25 Things to Do in Benidorm

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Source: Stephen

Benidorm, along the Costa Blanca in Spain’s Valencia region, is a hugely popular choice for tourists seeking sun, sea, nightlife, and a whole range of other activities. With summer weather that is perfect for getting out and about, you definitely won’t get bored in this part of the world. Benidorm caters to a wide variety of travellers who come to see and do different things. With water activities on offer, wildlife, amusement parks, bars and clubs to name just a few, it is so easy to find something here that you can enjoy. Look through these twenty five different activities and suggestions, and you’ll be absolutely sure to find a few that suit you.

1. Terra Mitica Amusement Park

Terra Mitica
Source: Adriano Agullo

For a bit of an adrenaline rush, head to Terra Mitica amusement park. This theme park has a range of rides for all ages, so you can go with friends or family. You have exciting roller coasters such as Titánide, and spooky rides such as La Pirámide del Terror, as well as quieter rides if you want to relax. It’s divided into five themes, which are Greece, Iberia, Rome, Egypt, and the Islands. There are also shows to enjoy such as the Animaciones Terroríficas comedy show. You’ll be guaranteed a fun day out if you go to Terra Mitica.


  • Name: Terra Mitica
  • Address: Partida del Moralet, s/n, 03502 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
  • Price: Adult €39 Juniors €28
  • Opening hour: Weekends 10am-8pm
  • Website: http://www.terramiticapark.com/

2 Aqualandia

Whether you’re a kid, a parent, a young adult with a group of friends, or even retired, one thing anyone can enjoy is a water park. Aqualandia is probably Benidorm’s best. There are pools for children, as well as exhilarating slides such as Vertigo. There are rapids to go down as well. The staff here are very friendly and everywhere is clean. It’s also in a good location really near the beach, so why wouldn’t you head down? The prices are reasonable, and you can get family and group discount tickets.


  • Name: Aqualandia
  • Address: Sierra Helada, s/n | Rincón de Loix, 03500Benidorm, Spain
  • Price: Day passes from €24
  • Opening hour: Daily 10am-7pm
  • Website: http://www.aqualandia.net/

3 Take a Walk around the Canelobre Caves

These beautiful caves are a little outside Benidorm in Busot, but well worth a day trip to see. The caves are famous as a huge cavern has been formed which contains many spectacular rock formations. There are steps inside to help you get around. The entrance itself is about 700m high, and the area around the caves is beautiful in its own way, so the trip alone is an enjoyable experience. There are guided tours which are recommended both for their excellent information and humorous delivery. These tours last around 40 minutes and are reasonably priced.


  • Name: Canelobre Caves
  • Address:  Cabeco d`Oro, Busot, Spain
  • Price: Adults €7 and Juniors €4.50
  • Opening times: Until 3pm
  • Phone: +34 96 569 92 50
  • Email: cuevascanelobre@ebusot.com

4 The Gran Hotel Bali

This is simply a must see for anybody who finds tall buildings awe-inspiring. It’s Europe’s tallest hotel at an incredible 52 floors. To get some spectacular views of the sea and the surrounding area you can head up to the 43rd floor where there is a viewing platform. This building is so high that it has been used for base jumping competitions in the past, although if you’re not quite that adventurous you can settle for a view from the safety of indoors.


  • Name: The Gran Hotel Bali
  • Address: c/ Luis Prendres, s/n, 03502 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
  • Phone: +34 902 14 15 14
  • Website: http://en.granhotelbali.com/

5 Visit the Algar Falls

There are few more stunning natural sites in this part of the world than the Algar falls. The surrounding area is lush, the water is cool, and it is unspoiled, so it makes the perfect getaway from the beach areas. The area is protected as it is a nature reserve, which means it is always in great condition. You can have a swim here or simply sit back and admire the scenery, it’s up to you. There is a stretch of over a kilometre to enjoy different spots, and there are shops around as well.


