15 Desserts to Try in Brazil

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Brazil DessertSource: Associação Japonesa de

Have you ever heard about Brazilian dessert? It’s a fusion of European, African, and American cuisine. Typical Brazilian dessert is usually made using local ingredients like coconut, passion fruit, papaya, or açaí. It’s an interesting one. So if you are into sweet things, we think you’ll want to try some of these desserts when you’re in Brazil. Here are some of our favorite.

1. Brigadeiro

BrigadeiroSource: Mayra Chiachia

Imagine chocolate truffles, but instead of using cream, they use condensed milk with cocoa powder in it. Then, of course, some butter will be added to give it a silky kind of texture before rolling it into balls. Kids love the extra chocolate sprinkles, and we think you’ll love it too!

2. Acarajé

Source : Ministério da Cultura

Acarajé is one of the most popular street snacks here in Brazil. It’s made of crushed black-eyed peas with pureed onions, and then it’s deep fried in palm oil. Sometimes you eat it that way, or you can stuff it with dried shrimp, spicy prawns puree, or cashew nuts. The choice is endless. Best to eat while it’s hot.

3. Pão de Queijo

Or simply, cheese bread. One of the most loved bread snack here in Brazil. Most people normally have it for breakfast, but who says you can’t have it for late night snack while watching your favorite tv show? It’s crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside. Nothing tasted better than a warm chewy cheese bread. 

4. Pavé

6940060292_32ee94dd4b_kSource : Edsel Little

It might look like a normal chocolate cake, but actually, it’s made of layers of cookies with chocolate filling. Sometimes they use other fruit like lemon or coconut. Sweet and refreshing at the same time. Normally it comes in a square shaped, that’s why they call it pavé (which means cobblestone). But some make it round. It’s delicious either way.

5. Quindim

2522802699_e55d2c3b71_oSource : Stella Dauer

Now this is a favorite dessert from the state of Bahia. It’s made from egg yolk, sugar, and coconut. Sometimes, they add butter to it. But it’s delicious enough without. It’s a baked dessert, almost like a firm custard with toasted grated coconut flakes at the bottom. Yum. 

6. Mousse de Maracujá

Or, passion fruit mousse. This dessert is made from fresh cream, sweetened condensed milk, and of course, passion fruit. There are many version of it, though, depending on how they make them mousse. But the thing is, the tangy passion fruit really balances out the sweet taste of the mousse. So refreshing, so decadent.

7. Beijinho de Coco

If you like truffles, you might like this one too. It’s like a truffle, but instead of using chocolate, they use coconut in it. Some coat the little truffles into fine sugar or sweetened flaked coconut, to give them some crunchy crust around them.

8. Requeijão

Or, Brazilian Cream Cheese spread. Unlike the thick American cream cheese, this Requeijão has this condensed-milk-alike kind of consistency. It’s creamy, it’s smooth. It’s perfect for your bread, or you could eat it right away really.

9. Açaí

Source : Angélica Alves | Fotografia

Yes, it’s the famous fruit from the Amazon, the super food. Here in Brazil, they make acai berry into something sweet and gloopy, almost like a sorbet, if you freeze it, or a thick smoothie bowl. A bowl of açaí is normally topped with banana and granola, to give it a little crunch to it. It’s a popular dessert all over Brazil, but this dessert is easier to find on the northeastern coast.

10. Creme de Papaya

Creme de Papaya is one of the classic desserts of Brazil. It’s basically papaya blended with vanilla ice cream. Sometimes they top it with some crème de cassis, which is a sweet dark red liqueur made from blackcurrants. But if you’re not into alcohol, you can find some with blackcurrant syrup. This creamy dessert treat is perfect for you who don’t like that overly sweet taste.

11. Bolo de Rolo

Did we mention that Brazilian like to put some fruits in their dessert? This roll cake comes with melted guava in it. It’s a typical Brazilian dessert from Pernambuco state. It looks like a swiss roll but tasted completely different. Give it a try!

12. Olho de Sogra

Who likes candy? Because we do, especially when it comes to Olho de Sogra. It is made of beijinho with dried plum. Then they roll it over some sugar. The best thing in life is sweet, right?

13. Cajuzinho

Source : Tupinambah

Another traditional dessert, Cajuzinho. It’s made of peanuts, sugar, cashew nuts with condensed milk. Almost always available in any Brazilian parties. But if you’re not invited to any party, you can always buy some in the supermarket, it’s widely available.

14. Queijadinha

This Brazilian treat has grated coconut in it. Sometimes they add cheese too, to give a little kick. It’s actually a Portuguese treat, but very popular in Brazil. In fact, it’s one of the most common desserts sold in the bakeries. It’s sweet, moist, and gooey. Almost like a firm coconut custard. It’s everyone’s favorite!

15. Pamonha

What about some sweet corn for dessert? Yes, please! Pamonha is a traditional Brazilian dessert made from boiled sweet corn. This particular dessert is very classic. The sweet corn paste is wrapped inside the corn husks and then boiled. Some serve it plain, some add coconut milk into it. If you like the savory one, you can opt for the one with cheese or minced meat. But it’s delicious plain as it is. So that’s about it. Do make sure to try some these sweets when you’re traveling to Brazil. And tell us what’s your favorite among them all.

Have a good trip and travel!

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