10 Best Bars to Go in Granada

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Influenced by both Spanish and Arab-inspired history and culture, Granada is the most visited city of Andalucia. The presence of a large number of students fills life into the nightlife of this beautiful city. Here are the 10 best bars to go in the amazing city of Granada.

1. Discoteca Aliatar

Once an old cinema, Discoteca Aliatar is a club located in a historic building right in the heart of Granada. By day, the club hosts festivals, presentations and various types of events , and by night, it transforms into the hottest drinking place in the city. The bar boasts a large top floor dance area illuminated with bright lights. Discoteca Aliatar is a perfect place to go for people looking for late night parties.


  • Name: Discoteca Aliatar
  • Address: Calle Recogidas, 2 Granada, Spain
  • Phone: +34 958 26 19 84
  • Opening hour: Sun-Thu: 4 pm- 6 am, Fri-Sat: 4 pm- 7 am
  • Website: aliatar.es

2. Bodegas Espadafor

Running from 1910, Bodegas Espadafor, a traditional Granadine bar, is a home to unique murals and old posters of fiestas and bullfights. Apart from large authentic wine barrels, this place also boasts of a large variety of lip-smacking dishes, from delicious roast ham to bone-dry fino, from syrup-thick Moscatel to shrimps and octopus salad. Bodegas Espadafor is a favorite destination for all the foodies in the city.


  • Name: Bodegas Espadafor
  • Address: Calle Darro, just off Via Colon
  • Opening hour: 2 – 4pm and from 8pm – late
  • Phone: +34 958 20 21 38
  • Website: http://www.espadafor.es/

3. Taberna La Tana

A home to authentic Spanish wines, Taberna La Tana is one of the most friendliest family-run bars in Granada. Their tapas and Spanish hams perfectly compliment their ‘wines of the month’ which comes in two choices – a strong red , or a suave (smooth). Although the bar is old fashioned, it always remains well-packed by the locals as well as tourists.


  • Name: Taberna La Tana
  • Address: Calle Rosario, Grenada
  • Opening hour: 12.30-4pm & 8.30pm-midnight
  • Phone: +34 958 22 52 48
  • Website: http://www.tabernalatana.com/

4. Planta Baja

With its constantly increasing popularity, Planta Baja is known for its splendid music concerts and engaging top DJs like Vadim. While the ground floor remains lively by hip-hop and funk, the top floor is perfect for relaxing lazy lounge sessions. This attracts a heavy influx of cosmopolitan and diverse crowd.


  • Name: Plantabaja
  • Address: Calle Horno de Abad 11, Granada
  • Price: admission €5
  • Opening hour: 12.30am-6am Tue-Sat
  • Phone: +34 630 950824
  • Website: www.plantabaja.net

5. Bodegas Castaneda

Bodegas Castaneda is a traditional Spanish bar which is well-known among the locals for its splendid wines and free tapas. The bar houses huge wall mounted barrels of wine towering from the floor to the ceiling. Bodegas Castaneda also serves a wide variety of authentic Spanish delicacies like tapas, jamon and raciones in generous portions. It is a must-visit bar for someone looking for a true Spanish experience.


6. Booga Club

Known for its music events, and quite popular among the youth, Booga Club remains open seven days a week until 7 am. Although a bit low on space, this place makes time fly. Booga Club is the Mecca for music lovers in Granada, offering a range of music genre – jazz, soulful, funk, reggae, electro, plus tribute sessions and karaoke nights. The entrance ticket includes a few free drinks.


  • Name: Booga Club
  • Address: Calle Santa Barbara 3, Granada
  • Opening hour: 2am-6pm Mon-Thu, 11pm-7am Fri-Sun
  • Website: www.boogaclub.com

7. Six Colours

Probably Granada’s most prominent gay bar, Six Colours and guarantees a pleasing night out. Six Colours is a perfect destination for a vibrant, bustling party. With bartenders dressed up in flamboyant, fun costumes, this bar never fails to surprise you. Added to the bar scene of Granada 10 years ago, SixColours is the place to be for a friendly,young, and upbeat environment where you can let yourself immerse in the environment and enjoy to the fullest.


8. El Son

El Son is a late night music bar, which is equally loved by all age groups. The guests have choices to head upstairs to relish some delightful Latin music, or head downstairs to the basement to rhythmically glance on the dance floor. Having something for everyone, El Son remains open until very late, keeping its guests hooked on to lively music and a fantastic blend of drinks.


  • Name: El Son
  • Address: Calle Joaquín Costa, 13, Granada, Spain
  • Opening hour: 4 pm- 1 am
  • Phone: +34 958 225 605

9. Cafe Bar Manila

Cafe Bar Manila specifically emphasizes on sustainability and is the very first bar in Granada to have a zero emission impact. It also recycles almost everything and serves mostly organic products, including beers and wines. It serves vegan dishes like breakfast tostadas and sweet and savory crepes. The environment is very laid back with comfortable sofas and world music playing in the background.


  • Name: Cafe Bar Manila
  • Address: Placeta de las Descalzas 3, Granada, Spain
  • Opening hour: 8am-1am
  • Phone: +34 958 21 03 12
  • Website: www.mundomanila.org

10. Botánico

Sitting beside the botanical gardens, Botánico is a snack restaurant by the day, a cafe at evening (5-7pm), and a club-bar by dusk. They have separate menus in English, Spanish, and French. Nice ambiance, friendly staffs, along with jazz and blues music, and Mexican and Spanish delicacies make this cafe-club-bar worth visiting again and again.


  • Name: Botánico
  • Address: Calle Málaga 3, Granada, Spain
  • Opening hour: 10am-1am Mon-Fri, noon-1am Sat & Sun
  • Phone: +34 958 27 15 98
  • Website: www.botanicocafe.es

Have a good trip and travel!

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