15 Nightlife Scenes to Enjoy in Alicante

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14465898077_da6f0f1a82_k (1)Source: Jesus Alenda

Alicante is a bustling coastal town of Spain which is famous for its amazing and multi -cultural nightlife. The town boasts of some of the best bars and pubs in the world that offer excellent live music and drinks of the finest quality. We have listed about 15 such bars and pubs of Alicante, each of them having their own perks and specialities.

1. El Coscorrón

If one wants to taste the best mojitos and cocktails in Alicante, then they should visit this bar. The bar has a jazzy music background and an amazing interior decoration with  notes stuck all over the ceilings. The entrance to the bar is in itself magical and looks like a hobbit door.


  • Name: El Coscorron
  • Address: Calle Tarifa 3, Alicante, Spain
  • Outdoor Seating: No

2. La Havana

La Havana is one of the best bars in Alicante known for its friendly bartenders and excellent drinks. The place is a must visit in Alicante for the tourists. The staff is very friendly and a great place to make friends with a friendly atmosphere.  The crowd consists of a mix of international and local people.


  • Name: La Havana
  • Address: Calle Labradores 5, 03002 Alicante, Spain
  • Phone No.: +34 965 20 80 02
  • Outdoor Seating: Yes

3. Little Duke

The Little Duke is an Irish pub in Alicante and people come here for cold and refreshing drinks. At night, the pub is generally thronged with students and tourists from all over the world. The cafe is open throughout the day. The staff is very friendly and the guests always recieve a warm welcome here.


  • Name: The Little Duke
  • Address: Avenida Doctor Gadea, 503003 Alicante Spain
  • Outdoor seating: Yes

4. Cafe Noray Bar

Cafe Noray Bar is a great place for couples who want to enjoy romantic candlelit dinners. The bar offers excellent drinks. Apart from drinks the bar serves the best hot chocolate in the whole of Alicante along with good coffee. The staff is very friendly and pleasant.


  • Name:Cafe Noray Bar
  • Address: Paseo Conde de Vallellano | S/N Alicante, Alicante, Spain
  • Phone No.: 34647916088

5. Teatro Principal de Alicante

Teatro Principal de Alicante is a grand theatre built in Alicante where world class plays and dramas are performed by some of the best artists in the world. The place is great for enjoying a nightlife in Alicante with a tinge of history and art.


  • Name: Teatro Principal de Alicante
  • Address:  Plaza de Ruperto Chapí, s/n, 03001 Alacant, Alicante, Spain
  • Phone No.: +34 965 20 31 00

6. Cafe Bar Destino

If one wants to enjoy best live music at night in Alicante, then Cafe Bar Destino is the best bar to visit. Along with an amazing music, the bar offers great beer and varieties of drinks. The bar has a very friendly ambience and is a great place to enjoy with your family and friends.


  • Name: Cafe Bar Destinowih
  • Address: Glorieta Deportista Sergio Cardell, 4, 03540 Alicante, Spain
  • Phone No.: +34 607 66 60 59

7. Sala Stereo

Sala Stereo is a very creatively decorated bar that gives you the sleek and sophisticated feeling of the modern century along with great music and excellent drinks. All the major theatres and concerts in Alicante are held in this bar. Bands like the Brazilian Girls, Mean Machine, Leather Heart perform here.


  • Name: Sala Stereo
  • Address:Calle del Pintor Velázquez, 5, 03004 Alacant, Alicante, Spain
  • Phone No.: 965 042 765
  • Music: Live Music.

8. Teatre Day and Night

The club is an awesome place to hang out with chilled people,  good drinks and  friendly bar staff.  The club always reverberates with awesome music. This is the must place to go if you want to enjoy an exciting evening in Alicante. It offers best afternoon sessions in Alicante.


  • Name: Teatre Day and Night
  • Address: Tomas Lopez Torregrosa 4, 03002 Alicante, Spain
  • Phone Number: 615122808

9. La Roneria

La Roneria is a seafront bar where you can enjoy rum and gin while looking out at the sea. Here along with great drinks, excellent homemade food is also served. The crepes here are the best in the whole of Alicante. At night, the bar offers a great view of the sea.


  • Name: La Roneria
  • Address: Plaza Doctor Balmis, 3, 03001 Alicante, Spain
  • Phone No.: +34 965 16 89 33

10. Pinocchio Gelateria

Pinnochio Gelateria is a cocktail heaven of Alicante. The bar also offers the best classic mojito in the whole of Alicante. The bar has an outdoor seating arrangement with a great view of Alicante street buzzing with life. The crepes here are amazing and also ice cream cocktails are great.


  • Name: Pinnochio Gelateria
  • Address:  Carrer Castaños, 21, 03001 Alacant, Alicante, Spain
  • Phone No.: +34 687 43 43 21

11. Alvaro’s Cafe

If one wants to enjoy an exciting night in Alicante with excellent music then Alvaro’s Cafe is an excellent choice. The bar offers great live music with great drinks and a perfect ambience with amazing light. Along with great drinks, the café cum bar also offers a great menu with excellent food.


  • Name: Alvaro’s Cafe
  • Address:  Avenida Pintor Xavier Soler, Nº16 03015 Alicante, Spain
  • Phone No.: 622 29 72 45

12. Marmarela Bar

15123709588_0acde3f323_bSource:  Cabrera Photo

Marmarela  Bar has the most awesome location, along the coast sea. The bar is tucked away in the corner and tourists have to drive around the dock to reach here. This is the bar to go if one wants to enjoy sea to its fullest extent. Marmarela Mediterranean Cocktail bar offers the best party in Alicante.


  • Name: Marmarela Bar
  • Address: Muelle de Levante 14 | Puerto de Alicante. Frente a la Volvo, En Marmarela, 03001 Alicante, Spain
  • Phone No.: +(34) 635 629 478

13. Monastrell tapas Bar

9367061547_89db80ccfe_bSource: currystrumpet.

The bar has an amazing ambience where you can dine in the open space. The star lights give soft lighting while dining here. The food is of high quality and it is a great way to spend the night dining in solitude.


  • Name: Monastrell Tapas Bar
  • Address: Calle Rafael Altamira, 7, 03001 Alicante, Spain
  • Phone No.: +3496512 6640

14. Bar Emilio

1394211480_e2a118f3fc_bSource: Juan Carlos 

Bar Emilio is a stylish bar located in Plaza Mayor of Alicante. The bar has a very friendly atmosphere and offers good quality drinks. The bar offers great music jamming session by various bands throughout the year. They also have live music every Friday. The bar has a nice outdoor seating with log burner in winter.


  • Name: Bar Emilio
  • Address: Calle Pinoso 38 Alicante, Alicante provincia, España
  • Phone No.: +34 965 24 30 97

15. Jagger Bar

Jagger Bar is one of the best hubs for football fans in Alicante. Located next to Austin Bar, Jagger Bar has one T.V. with live streaming football matches for the customers along with great drinks. The bar has a friendly atmosphere and is a great way to rewind in Alicante.


  • Name:Jagger Bar
  • Address:Calle Labradores 3 Alicante 03002
  • Outdoor seating: Yes.

With tourists pouring from all over the world, Alicante offers an exciting nightlife. The crowd here is a mixture of international clientele and Spanish locals. High- quality music coupled with great drinks, world – famous band performance and an amazing crowd, tourists will enjoy the best nightlife in Alicante.

Have a good trip and travel!