10 Things to Know about Brazilian Bikini

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Source: Tiago Vidal Dutra

It was not until 1946 that bikini was made. This kind of swimsuit features the new revolution in the appearance of women. Bikini is considered as the “model frame”, which elevates female body shapes. From the first bikini, the fashion history has witnessed a huge change in social’s awareness in the rights to show the body of women, especially Brazilian Bikini.

1. Brief introduction

Brazilian Bikini is one of the various types of swimsuit that women prefer. With the cuts, Brazilian Bikini features modern, sexy, trendy style for those who wear it. Whenever you wear this kind of swimsuit, everybody will look at you, because of the sexy curve on your body. It can be said that the more you dress, the more marvelous your are!

2. Style

Brazil Bikini
Source: Shawn Perez

There are three main styles of Brazilian bikinis: Normal bikinis, triangle bikinis, and dental floss bikinis. Most women prefer triangle bikini, because it very simple, modern and sexy. Dental floss bikini (or commonly known as “G-string bikini”) is too sexy to dress and this kind of bikini shows body too much. If you want to change your normal style, dental floss will be a good suggestion to rebel!

3. Color

In the Summer day, on every beach, we can see a scenic view with colorful swimsuits. Brazilian Bikini provides many choices for customers with various colors and decorations, such as: Pink line, black dot, striped red, checked gray. In addition, you can buy twin-bikini with your BFF, with the same color, style and accessory. It can make your relationship become more and more closer.

4. One-piece bikini

This is one of the popular styles of Brazilian bikini. With various colors and decorations, one-piece bikini will make you become more elegant and sexier. For those who are shy with body-shape, this style of bikini will help you overcome that fear. It will hide the weaknesses and show their charmings with attractive cuts, floral patterns and eye-catching colors.

5. Top bikini

Source: Christian Benseler

Top Bikini has various styles for the customers: Halter, Triangle, CrissCross, CrissCross Bandeaus, Strapless Bandeau. Different from one-piece bikini, top bikini is the individual set, without the bottom bikini. It can be made from unique fabric/material, such as: Crochet, lace. For some rebellious girls, they can use the colorful top with Neon color, accessory and fascinating style.

6. Bottom bikini

Similar to the Top bikini, Bottom bikini provides customers with many choices: High Waist, Full-Cut, Cheeky Bottoms, Brazilian-Cut. High waist is suitable for showing long legs and small waist; full-cut is the good choice for the girls who do not want to show body too much; cheeky bottoms and Brazilian-cut will be the best options for those who want to change their normal style, by showing their sexy hips.

7. Popularity

Source: Francisco

On some famous beaches, including: Miami (Florida), Hawaii (Hawaii Island), Boracay (Philippines), Long Beach (Thailand) and El Nido (Philippines), tourists can experience the romantic scenery with colorful Brazilian Bikini. The blend of beautiful beach with the hottest Brazilian bikinis creates the romantic and lyrical view. It can be considered as one of the most masterpieces of art!

8. Fabric/ Material

Most of Brazilian Bikini are made from: Cotton (A type of synthetic material is characterized by soft, airy, lightly smooth.  It absorbs sweat, cool, easy maintenance and easy cleaning should be used sewing bras for every day); lycra (Lycra fabric provides comfortable and pleasant feeling. Lycra also reduces the penetration of bacteria, reduces the effects of UV rays); Microfiber (It is a synthetic fabric, from cotton and polyester. Microfiber bra feels smooth and cool to the skin and almost invisible when combined overcoat. Material microfiber helps shirt durable, keeping the shape and forming good sweat absorbency). Along with these fabrics,  Brazilian Bikini is also made from crochet. This kind of material will feature the modern and beautiful appearance of female body.

9. Famous brands

In over the world, there are many famous brands of Brazilian bikini: Victoria’s Secret with “Itsy” option as well as a “Cheeky” and San Lorenzo, the Hawaii-based boutique that specializes in the Brazilian-cut. These brands provide the customers high quality and satisfaction in the swimsuits, especially kinds of Brazilian bikini. It is enough to realize that this kind of swimsuit is one of the most favorite choices for women.

10. Why is it popular?

Brazilian bikini is just a kind of bikini, so why is it the most attractive swimsuit of those who wear it? In fact, there is one special thing that women in Brazil love to do, it is showing off their butts to the rest of the world. Especially, if you wear Brazillian Bikini, it will make you slimmer than the normal bikini, because the narrow at the back extends the length of the legs, the hip looks smaller.

Have a good trip and travel!

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