10 Best Paella To Try In Barcelona

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Paella Barcelona
Source: The Travelista

If you want to try the most famous dish of Spain i.e. Paella then it is necessary to have a little knowledge about paella’s history. It is a Valencian word with ancient roots that originated in the mid 19th century near Albufera lagoon on the east coast of Spain. There are many different ways to cook paella as it can be made from almost any ingredient. If you are in Barcelona then you must try paella. There are many restaurants that will promise you to give the best paella of the world but if you actually want to the taste the perfect paella of Barcelona then our suggestion of these ten most popular and good restaurants will surely help you. To try ten best paella of Barcelona you should visit these best ten places.

1. Cheriff Restaurant

Another top class restaurant  which is famous for its well-prepared Paella dish is Cheriff Restaurant. The restaurant also serves cuisines such as seafood, Mediterranean, and Spanish. Apart from this some of the major features of the restaurant include Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Waitstaff, and Alcohol services. One can visit the restaurant and enjoy the favorite Paella there with the family members.


  • Name: Cheriff Restaurant
  • Address:  Carrer de Ginebra, 15, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone: +34 933 19 69 84

2. Restaurant Can Majo

The owner of this space is typically famous for selecting the products used in the delicious dishes of this restaurant. Further, this restaurant is serving people from last 40 years and enjoying a good family business. People often like the Rice with Lobster and the wide variety of seafood based starters. There is a terrace in this place for the guest which is highly recommended by the visitors. The experience of the owners, their precautions about the quality of material used and last but not lead the atmosphere of the terrace is appreciable by the guests very much. All these factors are responsible for the great taste of paella served here.


  • Name: Restaurant Can Majó
  • Address: Carrer l’Almirall Aixada, 23, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone: +34 932 21 54 55
  • Website: www.canmajo.es

3. Casa Varela

This place is perfect to enjoy quality paella with the family. The specialties of this place are Paella Sin Trabajo (Shell free Paella) and Black Rice with fish and shellfish. In the earlier days, this restaurant used to serve people with its excellent fish dishes prepared in the Galician style. This place is serving people from years with wonderful paella from years at very low and affordable prices. The warm atmosphere of this place is highly appreciable by the people. Cheap and tasty food is the desire of everyone, which makes this place perfect to try the delicious paella of Barcelona.


4. Restaurant 7 Portes

This restaurant is considered as the historic place of Barcelona. It was opened in 1836 and was declared as the site of national interest. The menu of this place contains the typical catalian cuisine and special paellas. This place is the best choice for people who know the difference between the perfect paella and ordinary paella. This famous place of the Barcelona city of Spain is highly recommended to enjoy perfect paella with the family.


  • Name: Restaurant 7 Portes
  • Address:  Passeig Isabel II, 14, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone: +34 933 19 30 33
  • Website: www.7portes.com

5. Restaurant Barraca Barceloneta

This place is a very famous for the great taste of paella served here. The specialties of this place inc its star dishes are paella and rice dishes. One should enjoy some special dishes of this place like rice with fish and traditional fish paella, along with the dishes like rice with artichokes, sausage, and cuttlefish. Every dish of this place is perfect in taste and quality especially the paellas are awesome. This is the reason that when the talk is about paella a large number of people recommend this restaurant.


6. Restaurant Elche

This restaurant was opened in the year 1959 and is located in the Poble section. The restaurant offers the rice dishes, fish, Mediterranean dishes and delicious paella. One can enjoy the meals of this place even in the late hours of the night. They also possess a restaurant in the Mare Magnum shopping center. If you are spending a quality time with your family in the night and you want to enjoy delicious paella then without any doubt you should opt for this place.


  • Name: Elche
  • Address:  Carrer de Vila i Vilà, 71, 08004 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone: +34 934 41 30 89
  • Website: www.elcherestaurant.es

7. Xiringuito Escriba

Source: Javier Lastras

The restaurant is located right on the beach which makes its appearance more gorgeous. In order to overcome the cold atmospheres, they offer the fire going inside the place. The paella offered by them is considered as the best paella and customers also enjoy the nice friendly behavior of the staff. Some people want that with the quality of food the quality of staff must also be good. For these kinds of people, this restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy paella.


8. La Fonda

This is a wonderful place for paella. However, this place remains crowded but still their service is very quick. One can easily find inexpensive sets here. Paella and fish flat white onion and potato of this place are very delicious. This place offers wonderful paella dishes at a very low  and affordable price. The cheap and tasty paella of this place is a choice of every visitor of Barcelona.


9. Restaurant Roig Robi

This place has an experience of 25 years, and with the help of this experience, this place has emerged as a classic in Barcelona, where traditional catalian cuisine has been combined with more modern tastes. The general quality of this place is enhanced and their cozy and friendly environment attract the customers. The Paella with shrimps and rice with artichokes are one of the best recipes of this restaurant. This restaurant is a perfect place to spend quality time with family and to enjoy delicious paella.


  • Name: Roig Robí
  • Address:  Carrer de Sèneca, 20, 08006 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone: +34 932 18 92 22
  • Website: www.roigrobi.com

10. La Mar Salada

This place has recently made a name for itself as one of the best seafood restaurants in Barcelona. They cook their dishes perfectly with great care and also their presentation of food is very innovative. The star dishes of this place are paellas, seafood, and fish. However their menu is not much extensive but their dishes are great. They offer a narrow range of dishes but the quality and taste of the dishes offered by them are perfect. Their innovative way of presenting the paella makes this rice dish more special.


  • Name: La Mar Salada
  • Address:  Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 58-59, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
  • Phone: +34 932 21 10 15
  • Website: www.lamarsalada.cat

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