  • Name: The Algar Falls
  • Address: Partida Algar, s/n, 03510 Callosa d’en Sarrià, Alicante, Spain
  • Opening hour: Varies throughout the year, check: http://www.lasfuentesdelalgar.com/opening_times.htm
  • Price: Adult €4 Junior €2

6 Take a Walk around the Old Town

Until the 1960s Benidorm was just a small fishing town. Although now it is unrecognisable with the huge hotels and modern buildings, the old town is still intact and you really must take a stroll around it when you visit. The small, winding streets take you right out of the buzz of the beaches into a relaxed, traditional atmosphere. The white buildings and blue domes are beautiful to see as well. Inside the old town you can find shops, cafes and restaurants.

7 Go to Levante Beach

It would be crazy not to head down to one Benidorm’s famous beaches and sunbathe or swim in the sea. That’s exactly what this part of the world is famous for and one of the best options is Levante beach. Stretching right along the front of the major hotel strip, you can’t miss it. In summer it’s very lively, attracting crowds, people seeking water sports, and with vendors selling everything from food to swimwear. If you prefer a bit of peace and quiet, though, even as late as June it doesn’t get very crowded.

8 Visit Placa del Castell

When you stroll up through the old town of Benidorm, eventually you will reach the Placa del Castell. With beautiful stone steps and pillars, this is a very tranquil spot to enjoy a sunset or a rest after a day’s activity. From the Placa you can get a beautiful view of Benidorm’s beaches and the Mediterranean. This is the highest point in Benidorm, and you can also sit and relax at the cafe that provides drinks. This is a must for anyone who likes scenic views and anyone who just wants to chill out.


  • Name: Placa del Castell
  • Address: Balcon del Mediterraneo, Benidorm, Spain

9 La Cruz de Benidorm

La Cruz de Benidorm
Source: Matias!

If you’re in to a bit of hiking then look no further than La Cruz de Benidorm. Take the winding steps (almost 300 in total) up to this beautiful vantage point of the town and its surrounding area. It can take around an hour, so on a hot day take some sun cream and water, but it’s definitely worth it. On the way you’re treated to great views, and at the top you will reach a large cross giving the experience something of a spiritual feel.


  • Name: La Cruz de Benidorm
  • Address: Calle de Taywan, Benidorm, Spain

10 Terra Natura Wildlife Park

Terra Natura is a wildlife park located near Benidorm, and is easily accessible from the town. The park features a large range of wildlife, and is a treat for animal lovers. The wildlife is enclosed by barriers that you can’t see, making it feel as if you are right there with them. All of the animals are kept in conditions that are natural for them and in wide spaces. Some of the treats you can see are rhinos, elephants and tigers. It’s quite a different experience to anything else in Benidorm.


  • Name: Terra Natura
  • Address: Partida Foia del Verdader, 1, 03502 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
  • Opening hour: Weekdays 10am-6pm Weekends 10am-7pm
  • Price: Adult €29 Junior €23.50
  • Phone: +34 966 07 27 70

11 Sample the Nightlife

Benidorm is famed all over Europe for its varied and exciting nightlife. People flock here from countries such as Germany and the UK to relax during the day, and then let their hair down at night. And why not? Benidorm has a huge number of bars, pubs and clubs. From the more relaxed restaurants and cocktail bars, to pubs and live music, to night clubs playing electronic beats, you’re spoiled for choice. With everything just a short walk from the hotels and closely packed together, it’s really easy to find what you’re looking for.

12 Relax in Parque de Elche

If you want to just stop, take things in and watch the world go by, then Parque de Elche in Benidorm is the place to do it. This place is a tranquil oasis that you can come to to get out of the sun and the business of Benidorm’s main drags. There are doves in the park, palm trees surrounding it, and benches to sit on. You’ll lose track of time here, separated from the rest of the world. There are also exercise facilities free for the public to use, which is an added bonus.


  • Name: Parque de Elche
  • Address: Playa del Poniente, Benidorm, Spain

13 Iglesia de San Jaime y Santa Ana

Iglesia de San Jaime y Santa Ana is in the centre of Benidorm, and is the main Catholic church in the town. It offers a bit more of a spiritual experience, and the first thing you’ll notice is the exterior, which has pure white walls, and a beautiful blue dome rising above the surrounding buildings. The interior is stunning, with stain glass windows, a beautiful altar, and all the other hallmarks of Catholic decoration. Whether you’re a believer or not, you’ll enjoy going to this church.


