15 Places To Shop In Gran Canaria: What To Buy

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Gran Canaria Shop
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When going on a vacation, there is one thing that most visitors or tourists will not forget and that is to buy souvenirs. These items serve as either gifts to loved ones or remembrance for the trips. If you plan to visit Gran Canaria in Spain, here are 15 places where you can shop and buy things for this matter.

1. The Mint Company

This premium retailer offers a wide variety of brands. You can almost find anything that you would like to buy for yourself or for your loved ones, such as trousers, trainers, clothing, bags and other stuff. The shopping assistants are also friendly, helpful, and informative. Many visitors and shoppers have already experienced how excellent the customer service that the staff provides. The place is also kept clean.


  • Phone Number : +34 928 140 998
  • Address : Avenida Paseo Playa, Centro Comercial Boulevard El Faro Local 46, 35100 Meloneras, Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Operating Hours : 10am up to 10pm daily
  • Website: www.themintcompany.com

2. Yumbo Centrum

This huge shopping complex is located at the Playa del Ingles and is composed of three floors. Aside from shopping and buying a variety of things, you can also take advantage and visit restaurants, bars, and specialty shops. This place offers you a lot of things that you can buy along with the entertainment. There are even tattoo parlours for those who want to get inked. Usually, the place comes alive starting from the wee hours in the morning.


  • Phone Number: +34 928 764 196
  • Address: Avenida de Espana, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Website: www.yumbocentrum.com/english/
  • Operating Hours: 24/7

3. Centro Comercial Las Arenas

This shopping complex offers the big brands of various stuff to the shoppers and the customers. You can find handicrafts, accessories, footwear, and handbags among others. Another advantage of shopping in this complex is that it is located near the beach. You can avail of free parking for at least 3 hours and in that time, you can visit the beach. A cinema is also available although it only offers Spanish viewings.


  • Phone Number : +34 928 277 008
  • Address : Ctra. Del Rincon, s/n, 35010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Website : www.cclasarenas.com
  • Operating Hours : 10am up to 3:30am

4. Fund Grube Yumbo

Source: AP

This store is a haven for those people who love to shop cosmetic and beauty products. However, it is not completely a beauty store, though. You can also purchase clothing, watches, sunglasses, and other stuff with quality brands. You can get them at reasonable prices. Discounts may also be given at certain times. The assistants are also helpful and friendly. Most importantly, the store is kept clean all the time.


  • Phone Number: +34 928 142 318
  • Address: Avda. de EE UU, 54, CC Yumbo Locales 13-14, 35100 Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Operating Hours: 10am up to 10pm
  • Website: www.fundgrube.es/es/tiendas/yumbo.html

5. Shopping Centre CC Tropical

This shopping centre is a mixture of specialty stores and restaurants. Below the ground floor, you can visit the big shop and buy different items such as bags and clothing. On the main floor, there are shops that lined up the front and restaurants that lined up the sides. The back portion offers a scenic view of the beach and sea. There is also a gym and crazy golf available for enthusiasts. Local markets are typically held at certain days.


  • Address: Calle de Madrid, Playa del Ingles, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Website: www.cctropical.es

6. Centro Comercial El Tablero

If you are bored, you can go to Centro Comercial El Tablero. This mall has a lot of stores inside which typically sells different kinds of things, from bags to clothings to shoes, and others. There are also a number of places where you can get food and eat. There is also a terrace at the top that gives you a good view of the beach. Parking space is also available for those who will drive their cars.


  • Phone Number: +34 928 143 870
  • Address: Calle Manacay 35106, San Bartolome de Tirajana, Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Operating Hours: 10am up to 10pm
  • Website: www.cceltablero.com

7. Compania de la Galleta

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If you are planning to purchase sweet delicacies, then, you should visit Compania de la Galleta. The shop sells delicious mango-shaped biscuits. The ingredients used for the recipe all come from the Canary Islands. There is also a vegan recipe that you can take advantage of. You can choose from various boxes of products. A sample is typically given to taste. Most importantly, the staff are helpful and friendly.


