15 Things to Know about Benidorm Palace

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Benidorm Palace
Source: Les Haines

Finding an Auditorium that features spectacular entertainment and provides delicious meals is difficult. Benidorm Palace is an all night theatre with both live performances and meals; it is located in Alicante, Spain. Let’s look at the thrilling things you need to know.

1. History

Benidorm Palace was established in 1977. Since then, it has attracted people thus enabling it to have more than 5001 nights in the palace. In the 20th Century, the owners and the management were changed. The venue began hosting big event shows and productions in August 1990. In the same year, the palace was refurbished both inside and outside. In May 2015 the Palace introduced a new show for music, dance, humor and the Queen can be seen.

2. The Home for I-cons

Are these one of your superstars; the Beatles, Elvis, the Jacksons five, Madonna, the stone, Britney spears? Well, you will all find them at Benidorm Palace and many other artists. This is where all your pop idols and superstars are put in the spotlight and are celebrated as they are brought to life.

3. It’s a Three Storey Auditorium

The palace is a good place for sightseeing. After being refurbished, it became one of the most tourist attraction center and the most photographed buildings in Benidorm. It was built as a three storey Auditorium it is beautiful that you may call it one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

4. Tickets

Being one of the popular Auditoriums, Benidorm Palace is always booked. To make your reservations, you may get your ticket on their well-structured website. There are different types of tickets for as low as €32 to as high as €62. The tickets include the shows and meals.

5. The Dinner Show

The dinner show is the place to see all your favorite I-cons. This show entails drinks and meals served at our request. There are four shows that cost €52 and four other shows that cost €62. The menu in these shows includes meat, fish, vegetarian and gluten-free with wine and cava. They mostly serve Norwegian food like salad leaves and garnish, grilled vegetables with tofu, season fish with garnish, grilled fillet steak, mushroom source, and much more on the menu.

6. The Bands

If you are a lover for live music performance this is for you. In Benidorm Palace, you get to see different kind of bands like the UB40 with artists like Ali Campbel, and others. You will also be taken care of by the Elvis show backed by the in-house Benidorm band which one of the largest shows staged in Europe.

7. The Flamenco Dancers

Costumes worn by the flamenco dancers can amaze you especially their pink ostrich costumes with feathers.  They always seemingly flow together in slow motion and skillfully balancing that brings a captivating applause from the viewers.

8. David the Illusionist

David is one of the ultimate winners in Benidorm Palace. He performs nine illusions. Out of the nine, he loves the Excalibur which involves a solid transparent box with swords.

9. An Open Front View

Benidorm Palace is designed in a way that every viewer will enjoy the show. You can 100% see the stage without anyone blocking you. For you to enjoy or not to miss a show you are advised to book your ticket in advance.

10. A Place for Family

Do you have a family and need to enjoy a night out? Benidorm Palace has shows that are family friendly. Also, children under 10 can enjoy a free show cutesy of the palace. You get to see comedy artists like Titto Lester; it is an Auditorium where everyone gets served.

11. A Place for Special Events

Do you have that special person that you want to have a good time with? Do you want to celebrate your wife’s, sons, daughter birthday, or a surprise party? Benidorm offers you a place to hold your event as you enjoyed the show. The waiters are perfect and always on the look out to give you the best service.

12. Concerts

Benidorm Palace has 40 years of experience in event organizing either indoor or outside organizing in venues like Guillermo Amor Stadium or Plaza de Toros. Artists like Abraham Mateo, Malu, Pablo Alboran, Sweet California, UB40, Richard Clayderman and many others. When it comes to organizing, Benidorm Palace is a benchmark of value.

13. Conferences

Are you planning for a business celebration or a social event? Well, Benidorm Palace offers ideal facilities with a conducive atmosphere for the planning or organizing of professional events. The palace has earned a good reputation in organizing successful events over the years. If you are looking for an ideal setting for your business or social event you should consider Benidorm Palace.

14. The Service You Need

Benidorm Palace has a total capacity of 1660 seats with total visibility from any spot. It has 500 spots where one can park his car and 12 spots for buses. They offer easy access to the auditorium; cars and buses also have easy access. The palace is air conditioned with good security like emergency exits and total adaptation to fire and fire proof materials. There is a telephone, photographer, and taxi drivers.

15. Technical Information

The Palace has 1500 channels for 250,000 W of light, 52 channels for 15,000 W of sound, and there are stage escalators on the sides and at the center pit. There is also an extensible mobile stage with hydraulic elevator.


  • Name: Benidorm Palace
  • Address: Av. Dr. Severo Ochoa, 13, 03503 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
  • Phone: +34 965 851 660
  • Opening hour: 10 am
  • Email: info@benidormpalace.com
  • Website: https://www.benidormpalace.com/en/

Have a good trip and travel!