  • Name: Iglesia de San Jaime y Santa Ana
  • Address: Placa Castelar 1, Benidorm, Spain
  • Phone: +34 965 85 40 24

14 Take a Jeep Safari

For those itching to get out into the countryside surrounding Benidorm to see the hilly, beautiful terrain surrounding the town, there’s one way to do it in style. Hop into a jeep, or even drive one yourself, on these exhilarating tours. Marco Polo offers full day trips, guided by experts of the local area, who are professional jeep drivers. They are famous for giving energetic, immensely enjoyable tours. They can pick you up from your hotel in the morning, and you return early evening.


  • Name: Marco Polo Expediciones
  • Address: Avenida de Europa 5 Benidorm Alicante 03503 Spain
  • Times: 9.30am pick up and 5pm return
  • Annual Opening Days: May, June, September and October, Monday Wednesday and Friday  July and August plus the Weekend
  • Price: Adult €62 Children €35 Self-drive €200
  • Phone: +34 965 86 33 99

15 Take a Trip to the Local Villages

Source: any excuse…

Benidorm is surrounded by many traditional villages, and when you go to them it is like stepping back in time. The mountainous area around Benidorm is sprinkled with such places, which are beautiful to visit. You can take tours around these small towns, taking old-fashioned trains and visiting sleepy fishing ports and markets. Of course when you go, you can sample the wonderful seafood that Spain is so famous for. On top of that, try some of the local rioja and tempranillo wines. It’s a great way to spend a day.


  • Name: Traditional Spanish Villages Half-Day Tour
  • Booking: Book through Expedia https://www.expedia.com/things-to-do/traditional-spanish-villages-half-day-tour.a259650.activity-details
  • Price: Adult $44

16 Walk through Aiguera Park

This park is a little different to others. Parque De l’Aiguera is more of a path than anything, but don’t let that put you off. As you stroll through, either side is lined with huge empty pots and trees. At one end there is an arena type space where you can sit as well. It’s a popular walk for tourists and locals alike. There is a children’s play area, which makes it a good spot to come if you have a family as well. For those who like gentle, peaceful walks, this is a good choice.


  • Name: Parque De l’Aiguera
  • Address: Avenida L’Aiguera, 03503 Benidorm, Spain

17 Scuba & Snorkelling

Being on the Mediterranean, Benidorm has its choice of water activities, and if you’re interested in getting below the water’s surface to see what’s below, you can find a host scuba and snorkelling companies. For both experienced divers and novices, you’ll be able to get down and see incredible sea life, such as eels and lobsters. There are plenty of dive sites, and there are proprietors that take you to caves as well. One of the best known companies is Nisos, who will offer you a range of options.


  • Name: Nisos Benidorm
  • Address: Avenida Vila Joiosa, 18, 03502 Benidorm, Alicante, Alicante, Spain
  • Opening hours: 9am-6.30pm Sunday until 3pm
  • Price: Snorkelling from €23 Diving from €30
  • Phone: + 34 96 510 47 36
  • Email: info@nisosbenidorm.com

18 Take a Bike Tour

Another great choice for the more active holidaymaker is getting on a bike and whizzing around Benidorm. One such tour is the  Down Hill Bike Ride. You can get out to the hills, and enjoy a ride that is almost all down hill, so you don’t have to worry about any painful uphill struggles. There are friendly, informative guides to take you along as well. The more difficult spots are driven, with bikes loaded onto the vehicle. The day includes lunch, and it’s a great way to see some stunning scenery and get some exercise that isn’t too strenuous.


  • Name: The Down Hill Bike Ride
  • Website: http://thedownhillbikeride.com/
  • Price: Around €30
  • Phone: +34 678 43 70 55
  • Email: info@thedownhillbikeride.com

19 Parasailing and Paragliding

There are a lot of water sports on offer in Benidorm. It’s a great way to get out onto the sea in the sun, and get the pulse racing as well. You can get high above the town when you go parasailing. It’s well worth doing it for anyone who likes the adrenaline. Over the summer months you can do this, and with professional staff on hand to make sure everything is safe, you can float high up in the sky without a care in the world. Just get up there and enjoy the view.


