10 Ways to Stay in Brazil

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7Source: PortoBay Hotels & Resorts

Planning your trip to Brazil? Brazil’s major cities have good arrangement of hotels, guest houses, resorts, motels and so on. You need to find the perfect accommodation plan based on your budget and priorities. This post will help you in this case whether you are planning a trip with colleagues, with family, friends or alone.


1. Porto Bay Rio Internacional Hotel

1Source: PortoBay Hotels & Resorts

The 5-star ocean view hotel near Copacabana beach is the ultimate destination if you are looking for a luxury tour. Here you can enjoy the deluxe room with a lot of services like free wi-fi, TV, minibars etc. Breakfast buffet and parking are complimentary for the guests. Some other great services are the glass-enclosed restaurant with panoramic ocean view, roof top swimming pool, sauna, massage room, fitness room and many other things. Room service offer is on for 24 hours.


2. República Park Hotel

Hotels in Sao Paulo remains busy throughout the year with tourists as well as business persons. The hotel República Park is an economic option for you and your family. The guests are offered with free breakfast, free wi-fi, air conditioned kids-friendly rooms. Although you need to manage the parking yourself. And the offer does not include pools, business center or restaurants. Price is comparatively lower without these facilities. People prefer this hotel for the great location and friendly staffs.


  • Name: República Park Hotel
  • Address: Av. Viêira de Carvalho, 32 – Vila Buarque, São Paulo – SP, 01210-010, Brazil
  • Price: Starts from 178 BRL
  • Access: Airport Bus service is available in just 1 min walking distance
  • Website: http://www.hotelrepublicapark.com.br/

3. Hotel Belo Horizonte Othon Palace

The largest hotel chain of South America, Othon Hotels has a branch in Belo Horizonte. If you want to admire the charm of Brazilian mountains and enjoy some of the best restaurants in the country, you must have planned your tour in Belo Horizonte. Book advance your stay in the Othon Palace. This 4-star hotel offers some great facilities as expected, like breakfast, wi-fi, indoor pool etc., though the parking need to be paid. You are specially going to enjoy the location, just in the middle of the city, next to the central park and shopping malls.


Luxury Resorts:

4. Hotel Vila Galé Marés

PICT4742Source: Benjamin Thompson

Right on the beach of Guarajuba, this luxurious resort Vila Galé Marés is located. In this 5 star resort, you will find so many great facilities and a trip of your lifetime. If you are looking for a more exotic tour, you can stay in their cottage instead of rooms. Restaurants, bar, spa, sauna, Jacuzzi, indoor pool, Turkish bath etc. are available in their package. Enthusiastic guests can enjoy sports like tennis, diving, body boarding, surfing etc. which will be arranged by the resort.


  • Name: Vila Galé Marés
  • Address: Street Guarajuba Beach – s / n, CEP: 42820-000 Camacari, BA, BRAZIL
  • Price: Starts from 1180 BRL
  • Access: about 60 km from Salvador, Bahia
  • Website: http://www.vilagale.com/pt/hoteis/bahia/vila-gale-mares

5. Hotel Casa Blanca

3Source: TravelingOtter

Just 4 km away from the Veneza Water Park, the Hotel Casa Blanca is located. For guests, they offer ocean view suites, upgraded suites with separate dining and living room, 1-bedroom bungalows etc. Parking and breakfasts are complimentary for the guests. Visitors can go to the beach Praia de Pau Amarelo beach which is just a walking distance from the resort. Luxurious facilities with incredible services are waiting for the guest of the hotel Casablanca.


  • Name: Hotel Casa Blanca
  • Address: Av. Dr. Cláudio José Gueiros Leite, 7040 – Pau Amarelo, Paulista – PE, 53429-000, Brazil
  • Access: 35 km away from the Airport of Recife
  • Website: http://www.hotel-casa-blanca.de/


6. In Rio de Janeiro

Hostels are a great option for travelers in budget. Specially in Brazil, where hotels and resorts way more expensive for people, hostels can offer good stay options, amazing food and more facilities. Some top rated hostels in Rio de Janeiro is mentioned here. These are safe, situated in good location and perfect for single travel, or with family. All of the mentioned hostels are equipped with a good restaurant, bar, internet access etc. in general.


  • Name: Walk On The Beach Hostel
  • Address: Rua Dias da Rocha 85, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Access: 9.1 km from city center
  • Price: 33 BRL
  • Website: http://walk-on-the-beach.com/


  • Name: Harmonia
  • Address: Rua Barao da Torre 175, casa 18, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Access: 9.9 km from city center
  • Price: 55 BRL
  • Website: http://www.casadaharmonia.com/


  • Name: Ocean Hostel Ipanema
  • Address: R. Barão da Torre, 175 – 15 – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22411-001, Brazil
  • Access: 7-minute walk from General Osório metro station
  • Price: 27.5 BRL
  • Website: http://oceanhostelipanema.com/

7. In Sao Paulo

Brazil’s most popular financial center, Sao Paulo is also one of the most populous cities in the world. The city remains busy with travelers and businessmen both. Hotels might be a too costly option for everyone in this place. But there are a number of good hostels available for everyone’s accommodation. Check out some of the top rated hostels in Sao Paulo here. Prices are slightly higher than any other areas in Brazil.


  • Name: Mama Brasil Hostel
  • Address: R. Itapeva, 88 – Bela Vista, São Paulo – SP, 01332-000, Brazil
  • Access: 11-minute walking distance from Trianon-Masp metro station
  • Price: 47.5 BRL
  • Website: http://www.mamabrasil-hostel.com/en


  • Name: Bee.W Hostel Bar
  • Address: Rua Haddock Lobo, 167 – Cerqueira César, São Paulo – SP, 01414-001, Brazil
  • Access: 3.8 km from city center
  • Price: 93 BRL
  • Website: http://www.beewtravel.com.br/


  • Name: The Hostel Paulista
  • Address: R. Pamplona, 795 – Jardim Paulista, São Paulo – SP, 01405-001, Brazil
  • Access: 7-minute walk from Teatro Gazeta
  • Price: 71 BRL
  • Website: http://www.thehostelpaulista.com.br/


8. How To Book:

Airbnb, the largest site for rent a place, whether an apartment, a single room or even a shared room, is another conventional way to arrange your staying in Brazil. One of their offices is right in Sao Paulo, although you can book your preferable places online from your home. Search their site to find out a place good for you from the ones are available on the dates of your visit. Look for different cities, different areas, along with transportation systems, details of the host etc. All of the necessary information are available on their site. They have proper instruction on how to use their service to make arrangement to stay in any place.



9. Some Good Locations

6Source: Tiago Pádua

If you are looking for the cheapest way to stay in Brazil and also if you are an adventure lover, camping will be a great option for you. You can just go for a one or two days camping for fun if you want to. Brazil is blessed with many beautiful places to camp. There is definitely no best choice. You just have to go with your personal preferences and be ready for surprises. But of course, be careful of the safety issue. Here is just a list to show some hints.





10. Both For Tourists and Newcomers

Finally, if you are looking for an apartment, even on tourist visa, you can get a reasonable one in Brazil. 3 ways to get the perfect apartment for you, private rental, or through an agent, or hire one temporarily. Rental agencies usually require a huge deposit and a good reference both to find a good place. But if you are picky about this, you can do the whole process by yourself. You can do it through online in many sites mentioned here. Also, local paper and bulletin boards are helpful in this matter. Make sure to check out all of the important things before you rent a place for yourself.



Have a good trip and travel!

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