrid airport has pharmacies for emergencies and general medicine needs. Shops with entertainment stuff, lotteries, gifts and random home requirements are famous with most international tourists. You will also find duty free shops at the Madrid Airport.

8. Services

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The airport is facilitated with Aena Offices for spot booking of tickets, etc. there are meeting rooms, air rooms, ATMs, meeting points, post boxes and post office, etc. There are currency exchange spots, kid’s play area, lounges, Chapels, Mosques, reception services, too available at the Airport. The airport provides pushchairs, strollers for babies, wheelchairs for the disabled, luggage trolleys, and other conveniences. the airport is guarded with police stations, lost and found services too. It provides you a comfortable and safe journey in all.

9. Environment

Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas airport has environment and ecology as its priority. The staff is very keen on maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at the airport premises. Along with Aena’s environment policy, the airport has come up with and environment management system to meet the requirements of protection of nature. The airport establishes acts to make sure that the premises are eco-friendly and nature-friendly. The airport itself is designed in a way to reduce any waste emissions and noise pollution.

10. Important Information

Madrid Airport
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The airport at Madrid is regulated and operated with a set of rules and policies. Here is some important information you should check out:


  • Name: Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport
  • Address: Avenida de la Hispanidad, s/n, 28042 Madrid, Spain
  • Price:Varies with airlines
  • Access: 12 kilometers from Madrid city centre
  • Phone:+34 913 21 10 00
  • Website: http://www.aena.es

This was all the information regarding the Madrid airport you need to check before visiting. Plan your trip well and use these 10 things to know about Madrid Airport to ensure a safe and secure travel to Spain!

Have a good trip and travel!

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