7 Accommodations to Stay in Recife

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15327701272_200cf7e563_kSource: Luci Correia

Due to its numerous bridges and waterways, many tourists call Recife the “Brazilian Venice”. This is one of the most significant cities in a country and it is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Recife is also one of the most important cities on the coast of Brazil. Here are 7 accommodations to stay in Recife.

1. Golden Tulip Recife Palace

Golden Tulip Recife Palace stands out of many other hotels due to its location. For beach-tourists it is a really perfect place – hotel is built right on the beach. Clients write in their reviews about the perfect view, tasty breakfasts, friendly staff, and reasonable prices. However, swimming pool is placed across the street.


  • Name: Golden Tulip Recife Palace
  • Address: Av. Boa Viagem, 4070 – Boa Viagem, Recife – PE, 51021-100, Brazil

2. ibis Recife Aeroporto

Recife is a big city with all the attendant – busy traffic, plenty of tourists, busy hotels and etcetera. This all can cause you a trouble if your flight will pass through it. That is why the ibis Recife Aeroporto hotel is perfect if you need some place to stay near the airport. It is clean, has a nice kitchen and placed in the walking distance from the airport.


3. Courtyard Recife Boa Viagem

Courtyard Recife Boa Viagem is a nice average place to stay in Recife. Clients write in their reviews about the nice and friendly staff, flexible policy (they let the customers have a late check-out) and clean rooms. The hotel is not crowded by the beach tourists, but you can still enjoy great views here.


  • Name: Courtyard Recife Boa Viagem
  • Address: Avenue Domingos Ferreira 4661, Recife, 51021-040, Brazil

4. Nobile Beach Class Executive

Nobile Beach Class Executive is like a real tower – 32 floors and only 6 apartments per floor. The hotel is located not far from the city center, at the end of the Boa Viagem Avenue. A big advantage of this place is that there are many supermarkets, restaurants, and some other useful stores within walking distance.


  • Name: Nobile Beach Class Executive
  • Address: Boa Viagem, 344, 51011-000, Recife, Brazil

5. Park Hotel

Park Hotel is a motel-style hotel with the great location – right in front of the famous Boa Viagem beach. This great place is within walking distance – across the road. Friendly staff and tasty breakfasts, refreshing showers and big rooms – these are some other advantages of this place. At the same time, the hotel is old enough.


  • Name: Park Hotel
  • Address: Navegantes, 9 – Boa Viagem, Recife – PE, 51021-010, Brazil

6. Grand Mercure Recife Atlante Plaza

Like some other cities in Brazil, Recife is most known for its beaches and sea views. There are some really great comfortable hotels near the sea, and you should stay in one of them if you will visit Recife. Many tourists suggest Grand Mercure Recife Atlante Plaza – its swimming pool on the roof is fantastic!


7. Recife Praia Hotel

Recife Praia Hotel is quite old. However, the staff is very friendly and welcoming, almost every customer writes about this in his or her review. Breakfasts are also very qualitative and tasty. Despite the fact that the hotel is quite old, rooms are well lightened, showers are freshening, and the furniture is ok.


  • Name: Recife Praia Hotel
  • Address: Av. Boa Viagem, 9 – Pina, Recife, 51011-000, Brazil

As you can see, there are plenty places to stay in Recife. This sunny city is welcoming to new people and it is perfect to rest. Actually, there are a lot of museums, clubs, restaurants and other interesting places to visit here. Enjoy your time in this beautiful city.

Have a good trip and travel!


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