  • Name: Carlos Water Sports
  • Address: Levante Beach 03503 Benidorm Alicante
  • Website: http://www.carloswatersportsbenidorm.com/
  • Price: €70 single parasailing flight
  • Phone: +34 687 63 12 78
  • Email: info@carloswatersportsbenidorm.com

20 Water skiing

If staying on the water’s surface is more of your thing, then how about trying some water skiing? An exhilarating activity that combines speed, skill and bags of fun, this is another great way to make the most out of being on the Mediterranean. Whether you prefer getting on two skis or one board, there are a number of companies offering this activity in Benidorm. One of the more famous proprietors is Cable Ski Benidorm. Be sure to organise the activity before you head out to make sure you don’t end up disappointed.


  • Name: Cable Ski Benidorm
  • Address: Playa de levante, Rincon de Loix, Benidorm
  • Website: http://www.cableskibenidorm.com/waterski/
  • Price: From €20
  • Phone: +34 639 88 23 76
  • Email: info@cableskibenidorm.com

21 Take a Tour among Nature

Benidorm is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery that you should visit if you go. There are ways to do this yourself, but the best way to get the most out of it is to join a tour. One such tour, the Naturama full-day tour, will take you to the salt lakes of Santa Pola, as well as taking you to a UNESCO world heritage site, Palmeral of Elche. Both places have stunning palm trees, and for nature lovers this is one tour not to miss on the Costa Brava.


  • Name: Naturama Full-Day Tour
  • Booking: Book through Expedia https://www.expedia.com/things-to-do/naturama-full-day-tour.a259618.activity-details
  • Price: Adult $56

22 Torre el Aguilo

With Benidorm being such a hilly area, if you leave the town centre there are plenty of places you can find for a gentle stroll or a hike. One such place is Torre el Aguilo for a good hour or two round trip depending on your pace. Walk, or ride your bike, to the summit and you will be treated to beautiful views of Benidorm and the Mediterranean. There is also an old square tower on the top, so you can glimpse a bit of the area’s past. It’s a short hike that’s well worth it.

23 Rincon de Loix Market

In one of Benidorm’s more famous areas, there is fresh produce to be found at the Rincon de Loix market. As well as food, you can find bags, shoes, leather products, clothes and a lot more. It’s a great place to go if you want to get a gift for someone back home. It is an indoor market and has been running for many years. Don’t worry if you miss it one day either, because it’s open every day with the exception of Sunday.


  • Name: Rincon de Loix Market
  • Address: Rincon de Loix, Benidorm
  • Opening hours: Until 6pm weekdays and until 3pm on Saturday

24 Go to one of Benidorm’s Comedy Clubs

Benidorm’s night life throws up a huge variety of things to see and do. One thing that people often miss is the live comedy on offer, simply because they’re not expecting it. You can find acts speaking English as well, so if you fancy a bit of a laugh for your night there are a number of places offering shows and live comedy. One such place is The Stardust, which has been a popular choice for years in the area.


  • Name: The Stardust
  • Address: calle Gerona, 03500 Benidorm, Spain
  • Opening Hours: 8pm-5am

25 Mundomar Marine Park

Another great choice for those who like marine life is Mundomar. You can see dolphin shows here as well as a host of other sea life. It’s a great place to take children, as it even has a playground for them. It’s not just limited to animals from the water either, as there are bats, flamingos and more. It’s a fun day out whether you’re with friends or family.


  • Name: Mundomar
  • Address: Sierra Helada s/n – Rincon de Loix, Benidorm
  • Price: One day tickets from €20
  • Phone: + 34 965 86 91 01

So, as you can see, Benidorm has a huge variety of things to do. From water sports to nightlife, exciting jeep tours to family days out, you can find it all on the Costa Blanca. Even if you’re going a little out of tourist season most of these attractions and tours are running, so don’t forget that Benidorm is a whole lot more than just beaches and sea.

Have a good trip and travel!