15 Things To Do in Tarragona

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Source: Fernando Fernández Baliña

Tarragona is a port city in Spain. It is the capital of Tarragona province. It is bordered by the province of Barcelona and Lleida. The total land area of the city is 57.9 kilometers-squared and the total population of the area is 131, 255 as of 2015.

1. Have a wonderful view of the Roman Aqueduct

Experience the beauty of the Roman architecture by looking at the Roman Aqueduct here in Tarragona. It is just a short drive from outside the city in the hidden forest. The place is also free to visit. Just wanter around and appreciate how amazing it is to witness something that is made from centuries ago.

2. Visit Parc de l’Amfiteatre

This is an entertainment center that is 2,200+ years old already. This is an awesome architecture that you must see and you will surely be awed. It is easily accessible and the gardens are labeled with information as well. This is a very well preserved place and the area is so big that you won’t need to worry about too many tourists coming, making it too crowded.

3. Have a visit at Catedral Basilica Metropolitana Primada de Tarragona

Catedral Basilica Metropolitana Primada de Tarragona is one of the ancient churches during the times of the Romans. It is located at the site that is previously occupied by a Roman temple. The design of the church is transitional between Romanesque and Gothic style. It is surely a treasure that is it is still well-preserved up until now.


  • Name: Catedral Basilica Metropolitana Primada de Tarragona
  • Address: Placa de la Seu. Tarragona | Entrada por Carrer Mare de Deu del Claustre, Tarragona, Spain
  • Acess: 10 minutes away from Roman Circus
  • Price: $6USD
  • Phone: 977-22-69-85
  • Opening hour: Monday-Sunday 8:00AM-8:00PM
  • Website: www.catedraldetarragona.com

4. Have a view of the Mediterranean Balcony

At Mediterranean Balcony, you will be able to see a wonderful view around the coastline. It is another ancient Roman architecture just along the end the road. After appreciating the view, you can then proceed to the beach or go and find something to eat at the restaurants and cafes nearby.

5. Visit the amazing museums

Learn a lot more about Tarragona by visiting if not all then one of its museum. You might also learn a lot of information from the places you went or will go to like the other Roman architecture around town. The museums in Tarragona are Museu Nacional Arqueologic de Tarragona, Museu del Port, Museu Necropolis and Museu d’Art Modern de la Diputacio de Tarragona.

6. Visit the Roman circus

Roman Circus is another ancient historical place here in Tarragona that you might want to have a visit. It is easy to access from Barcelona by car as well since there public parking space and English information and signs around the site. By visiting this place you will realize the richness of the Roman architecture in Tarragona. There is no entrance fee and it is just beside the amphitheatre.

7. Experience the past in Casco Antiguo de Tarragona

This place is just like the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. It is a street full of ancient architecture that will surely give you goosebumps. It is living like one of the people from the past. You will get to see how magnificent their environment is. The place is very well-preserved and much older than the Gothic Quarter.

8. Stroll around Capilla de San Pablo

This place is often forgotten that almost no one notices it but it actually a hidden gem. Another ancient chapel with amazing background history. You won’t be able to find this chapel without a help of a local so make sure while you are wandering and strolling around the streets that you make friends with some locals and let them tell you the exact location and the address are Carrer Sant Pau, 4, 43003 Tarragona, Spain.

9. Have a swim at the beaches

Of course, let us get away from the busy city and enjoy nature and the ocean breeze along the beaches of Tarragona. This is a great way just relax and unwind. You can even see a lot of restaurants and cafes nearby the beaches so there would be no problem about finding food while relaxing. The beaches in Tarragona are Cala Fonda, Limbo beach Club, Lumine Mediterránea Beach Club and Darwing beach.

10. Do some restaurant hopping

Ditch the ready-to-eat foods by tasting one the best food around the city in the best restaurants you can ever find here in Tarragona. Enjoy every bite you take at Arcs Restaurant, Restaurante Raco de l’abat, El terrat, El Vergel Veggie Restaurant, El Llagut, La Cuineta, El Galliner de L’Antiquari, Barhaus, and Lluna Nova.

11. Experience the nightlife

Enjoy every minute of your stay in Tarragona by staying wide awake at night and experiencing the nightlife in the city. You will not just meet locals but also tourists as well. A sure way to enjoy and make the most out of you vacation, only in Tarragona. The nightclubs around the city are La Isla del Mojito, Bebop, Juanchito Discotek, Rovers Return, Premium Club, Bar E

12. Visit Casa Castellarnau

Casa Castellarnau is a historical house that is own by some rich locals in Tarragona many years ago. The place is well preserved with the things they had. The furniture and the architecture of the house are very ancient and is very good look at. There are tourist guides to give you more information as well.


  • Name: Casa Castellarnau
  • Address: Calle de Cavallers | Museu d’Historia de Tarragona, 43003 Tarragona, Spain
  • Acess: 10 minutes away from Arcs Restaurant
  • Price: $6USD
  • Phone: +34 977242220
  • Opening hour: Monday-Sunday 8:00AM-5:00PM
  • Website: www.museutgn.com

13. Shop as you roam around the city

You wouldn’t forget to buy something for the people you love and of course, for yourself as something remembrance of the town. There are a lot of stalls just around the streets in Tarragona for you to be able to buy some local products and such. There are also shopping malls if you want to buy some international brands.

14. Wander around Muelle de Costa

Muelle de Costa is a place where you can walk, run and have fun with the kids. It is aport with an ocean view. It is a place where you can just relax, enjoy the view or grab something to eat at the restaurants around. This place is really great after visiting the landmarks around Tarragona. A great place to rest.

15. Stroll around La Rambla Nova

La Rambla Nova is a street around Tarragona is where great architectural views are  around. There are statues, monuments, fountains and a cobbled street. A great way to take snaps around and enjoy Tarragona with restaurants and shops just around the corners of the streets. It is also a very safe place for tourists.

Have a good trip and travel!