10 Things To Do in Piracicaba: Brazil

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Piracicaba is beautiful, as there is well-preserved the place. It is good to go tennis and use enough protection. Great way to spend the morning. In the paths of the park, you can see the Central Mill, the Water Museum, the Ecological Park, and the Municipal Aquarium. One morning you can see everything quietly and still time to go to lunch in the gastronomic set in the avenue waterfront.

1.Visit the Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz

A great tour with beautiful trees and lawns, architecture buildings in an English style.  Teaching and cutting-edge research. siècle buildings in excellent condition with gardens English style, well maintained. The ESALQ is a national jewel, with walking track, lakes, flowers, amazing trees, which is a pride for Piracicaba and Brazil. It is inviting for a picnic.


  • Name: Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz
  • Address: Av. Pádua Dias, 11 – Agronomia, Piracicaba – SP, 13418-900, Brazil
  • Founded: 1901, Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Phone: +55 19 3429-4100
  • Hours: 10am to 6pm
  • Open: Weekdays
  • Interest: Museum

2.Learn culture at Centro Cultural Martha Watts

The cultural center of it is a good place to get to know some of the histories of Piracicaba. Piracicaba is a historic town, and this Cultural Center just adds to the rich culture of the city. Well organized, with a calm and tranquil environment for those looking to learn a little more about the history of the city and immigrants who came to Piracicaba.


  • Name: Centro Cultural Martha Watts
  • Address: R. Boa Morte, 1257 – Centro, Piracicaba – SP, 13400-140, Brazil
  • Phone: +55 19 3124-1889
  • Hours: 9AM–5PM
  • Open: Weekdays
  • Interest: Culture
  • Web: http://www.unimep.br/ccmw/

3.Go to Museu de Agua Piracicaba

If you like to know the water museum as it is very interesting, with antique pieces, turbines, and power as generated, plus an amazing view of the river. The scale models of waters treatment plant for consumption. Instructive for the little ones you bring along. Beyond the curiosity of the old house of the machines, you can stroll targeting the river and watching the force of the water.


  • Name: Museu de Agua Piracicaba
  • Address: Av. Beira Rio, 448 – Centro, Piracicaba – SP, 13400-820, Brazil
  • Phone: +55 19 3432-8063
  • Hours: 9AM–6PM
  • Open: Weekdays
  • Interest: Museum
  • Web: http://www.semaepiracicaba.sp.gov.br/

4.Learn history at Memorial Do Empreendedorismo

The guide is excellent and has many details about the production that is worth knowing, in addition to teaching the differences between the types. It has been changing over the years always following your audience and presents quality in its service to the public. The infrastructure is second to none. There you will find spirits that are up with a lot of quality and sophistication.


5.Explore Praia Grande – Guilhermina

It has compact sand and a long strip of beach between the ocean and the boardwalk. It has the famous fair of food and trinkets that you will like so much. A good part of the PG, not as crowded as elsewhere. Easy access to Boqueirão. Beach which is a crafts fair. It has renovated bike path and sidewalk reformulated. Busier than others, but also with many streets.


  • Name: Praia Grande – Guilhermina
  • Address: Praia Grande, Piracicaba, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Hours: 7AM–6PM
  • Open: Everyday
  • Interest: Beach

6.Bring family to Parque Aquatico Vale Das Aguas

The location is a plus as it is well situated, has all the infrastructure to accommodate and guests. The Village of water, has an exceptional area, has several swimming pools and toboggan. The children will be happy in Parque Aquatico Vale Das Aguas. The water park has various swimming pools for adults and kids.


  • Name: Parque Aquatico Vale Das Aguas
  • Address: Rodovia SP 135, s/n – Tupi, Piracicaba – SP, 13420-280, Brazil
  • Phone: +55 19 3438-7700
  • Hours: 8am–5pm
  • Open: Monday to Sunday
  • Interest: Water Park
  • Web: http://www.parqueaquatico.net/

7.Go to Passeio de Barco Rio Piracicaba

The street of Porto has several restaurants on the waterfront Piracicaba. Nice atmosphere in Piracicaba. One always like nice attraction for you to visit as with the walks around the interesting landscape especially in the rainy season. Very nice to see the Piracicaba River in days filled, with the historic local buildings are also very beautiful.


8. Visit the Estação Ferroviária de Piracicaba

Like all the museum network of the country, it seems abandoned but serves as a space for municipal public offices. The place is a historical site of the city, deeply connected to the transport by railways in the early days of the municipality. On the site, there could be a museum or some attraction such that the building be restored and once again become a tourist attraction.

9. Shop for clothes at Lou Lou Store

The new look turned out to be to a great degree prevalent, its full-avoided outline affecting other style creators exceptionally well. The outline was portrayed by a little, nipped-in waist and a full skirt falling beneath mid-calf length, which underscored the bust and hips. There is a subtext to this new look goes past appreciation for Lou Store’s outlines and selections.


  • Name: Lou Lou Store
  • Address: R: RANGEL PESTANA 971 Piracicaba, SP
  • Phone: +55 19 3433-1766
  • Hours: 8AM–7PM
  • Open: Monday to Sunday
  • Interest: Womens clothing
  • Web: https://www.facebook.com/amordeloulou

10.Have a pizza at Churrascaria Sale Grill

Great restaurant in Piracicaba. Nice and cozy atmosphere. Sideboard top quality self-service with a barbecue. Lots of variety and good quality. Service is very good, has many choices of salads, blends, fish, meat, excellent. Good service, despite the large capacity. Frequented by tourists. The food is good and with enough variety and good desserts.


  • Name: Churrascaria Sale Grill
  • Address: R. Campos Salles, 230 – Centro, Piracicaba – SP, 13400-200, Brazil
  • Phone: +55 19 3402-1477
  • Hours: 12NN–11PM
  • Open: Monday to Sunday
  • Interest: Brazilian restaurant
  • Web: https://www.facebook.com/churrascariasalegrill

Piracaciba is a great place to visit on a weekend, and enjoy a typical cuisine of the region and a good fish baked in the river. The places are cool to walk a little, take pictures, take the kids to play and just goof around.

Have a good trip and travel!

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