10 Things to Know about Benidorm Waterpark

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Source: Pavel Rybin

Aqualandia water park is one of the Europe’s biggest water park and one of the most famous attractions in Benidorm. There’s an awesome scope of attractions inside the water park, for example, the gigantic wave pool, the Laguna springboards , the shoreline of Niagara and Adventureland for youngsters. There are likewise various rides with a high adrenaline rushes like Vertigo and Black Hole and in addition Big Bang which is Europe’s most noteworthy freefall ride. So it is a must visit destination fro you if you are a fun and adventure lovers. Here are some things to know about Benidorm Waterpark.

1. How To Get To Aqualandia Benidorm

Aqualandia Bus
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Benidorm has an incredible local transport network which is best way to get around the town for both tourists and residents. For instance, to reach Aqualandia Waterpark Line 1 or Line 11 are the best way. Buses leave at regular intervals amid the week and like 40 minutes on every weekend. From the railway station, there are Bus 1 a& 4 which leaves at regular intervals. During peak season, the buses are packed with visitors , in that case, you can take a taxi to the park.

2. Information and Opening Hours

Aqualandia water park has 15 large water rides and many other attractions appropriate for every age and crowd. Aqualandia boasts of Europe’s highest slide and also world’s highest capsule slide. They have a package for everyone and saves a lot of tickets. Every ticket permits you access to Aqualandia for a full day, however, is substantial for 1 week to permit you to pick which day you need to go. Senior tickets must be bought specifically at the box office.


  • Timings:10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Season : May to September

3. Ticket Prices and Deals

There are a number of rides which you can enjoy with your family, friends or alone. The park offers a number of ticket options which will be suitable for you whether you come with your friends, family or alone. These prices are on box office rate while booking these tickets online can save you even more. There are also various deals where you can enjoy Aqualandia Water Park, Mundomar, and Terra Mitica together or with a choice of two parks.


  • Special Offer Hogueras :37.0 €
  • One Day Ticket : 24 €
  • Afternoon Ticket : 19 €
  • Family Ticket of 4: 99 €
  • Aqualandia + Teraa Mitica : 43 €
  • Ticket Super Friend : 29 €
  • Family Ticket of 3 : 79 €
  • Aqualandia + Mundomar : 36 €
  • qualandia, Mundomar and Terra Mitica : 59 €

4. Buying Tickets Online

Buying the tickets online will save you even more whether you are with your family or friends. In their Online store, they have a wide array of customized offers made for your tastes and needs and dependably with the certification that no other can give better deals than their online deals. If you are a family then you can go for a family ticket which saves you the great amounts online .If you are with your friends than Superamigos is the best package for you. So the best way to get some great offers is to book tickets online.


  • Book Online:http://tickets.aqualandia.net

5. Kids Rides in the Park

Aqualandia offers a number of rides and areas that are perfect for kids and safe too. Kids need to be accompanied by adults in these rides. Kids rides inside the park include Laguna which consists of zip lines , trampolines, walkways, rings and nets. Geyser which is perfect for relaxations. Amazon which is a circular river to float around the park. Adventureland which has a number of attractions perfect for kids. Grand Jacuzzi where you can relax after losing your energy. Niagara has a beach perfect for swimming or you can explore the small mountain behind the waterfall. Mini Zig Zag which is a ride for kids and both adults. And lastly wave pool .

6. Moderate Rides in the Park

These moderate rides are for young ones but can also be enjoyed by any age groups but not infants. These rides are not as thrilling as the extreme rides but are average which will give you a thrilling fun ride. Moderates ride inside the park includes Amazon which is a circular river to float around the park.Smooth Slides which are 5 parallel slides and you need to know swimming for this ride. Zig Zag which is a criss-cross ride from up to down in the water. Another is Rapids which has floating tubes of the slide and travel very fast along the slide. Black Hole is another thrilling rides for adventure lover where you will come across unknown areas and finally in the water. Niagara has a beach perfect for swimming or you can explore the small mountain behind the waterfall. Mini Zig Zag which is a ride for kids and both adults and lastly Big Bang where you can enjoy the free fall experience from an amazing height.

7. Radical Rides in the Park

These rides are for those who loves extreme adventure and fun. These are not recommended for infants and heart patient. These rides are sure to give you hell like experience and will invoke a feeling of great adrenaline rush. Radical rides inside the park include Big Bang where you can enjoy the free fall experience from an amazing height. You must know how to swim in order to take this ride. It is done by lying completely on your back. Another is Verti Go which is the most thrilling ride of the park where you will travel at the speed of 100km/h straight to the water.

8. Different Routes Inside the Park

Aqualandia offers you three distinctive routes to fill your heart with joy with entirely extraordinary rides. Pick the one which best suits your tastes and those of your gathering. First, one is Family route where youthful and old both will appreciate this extraordinarily composed course, encompassed by water, fun, and amusement, with the entire family. If you come with your friends than Friends route is for you. These includes mainly radical rides that will give you chuckling, fun, and that extraordinary group feeling will go with all of you day long. In the event that you are searching for incredible energy, adrenalin rush, and absolute fun, then the extreme route is for you.


  • Family Route:Adventureland – Black Hole – Geyser – Grand Jacuzzi – Mini Zig Zag – Niagra – Rapids – Smooth Slides -Splash – The Amazon – Wave Pool – Zig-Zag
  • Friends Route – Adventureland – Big Bang – Black Hole – Geyser – Grand Jacuzzi – Laguna – Niagra – Rapids- Smooth Slides -Splash – The Amazon – Verti-go- Wave Pool – Zig-Zag
  • Extreme Route – Big Bang – Laguna – Rapids – Smooth Slides – Splash – Vertigo – Zig- Zag

9. Security and Rules

Every Waterpark has rule every visitor must follow as it is for their own safety. These rules are minimal and they ensure that all the visitor enjoy the water park without any problems. So once you enter the water park do follow these rules so that you can enjoy the rides to fullest. Here are some rules you need to follow in Benidorm Water Park.


  • Pregnant Womens and heart patients are requested not to use the slides inside the park.
  • Running is not allowed inside the park.
  • All the kids and children must be with their adults.
  • The park has picnic areas so you are allowed to take outside foods inside the park.

10. Services in the Park

Aqualandia offers you extraordinary services and facilities keeping in mind the end goal to make your visit comfortable and enjoyable at the Park.


  • Lost and Found
  • Currency Exchange Facilities
  • Atm, First Aid
  • Changing Rooms and Lockers
  • Souvenir Shops, Photo Booth
  • Snack Bars and Cafe
  • Restaurants,Amphitheater, Picninc Areas

Aqualandia is a must visit place for fun and water lovers which are perfect for families, friends and single visitors.There are a number of rides along with various restaurants, cafes and picnic areas where you are allowed to bring outside foods.

Have a good trip and travel!