7 Nightlife Scenes to Enjoy in Recife

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Source: Renato Laky

Recife (pronounced: “heh-see-fee”) stands out in Brazil as the largest metropolitan area in the North/Northeast Regions, and is well-frequented by tourists for its beaches and for its historic sights. Because of this tourist pull, nightlife in Recife is vibrant and well-rounded. Here is a list of 7 places to catch the best of Recife nightlife.

1. Downtown Pub

Downtown pub is very popular with youngsters, as they alternate between live DJs and bands. The atmosphere is very relaxed, with Brazilian music being played alongside more international music. Because of its popularity, be sure to arrive early as it fills up very quickly!


  • Name: Downtown Pub
  • Address: R. Vigario Tenorio, 105, Bairro do Recife, Recife, Brazil
  • Phone number:+55 (81) 3424-6317
  • Opening hours: Thursday – Saturday 10AM – 4AM

2. The Gentlemen Loser Pub

For a little more upmarket feel to your nightlife experience, give The Gentlemen Loser Pub a try! As a self-professed English pub, it serves up good dinners and hold themed nights fairly regularly. It being only closed on Mondays is all the more reason to check it out!


  • Name: The Gentlemen Loser Pub
  • Address: R. Cap. Rebelinho, 527 – Pina, Recife – PE, 51011-010, Brazil
  • Phone number: +55 (81) 3125-4533
  • Opening hour: Tuesday – Thursday, Sunday 7PM – 12AM, Friday – Saturday 8PM – 3AM

3. UK Pub

The name is pretty self-explanatory – this is a pub mostly catering to the tourists. However, do not let that be a turn-off, as it is considered to be one of the best places in the city for enjoying live music. Expect it to be full at around 9.30PM, with crowds still trying to get in past midnight.


  • Name: UK Pub
  • Address: Rua Francisco de Cunha, 165, Boa Viagem, Recife – PE 51020-050, Brazil
  • Phone Number: +55 (81) 3465-1088
  • Opening hour: Thursday – Saturday 9PM – 6AM, Sunday 9PM – 3AM
  • Website: http://www.ukpub.com.br

4. Clube Metropole

Smack in the middle of Downtown, Clube Metropole is massive and is famous for its liberal atmosphere and sophisticated clientele, from young party-goers to the working professional. As a bonus, not only are they open for nightlife on the weekends, they are also open in the daytime, serving up delicious food throughout the day!


  • Name: Clube Metropole
  • Address: Rua das Ninfas, 125 – Soledade, Recife – PE, 50070-050, Brazil
  • Phone number: +55 (81) 3423-0123
  • Opening hour: Monday – Friday 8AM – 6PM, Friday – Saturday 10PM – 6AM
  • Website: http://www.clubemetropole.com.br

5. Canela Gastrobar

Sit down for dinner and enjoy one too many drinks in this gorgeous gastrobar, which are unfortunately too uncommon in Recife. Reservations are encouraged as people tend to flock here in large groups. Live bands play here often, and the vibe tends to be very relaxed, so enjoy a chilled-out night!


  • Name: Canela Gastrobar
  • Address: R. Caio Pereira, 100 – Rosarinho, Recife – PE, 52041-010, Brazil
  • Phone number: +55 (81) 3241-5604
  • Opening hour: Tuesday – Thursday 6PM – 1AM, Friday – Saturday 6PM – 2AM, Sunday 12PM – 1AM

6. Entre Amigos o Bode

This building is architecturally magnificent. Boasting two floors, it caters not only to the lover of drinks, but meals from lunch onward. Portion sizes are fantastic, too, so definitely to make the effort to spend a night at this establishment. In relation to the other nightclubs and bars in Brazil, Entre Amigos o Bode is definitely a little more sophisticated, which is excellent for wanting to leave the loud crowds behind and still have a good time.


  • Name: Entre Amigos o Bode
  • Address: R. Marquês de Valença, 30 – Boa Viagem, Recife – PE, 51021-500, Brazil
  • Phone number: +55 (81) 3312-1000
  • Opening hour: Sunday – Thursday 11AM – 2AM, Friday – Saturday 11AM – 3AM
  • Website: http://www.entreamigosobode.com.br

7. Dokas

For a little change of pace, visit Dokas. This is not the typical bar/pub, and it is not open regularly as it is a venue for (mostly) heavy metal/punk rock bands to play. However, if that is the vibe you are looking for, definitely check out the venue and search up the gigs as this is the place to be if rocking out is what you desire!


  • Name: Dokas
  • Address: Rua. do Brum, 27-A, 1º Andar – Recife Antigo – Recife / PE
  • Phone number: +55 (81) 3224-5099

Brazil is definitely known for its beach parties, good times, and singing and dancing well into the night. If ever you find yourself in Recife, give these places a go and tell us how they were for you! Comment below on your best Recife nightlife experiences, and tell us if we missed out on anything special!

Have a good trip and travel!

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