  • Phone Number: +34 622 893 373
  • Address: C.C. Boulevard Oasis 26A, 35100 Meloneras, Gran Canarias, Spain
  • Operating Hours: 10am up to 9pm
  • Website: www.companiadelagalleta.es

8. MASAP Anticuario Y Coleccionista

A good number of individuals collect antique items. If you are one of them, a great place to visit in Gran Canaria is the MASAP Anticuario Y Coleccionista. This shop sells various collectibles and antique pieces. Art pieces are also available for sale. The owners are knowledgeable as to their products and they may even provide pieces of advice as to what things you should purchase.


  • Phone Number: +34 666 523 058
  • Address: 6 Bajo Esquina, Calle Alcalde Francisco Hernandez Gonzalez, 35001 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Operating Hours: 10am up to 2pm
  • Website: www.milanuncios.com

9. Artesania Santa Catalina

The Artesania Santa Catalina is the best place to shop for a wide variety of crafts that were made in Canaria. The small shop is personally run and managed by the owners who are knowledgeable about the items that they sell. The items include art pieces, plates, and almost everything that could make for a nice gift that you can give to a loved one or a friend. They are also friendly and helpful. All items are fairly priced and are of good qualities.


10. La Casa de Los Quesos

Cheese lovers will surely find a great and interesting place in Gran Canaria to shop for cheese. If you are one of those who love cheese, you should go visit La Casa de Los Quesos. This shop sells various artisan products from Gran Canaria, such as mojos, palm honey, and olive oil. Liquors, Carian wines and rums are available for purchase, as well. You can also find traditional cheeses such as flower cheese, palmero cheese, and majorero cheese.


  • Phone Number: +34 606 444 407
  • Address: Calle Sagasta, 32 – C, 35008 Las Palmas de Gran Cranaria, Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Operating Hours: 11am up to 2pm and 5:30pm up to 8:30pm
  • Website: www.lacasadelosquesos.com

11. Libreria Tao

Libreria Tao is a good place where you can shop for books that are more focused on personal development. The books cover different subjects that can help individuals grow spiritually and mentally. All books are interesting at great prices. New age materials, incense, and crystals are also available for purchase. The staff members are also helpful, friendly, and, indeed, knowledgeable.


  • Phone Number : +34 928 362 464
  • Address : Doctor Juan de Padilla 19, 35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Operating Hours : 10am up to 2pm and 5pm up to 8:30pm from Monday to Friday
  • Only open from 10am up to 2pm on Saturday and Closed on Sunday
  • Website : www.libreriatao.es

12. El Muelle

If you are looking for a shopping complex where you can shop for a number of various things, then, you should not think twice of going to El Muelle. This complex sells mostly Spanish brands of items. There are also cafes where you can eat and places for children where they can play. Free toilets are available and are kept clean all the time.


  • Phone Number : +34 928 327 527
  • Address : Muelle de Santa Catalina s/n, 35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Operating Hours : 9am up to 3:30pm on Friday and Saturday
  • 9am up to 2pm from Sunday to Thursday
  • Website : www.ccelmuelle.es

13. Ganesha Center

The Ganesha Center is a great place to shop for souvenirs that you can give to your family and friends when you get back to your place. This shop offers a wide selection of Indian souvenirs as well as Southeast Asian items. The place abounds with a variety of beautiful handicrafts. You will certainly be able to find something unique that you can give as a gift to someone.


  • Phone Number: +34 928 963 293
  • Address: Juan de Quesada, Numero 4, 35001, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Spain
  • Website: www.leepapa.com

14. Manjares Islenos

Manjares Islenos is a gourmet grocery store. You can look for, shop, and buy any kind of Canarian products. It may be cheese or wine or beer or oil or even a special gift to someone you love dearly. The establishment is just a small one in size but definitely charming and have a variety of things that you can probably purchase. The owner and staff are all helpful, as well.


15. Tresor Noir

If you are one of those who are looking for pieces of jewelry or pearls that you can give as gifts, you should highly visit Tresor Noir. The pearls all look elegant and beautiful that you will surely not leave without something on your hands. The staff members are also knowledgeable and they will even tell you the story about the pearls that they are selling. They can even deliver the items to the location, if you request them to.


You will surely be able to see a lot of specialty shops in Gran Canaria. These shops have a lot of things to offer. All you need to do is choose and buy.

Have a great trip and travel!

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