7 Restaurants to Go in Brasilia

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Brazilia Foods
Source: Agência Brasília

Brazilian food has a touch of Europe, African and Amerindian. It is basically a mix of a lot a traditions varying vastly, showing the rate of immigrants. It offers food to its visitors for every taste. Quite a number of restaurants are adorning Brasilia which attracts visitors at a large number. But, then, there are some specific restaurants which one should not miss while he/she is in Brasilia. You are not going to regret going there.

1. Restaurante Girassol:

This is one of the very main restaurants one should be visiting while being in Brasilia. It is a Vegetarian food restaurant where one has to self-serve. It also has an attached small organic shop as a plus point. You get to make your own order and then pay for it by weight. Desserts and sandwiches are also present here. A vast variety of food is present here which includes fresh vegetables, some raw options, hot dishes etc which are well seasoned. Hot green tea is also served here for free. It is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Brasilia located in Asa Sul Quadra 409. Eating lunch here can be the best thing as they offer the buffet at that time. They also offer a great variety of smoothies and freshly squeezed juices.


2. Ernesto Cafes Especiais:

Then there’s this restaurant in Brasilia that wipes out every reason to be sad about the unavailability of star bucks in town. They provide the best coffee possible. It is one the famous restaurants in Brasilia for holding a tradition of doing a coffee. The food here is also nice but the strength of the restaurant is in their coffee and hospitality. The staff is really friendly and helpful in a multitude of languages. They never let you be bored in here because of having a bookstore at the mezzanine. Their specialty lies in the coffee card and also in the décor of the house. Décor is chic and elegant enhanced by the older style decorative coffee grinder placed in the front door. Its food is constantly good and they have a demi tasse of hot chocolate which is a must. Other important features are outdoor seating, reading/kid friendly corner, and free wifi.


  • Name: Ernesto Cafes Especiais
  • Address: 115 Bloco C Loja 14 – SHCS, Brasília – DF, 70385-530, Brazil
  • Phone: +55 61 3345-4182
  • Opening hour: 7AM- 10PM

3. Taypá Sabores del Peru:

If you want to visit one the best restaurants in Brasilia, there is no chance that you are going to miss Taypá Sabores del Peru, which is a keeper of many awards. The famous chef of all times Marco Espinoza is in charge of its kitchen. It is a specialty of this restaurant that every six months a traditional renewal is done in the menu and Brasilienses who appreciate the high gastronomy starts a countdown for it. This restaurant is located in the south of the city and it is very tastefully and magnificently decorated, using earthy tones, natural materials, and the walls are minimally embellished with various Peruvian artifacts. Taypá is a very beautiful word which means abundance.


  • Name: Taypá Sabores del Peru
  • Address: s/n – QI 17 Bloco G – Lago Sul, Brasília – DF, 71645-500, Brazil
  • Opening hour: 12AM-5PM
  • Website: http://www.taypa.com.br/

4. Carpe Diem:

This is one of the old restaurants of Brasilia that holds its traditions in its menu and food. It has been opened in 1991, and since then they have continued serving the buffet of salad, pasta, meat and seafood. Keep the tradition alive they serve Feijoada on Saturdays with cold draft beer. This restaurant has several branches with different varieties of food. While you are in Brasilia, this restaurant is a must go place. Their food is yum and reasonable. Its main feature is that this restaurant is inside the most important club in Brasilia. So the main idea of eating here is to enjoy the great food of carpe diem while having a nice time at the club and enjoying the magnificent view of the lake. Drinking new drinks and trying new appetizers by the pool is also a very fun thing to do. In short, you can spend the whole day at the club surrounded by the great food of carpe diem.


5. Universal Diner:

If you are in Brasilia and you want to try something different that’s it! This is the restaurant you are going to at the end of the day. This restaurant is richly decorated, interiors are so marvelously adorned and are so much fun as they include modern antiques and vinyl and give a funky look of theater as different styles are combined and are mixed with great illuminations. The food here is excellent. They serve a great variety of meat and wine card is full of options. Their service is so good, waiters are friendly. Music is superb and on a good level. Their coffee is delicious as they roast their own coffee beans. You should try their espresso as a must. It is one of those places that no one wants to miss while being in Brasilia. Their food and environment and decor and coffee  are so nice to drag you here every time you are in Brasilia and you are hungry.


  • Name: Universal Diner
  • Address: 210 C 18 – SHCS, Brasília – DF, 70273-530, Brazil
  • Phone: +55 61 3443-2089
  • Opening hour: 12–3PM, 7PM–12AM

6. Mangai:

If you want to savor the varieties of traditional tastes, and you are in Brasilia, there is no way that you are going to miss this restaurant with typical delicacies from the northeast region of Brazil. It is located very well, close by JK bridge, providing a really magnificent view while eating. The service is nice but they don’t offer from the menu, the food is ready and your serve your own plate with whatever you want to eat. This ready to eat buffet provides a variety of food with typical northeastern Brazilian meal. Natural juices are also good options (ask for a jar!) and the tapiocas are delicious even when only served with cheese. Don’t forget to eat salad. Avoid lunch at Sunday mornings as this restaurant gets impossibly crowded.


  • Name: Mangai
  • Address: s/n – Trecho 2 Conj. 26 Lote 2 – SHCS, Brasília – DF, 70200-002, Brazil
  • Phone: +55 61 3224-3079
  • Opening hour: 11AM- 9PM
  • Website: mangai.com.br

7. Restaurante La Chaumiere:

It is one of the old restaurants (approx 45 years) to give the impression of modern Europe to its customers. It has, since then, kept its traditions and atmosphere. It offers great food and is very small and cozy. It provides different varieties of French cuisine as well as other kinds of meals. Each and every variety of wine has its taste originated from the French. The décor of the restaurant is traditional and the food is impressive not because of being experimental but rather for its caliber. Its menu contains a humble omelet to a vast variety of tantalizing chickens, with juices and sauces. Just in case if you’re not really being satisfied with the meat cravings while being in Brasilia you must try La Chaumiere’s 11 different kinds of French-style steaks.


  • Name: Restaurante La Chaumiere
  • Address: SCLS 408 BLOCO A LOJA, 13 – SHCS, Brasília – DF, Brazil
  • Phone: +55 61 3242-7599
  • Opening hour: 12AM- 3PM , 7PM- 12AM
  • Website: www.lachaumiere.com.br

You can have all the variety of food you need in these 7 restaurants, from vegetarian to meat, from french to Brazilian traditional, from juices to coffee and so on.

Have a good trip and travel!

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