15 Brazil Landmarks You Can’t Miss

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Source: Arian Zwegers

Brazil is a beautiful country with wonderful cities and states. There are many landmarks in this country that attract the visitors very much. If someone is going first time to this country then he must visit these landmarks in order to complete his visit. Some of the best landmarks of this country are described here; visitors can accordingly choose the landmarks they want to visit.

1. Arcos Da Lapa

Source: yonolatengo

It is one of the most popular landmarks of the country. Lapa is situated in the center of the Rio and is famous for its historical monuments and especially for beautiful nightlife. Across da lapa is an impressive aqueduct constructed in the middle of the 18th century by the colonial authorities. Rio de Janeiro is popularly known as the cradle of bohemian Rio.

2. Igreja de Sao Francisco de Assis

Source: Luís Guilherme Fernandes Pereira

This place is in Ouro Preto. Ouro Preto is a city with wonderful architecture. This city is located in one of the main areas of the Brazilian Gold Rush. In the 18th century, its population was 80,000 and it was the most famous city in the world at that time. This city was originally called the rich village. This place is an important landmark of the country.

3. Sugarloaf Mountain

Source: David Berkowitz

Another beautiful landmark which is situated in Ria De Janerio, Brazil. This mountain is located at the height of 396 meters above the sea level. Tourists from around the world came in Brazil so as to view the panoramic and cableway view of the city. In order to reach this beautiful natural site passenger has to book seats in two cable cars which allow them to reach the destination.

4. Cristo Redentor

Source: Milton Jung

There is a giant statue of Christ overlooking the city from the height of 709 meters. This world-famous landmark was placed between the years 1922 and 1931. Brazilian Catholics financed this huge statue. People from around the world came here to spend their vacations with their friends and family members and to enjoy the beautiful charm of the city.

5. Copacabana

Source: AHLN

This city is blessed with the beautiful sand beach at its heart. Copacabana palace was built in the 1920s and now protected as a national monument. Copacabana palace recalls the halcyon days of power, elegance along with wealth when Rio was the capital of the country. Copacabana is also famous for its world famous beach i.e. Balneario Beach which have a length of about 4km. The place lies in the South Zone of the famous city Rio De Janeiro.

6. Tijuca National Park

Source: mk30

The giant statue of Christ and Tijuka forest is protected by this park. Most of the trees in the forest are native species and provide habitat for monkeys. It is said to be the tropical rain forest that lies in the city of Rio De Janeiro. This place is surrounded by various other important and famous places. The Tijuca National Park is also known as the world’s largest urban forest covering area of around 32km.

7. Petropolis

Source: Juliano Vizinha

This place is 68 kilometers away from the Rio de Janeiro. It is a famous tourist destination because of the presence of beautiful buildings and pleasant year round climate. The Imperial museum is the former summer place of today’s time. Petropolis is basically a municipality which lies in the Southeast region of Brazil. The city is also known as Imperial City.

8. Santa Tereza

Source: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

This place consists of quite streets and hundred-year-old houses. Artists like the cafes and restaurants of this place very much. The streets of this place are very beautiful with wonderful views. The city is located on the top of Santa Teresa Hill and is famous spot for tourists and artists because of its winding and narrow streets.

9. Morro Da Urca

Source: Rodrigo Soldon

It is another popular landmark of the country. It is located in Rio de Janeiro. It is a pretty spot with wonderful views. This place is a beautiful hike through which you can see the wonderful forest of Rio de Janeiro. The place has nearly about 7,000 inhabitants. One can enjoy this place even at night by visiting some of the famous nightclubs and restaurants.

1o. Unique Hotel

Source: Banalities

This place is in Sao Paulo. The architecture and design of this hotel are stunning and always impress the visitors. Those who are fans of savvy architecture must visit this place. Swimming pool, wonderful guest rooms, beautiful terrace are some other specialties of this place. It lies at the walking distance of 10 minutes from the famous Ibiraquera Park.

11. Hercilio Luz Bridge

Source: Rodrigo Soldon

It is located in the southern part of the country. It is considered as the longest suspension bridge in the country. The central span was considered quite long at the time of opening. This was inaugurated in the year 1926. The wide bridge was built to link the mainland to the Island of Santa Catarina. The total length of the bridge is 820m.

12. Lacerda Elevator

Source: Débora Araújo

This elevator connects the cidade alta with comercio via. There are wonderful arches of the camara municipal facing the elevator. The iron structure with clanking steam elevators was inaugurated in 1868. This landmark is basically a historic elevator which provide scenic views and connects the lower & upper parts of Salvador.

13. Montserrat Fort

It is another beautiful landmark of the country. Today many people are interested in the Montserrat property. The neighborhood in this areas matters a lot if someone is interested in buying property here. Buying a property here also gives other to enjoy all the benefits which are enjoyed by rich class people.

14. Leblon

Source: Jake Gordon

It is another wonderful place of the country. It is considered as the second most affluent area in Rio de Janeiro. This place is a home of famous and rich people. The nightlife of this place along with the restaurants, bars etc are very famous and beautiful. It is also the name of the one of beach which is located in Rio De Janeiro.

15. Maracana stadium

Source: Pedro Lopez

This is another famous place in the country. This stadium was built for the world cup 2014. The main entrance with the Bellini statue is the place where panoramic city tours stop for a quick photo. It is one of the famous football stadium of Rio De Janeiro. The height of the stadium is about 32m and the capacity of the stadium is about 78,838.

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