15 Popular Places to Eat Gelato in Spain

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Source: Bryan Ledgard

Whether during a hot or cold season, eating gelato is always part of Spanish tradition. Tourists, of course, would find a way to taste Spain’s greatest gelato in town. There are various ice cream shops all over the country. Locals and tourists alike should be able to taste only the best.

1. Gelaaati! Di Marco

If you are looking for a wide selection of ice cream flavor, this is the best place to be. Chocolate, cherry, pistachio, cheesecake, strawberry, saffron and so much more. What’s more interesting is that they have special ice cream for the vegans and gluten-free cones. The shop is located near Cathedral Barrio Gotico.

2. Amorino

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Who doesn’t love a rose shaped ice cream in a cone? Not only does Amorino serve these lovely ice creams, they have the best flavors in town. Combine two flavors for a more delectable ice cream. For sure, having you’ll be delighted with its mouthwatering taste. Treat yourself with yummy ice cream.


3. DelaCrem

DelaCrem may be a coffee shop but what stands out here is the ice cream selection. Along with coffee and pastries, select the best ice cream flavor. Its most delectable flavors include chocolate, hazelnut, melon and much more. Try mixing one flavor with another, you’ll be surprised at how flavorful it is.

4. Shanti Gelato

Nice and tasty ice cream that are all colorful. Bring your kids here because they’d surely be happy to see all the colors of the ice cream. Made with cream, fresh milk, and sugar, the ice cream is truly delicious. Each scoop is just about the right size. Visit the shop with your friends.

5. ArtiSa Barcelona

Although this shop is small, it is brightly lit, has cute decorations and cool ambiance. You’d definitely love the gelato selection. Your ice cream is best paired with some baked pastries. Go for pistachio gelato and chocolate crepes. Plus, the churros and chocolate are so yummy, you can’t resist it.

6. Vioko

Unique ice cream flavors such as jasmine, grapefruit, rose, pineapple, banana, violet, blueberry, dark chocolate, mint, raspberry, lemon and many others are available for you to choose from. It is up to you if you want to mix the flavors of the gelato. The banana split ice cream is worth tasting too.

7. Cremeria Toscana

Not far from Picasso Museum, visit the tiny ice cream parlor named Cremeria Toscana. All of it is guaranteed to be simply delicious. The cute seating area is located upstairs of the shop. They use salted caramel cone to make your ice cream tastier. As an addition, they also serve superb crepes.

8. Horchateria Sirvent

Horchateria Sirvent serves authentic horchata (tiger nut drink) in Barcelona. For the ice cream, they offer sugar-free ones, especially for chocolate, tiramisu, vanilla and pistachio. If you want to combine flavors, you will only be allowed up to two flavors so, pick wisely. Aside from this, they also serve iced fruit crush and turron (nougat).

9. Heladeria Giuseppe Ricci

This ice cream parlor may sound Italian because of its name yet it remains the quality of its ice cream. The usual flavors are always available. What set them apart from others is the soy ice cream specially made for lactose intolerance persons. They would still get to enjoy the ice cream in Heladeria.

10. Mistura

Environmental enthusiasts must love this place instantly. They are openly supporting local farmers through purchasing the milk, cream, and yogurt. They do not use preservatives or artificial ingredients in making their ice creams. So, you can definitely say that all is natural. Other flavors include dulce de leche and dark chocolate.

11. Labonata

One of the best ice cream shops in Madrid, Labonata also serves delicious frozen yogurt. You can choose up to three flavors in your cup of ice cream. You may opt to sit outside the shop while consuming your ice cream. They also serve colorful ice lollipops. Wait no more and visit the shop now.

12. Helados La Perla

You are assured of sweet, creamy, high-quality ice cream in Helados La Perla. The ice cream is added only with just the right amount of sugar. Criollo chocolate ice cream is definitely worth a try. Other surprising flavors include peppermint, passion fruit, wild blackberry, melon, cherry, pineapple, wild raspberry, etc.

13. Los Italianos

If you are visiting Granada during summer, this ice cream shop is a must-go. During winter, the store closes due to the weather and could mean fewer customers. Basically, they operate from April to October in the year. The serving may be quite small but, don’t judge it easily. It is so smooth, creamy and excellently delicious.

14. Heladeria Via lattea

Visitors swarm the place during mid-afternoon until late in the evening. Some enjoy it as snacks while others come in after dinner as dessert. You may be allowed to combine two flavors in a cup. Passion fruit and mango combination is delicious. Or, pistachio and mango also result in splendid taste.

15. Gocce di Latte

This proud vegan ice cream parlor says it all. It features a variety of flavors such as apple, cinnamon, pistachio, coconut and a lot more. The spicy chocolate is a must-try. Come and visit the shop and experience a whole new ice cream taste authentically from Spain. You can try different mixes too.


Have a good trip and travel!

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